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I am so excited. Brand new footage of the one and only Annie Crummer is available to share. Today though, Annie is Harwood-Hollywood-Hot in the City of Angels entertainment and celebrity news round up.

Meanwhile here in America, Victoria’s Secret is proud of all things South Pacific in their new line up of hot models and lingerie attire for the American woman.

Model Lindsay Ellingson walks on stage during the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Armory in New York on Nov. 10, 2010.
I love this image. Interweaving narratives of cross-cultural fusion is always hot. It’s the point where you learn the most and it’s the artform of this Hollywood blog too and what all Maori, Polynesian Pacific Artists do in the world. The Maori version of weaving is called tukutuku. It’s the same artistic spirit of what good editors do in sound and with film. They weave images and footage of Hollywood stories together, that matter.
Pretty music aye from Annie and Debbie and buds? They’re so naturally talented in having a blast together. Love these girls!!! Lindsay’s not bad either. :)
Here’s Annie Crummer, a singer whose part Maori and of Rarotongan Kiwi fusion descent, bringing Lindsay Ellingson’s Pasifika themed Angels wings to life, with the sounds of the South Pacific, featured in this video. Crummer sings with Debbie Harwood her friend from their group, When the Cat’s Away. This version is a small concert venue Kiwi gathering for the peoples in Auckland – The Supercity.
Are you are part of Pasifika peoples being in your world too? I am. They’re fun.
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Maori walk on stormy water of a historical legacy of laws (and actions of confiscation and exclusion of Maori) effectively shutting Maori out of equal property ownership and resources. Add to this, the current times of an economic global crises. ‘Miracle Maori’ and ‘Maori-friendly miracle-thinkers’ are needed to set New Zealand up to be competitive globally in the 2020′s. Let’s fly and walk on water faster, then. But wait, is that approach scientific? Kia Ora from Hollywood New Zealand. :)

Another thought is that –if every Western nation is clamoring to boost their economy with China and India (both nations total a population of 1/3rd of the world’s total population), then Maori can’t necessarily look to Western countries. If this is the case, culturally nuanced Maori (who have lived as bi-cultural and multi-cultural people daily) on a real level, not token, perhaps have the skills needed to meet and negotiate for New Zealand from a nuanced cultural basis, being key, to aid the advancement of all New Zealanders in a growing NZ economy with emerging markets with China and India.

Having posited that thought, Maori children need to learn to speak hindu and Chinese then asap, right along with Espanol. I think.



Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

To listen to the best live version of the SSB, that’s found here:


Lyrics: Star Spangled Banner.

Artwork: Burlesque movie poster, Hollywood movie marketing imagery, bus stop, Hollywood Blvd – Hollywood & Highland.

Artwork II: Reuben Patterson, artist – New Zealand. Artwork name: Lightning Strikes, Maybe Once, Maybe Twice, But It All Comes Down To You (2003): glitterdust on canvas (3 panels) total size 1014 x 3042mm.

Made in America and New Zealand. Pop Art.

Song words of SSB extra verse, follow after the leap:

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Te Karere, a Maori News show in New Zealand, are doing some of the best news in the entertainment biz lately. Here’s that story, everyone is talking about. This version in Te Reo Rangatira (The Language of Chiefs) of New Zealand.

The day Hilllary Clinton touched down in New Zealand, the story aired with a headline: The Most Powerful Women in the World Arrives in New Zealand. This prompted a politician to give a funny aside like the theatricality of a good Shakespeare play, (read that here).

In the top video clip, here’s Hillary Clinton and Prime Minister John Key as Mrs Clinton, gets an official powhiri (Maori welcome).

My favorite part of this footage, is where Hillary presses noses in greeting (it’s called the hongi) symbolizing the breath of life in your nose, mingling with the breath of life in your fellow sisters and brothers.

Equality of life is shared in the warm gesture of manaaki (or hospitality) when “hongi moments” happen, celebrating the meeting of our diverse and shared human presence–is what the intimate gesture symbolizes.

Maori are big on face-to-face talking, greetings, shared communication and presence. This cultural trait, all Kiwis seem to share. If you’re serious, you’ll turn up, is the view – Mrs Clinton did not disappoint. What a woman.

Her “hongi” moment, is exactly like James Cameron‘s Avatar film (photo below), which is where uber-talented James perhaps got the idea from. It’s so surreal to be Maori in Hollywood and watching Hilary (US Secretary of State) go Avatar-Maori with a good hongi session in Middle Earth, Wellington New Zealand. She’s one of US now. That’s also what the hongi means.

Watching it go down in this news clip, I forgot what country I was in. It took 36 hours for the ‘surreal feeling’ to calm down and to readjust back to American life. Lol! *jokes*

[By the way: To see how thorough, personable and informative Prime Minister Key is at updating his people, with transparent communication from his Beehive Parliamentary office, watch this video clip of one of the Kiwi King's regular updates. Good leadership, aye!].

Now, let’s get back to Hillary in the top clip, she’s looking good.

I can’t help but think of smart action partnerships, being the result of US-Kiwi political ties. Green thinking strategies are ahead. I see plenty of fun shared between two showcasing nations – both who love to entertain. A win-win combo.

Update: Fran O’Sullivan of the New Zeland Herald notes how Prime Minister, Mr Key, genuinely slipped up by introducing Mrs Clinton as “President Clinton,” by way of a genuine gaffe. It’s a compliment to Mr Obama that Hillary is so Presidential in her role as US Secretary of State.

Here’s an image of a Maori koru (symbolizing courage in change when facing challenges). The koru spiral (a metaphor of a fern frond’s growing spear tip – new life) is depicted on President Ronald Reagan‘s Hollywood Star, Hollywood Walk of Fame–to reciprocate the spirit of American-Kiwi and Maori-Hawaii relationships, cross-over art and culture, remaining strong between our entertaining nations of diverse and vibrant peoples in world politics.

Again, what a fine Ambassador for her President, Mr Obama and her First Lady, the lovely Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton is and was down in NZ. She rocked the gig.

Bring it on — in the 2010′s from New Zealand and America.

[Presenter: Scotty Morrison, Reporter Roihana Nuri, Executive Producer: "The Most Powerful Woman In The Maori World" Tini Molyneux, for Bronagh Key and Te Karere, TVNZ News. National Standards Education Standards can be sourced here.]

To visit New Zealand yourself and experience the cultureGo Here.

[Images of Wellywood/ Wellington, photographer - David Wall]

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A joke from a Maori politician today is worth sharing:

Tau Henare -says: “The most powerful woman in the world is in NZ today.

“What? My wives been here for longer than that!”


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“Middle Earth is a 3D film making environment of film making excellence, rich in imagination facilitating diverse culture’s vision (their tino rangatiratanga and unique cultural sovereignty of culture) and their vibrantly entertaining expression in 3D film. Middle Earth is rich in acceptance of others’ difference & a film making haven of World Peace”–Horiwood, 2020′s.

“In 3D, all nations are created equal, in Wellywood film making practices, imagination, execution and delivery of film production excellence.”–Abe Lincoln and Horiwood.

A film is not a film, unless it is made in the Spirit of the experimental filmmaker–Len Lye, filmic artist, Taranaki.

In New Zealand we collaborate and create the world’s next array of Super Heroes in 3D, with powerful messages of good that impact and change the global consciousness and future direction of the world, through Kiwi made pop culture in cinema, merchandising, music soundtracks and entertainment distribution–2020′s

Writes Barry Glibb of the Barry Glibb twitter page:

“Perhaps unemployed Americans should move to New Zealand to become underpaid production assistants for all these movies.”–Barry was responding to: “JAMES CAMERON’S AVATAR SOARS AHEAD ON WINGS OF HOBBIT LAW CHANGE”

A response: HORIWOOD – What a great idea Barry. The lifestyle that nature has to offer Americans, when not on set in New Zealand – is accessible to all – and would more than make up for any pay cuts.

Also, travel – let’s all people grow up and learn, outside their own cultural frames of reference.

It shows security within peoples own sense of identity, when Americans become a minority on distant shores and blend with the world too. Happily.

In New Zealand, people like dialogue, (not one-sided cultural monologue–so Americans will be more than fine in that switch and exchange). Exciting.

With New Zealand’s potential to attract Bollywood and China to New Zealand landscapes to film musicals and action films in NZ too in 3D in the future, the Americans who do make early inroads into NZ 3D filmmaking NOW – will be set with work for life.

NZ is going to become busy. A globally sought after 3D filmmaking nation. How New Zealanders welcome warmly diverse cultures of the world and overseas actors and crew members too (including those from Hollywood, Bollywood, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Dubai, Russia, UK–every now and again–France), will determine the return rate of these nations to NZ as a filmmaking nation. As far as America is concerned (Avatar’s record breaking success as Hollywood’s leading film of all time box office history), New Zealand is a culturally friendly place for Americans to work and conquer from, with a Hollywood-Wellywood partnership.

Conclusion: Your blog Barry, is rocking, albeit as minimalist as it is, I enjoyed the guide to your twitter account. Thanks for commenting. Incidentally New Zealand has 5% more women than men in its total population, so there’s a few girls that wouldn’t mind marrying an American crew member and sharing citizenship and beach views like no other. A lot to look forward to, aye?!

Wellywood is the box office winning 3D Film Franchises Haven of the film making world. Those who find success with their franchises, will all own homes in New Zealand on beach fronts and live there for most of the year. Their kids will be raised there. It’s the new more-relaxed mecca of box office power players, that can deliver proven results. Well, in 2020, this will be so–Wellywood is the World’s 3D Mecca. It is Middle Earth. A meeting place in The Middle for all cultures to realize the cinematic visions, without culture being compromised in the film making process. New Zealand is a culturally rich haven, paradise nation for this to occur for 3D film makers across the globe.  Good change ahead in Middle Earth.

I like your thinking Barry, where yes, film crew getting roughed around in Hollywood should move to NZ. Why not! NZ is a nation based on immigrants who joined the Indigenous Maori People, so as one of them, NZ can handle you bonding with us Maori-Kiwi lot. It’s how we came to be as a nation, just like America.

Incidentally how any nation has treated their Indigenous Peoples, is the barometer of all human rights relations in the world. It’s the gage of whether other cultures can be trusted dealing within our shores fairly as nations. So as a Maori-Kiwi if you want to move to NZ, I say… Go for it! Get on board brother. More studios other than WETA will spring up in New Zealand too, in order to handle the demand and keep a fair and competitive 3D filmmaking industry occurring in NZ. The economic possibilities are exciting.

[Images - Costume Design worthy -runway fashions - China in Tokyo & Indian sari]

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Here’s the ancient art of Maori tukutuku panel weaving. The panel tells a story of spirit and that enlightened knowledge is something learned from the greats and interwoven with focus and detail.

Traditional materials, were flax on wood.

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