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[Image Dustin, Meryl, Justin Henry - Kramer Vs Kramer via TMZ]

Writes Meaghan Williams of Associated Content: “The Huffington Post, a progressive news-reporting and opinion-editorial-driven website started in 2005, is adding divorce to the list of topics granted its own section on the site. Now, in addition to opining about comedy, arts, news, sports and the like, Huffington Post writers will share primarily anecdotal stories about their divorce experiences, divorce-related news, and advice for people in the process of getting or recovering from a divorce.

In the section’s inaugural post, “Introducing HuffPost Divorce: Everything You Wanted to Know About Divorce But Were Afraid to Ask,” Arianna Huffington, eponymous founder of The Huffington Post, explains how divorce has affected her personally. We won’t get into how Arianna discovered why she needed a divorce, it’s a tad bit shocking. But I do think the whole ‘divorce section’ is another way of processing peoples grief, loss, rendering apart, in current conditions.”



A different view: Photoshopped Aubergine featuring the letters, A & B.

If you blog from Hollywood “A” will always stand for Angeles, Angel (a messenger), or, Angelina (Jolie) – a second generation proven Hollywood star and cultural, global treasure of America.

“B” in Hollywood’s current celebrity star system, will always stand for Brad (Pitt)- champion celebrity supporter of the New Orleans Saints football team, who wear a Super Bowl ring. “B” stands for Barack (President Obama, husband of FLOTUS Michelle Obama) and Bill (Clinton) husband of the current US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton or (more current) Canada‘s teen entertainer, Bieber (Justin) or a returning Kawana (Governor) of California, Jerry Brown too.

Of these names listed – American culture is spun, millions of dollars, time, energy, resources, hours and hours and hours of global attention and effort are spent printing, distributing, broadcasting, (watching, viewing, emulating, discussing at office water coolers) any inkling of a sighting or a key message from any one of these names.

As celebrities of entertainment, politics, music, arts and culture – they form a multi-billion dollar industry that generates around them each day. AB people, leading the world – in a metaphor of a (solar) star system, or the particles of an atom. They are the oracles, of a Super Power’s discourse. The artillery (signifiers elect by popular free-choice vote) of a super power’s dominance and culture–imploring the key message of:  ‘emulate US’ worldwide. They’re fun people. Fun sells. As celebrities of US culture, I like them all. More often than not, they always bring a smile.

“B” also equals whose got the ball. B is also about what you do for others when you have the ball.

You’re an A-List star in Hollywood when you do A-List worthy things with the ball you hold in your hands for others. Angelina Jolie perhaps sums this up the best, on her humanitarian missions for the UN, to people of the world most needing advocacy. AB is a blood type (like any other, O type for example is too) –the signifier of human life globally–symbolizing the movement of a pulse for the good, across the globe, for people.

Practically speaking though, if you’re from New Zealand and you’re a rugby football enthusiast, AB stands for All Blacks and of them and what they have achieved in sports and what AB’s culture has inspired for human rights records of the World (cf: Nelson Mandela‘s story and human rights, apartheid advocacy via Maori New Zealanders and Kiwis in the documentary films of artist, Merata Mita, one of the most significant filmic artists in the world of all time, who held, focused or directed a camera, in often zero budget filming conditions–yet in a Queenly manner, like Angelina Jolie is now as a debut director, seeing beyond color bars into the heart of genocidal, raping tendencies as a filmic theme)–is only the stuff Hollywood legends are written of and made of. Hence that very long sentence. Sorry ’bout that.

On the other side of the world, in New Zealand, at a significant time in world history as captured on film in Merata’s film, Patu! – AB’s culture helped free a Nobel Peace Prize Winning King, of South Africa. His life story of freedom, is a Kiwi story too. He’s in our hot mix. Maori and Kiwi’s freed him with advocacy also, helping give Nelson his long awaited cup of Liberty in his unique journey of a very long walk to freedom as a now celebrated South Africa icon of the world. When New Zealand play South Africa in rugby, we celebrate our part we play, in his ongoing legacy of freedom. He gave us a challenge, we responded, and that legacy to free others, will always be what we do in rugby country, Middle Earth. It’s a proven gift, a cultural taonga (inner treasure) AB Kiwi-thinkers have, carry, possess, pass on to others when needed for the world.

We instigate the play and the pass of freedom with our actions and instincts, outworked in a teamwork formation. We always have.

AB thinkers and action star-doers, are ‘Humanitarian Messangers of Sport.’ They are down-to-earth and fine Commonwealth people. Their nobility of spirit is defined by a Joe Blogg’s-appearing cloak of humility.

Like any rugby football enthusiast or ‘team work sports’ appreciating Kiwi in the world –The AB’s are our fun heroes. Gladiators of sport, whenever they appear, they symbolize fearless change in a modern world of fiercely contested challenges. New teamwork strategies in play is what they evolve as a science of sport and an art form of globally loved entertainment. They are masters at evolving the game of play and making it better.

Image: Photo-shopped Aubergine (deep purple) appearing as black. Hot image via Freaking News website.

[For a good Baba Ganoush dip recipe, enjoyed by people in the Middle East equally (regardless of geographical borders) and also with people in the Western World too, check out David Bovitz recipe. Pictures are also DB's. Recipe found here].

What’s cooking in your kitchen for the world America? Good things, I trust. Happy cooking, creating, eating, shared and diverse dining. Peace ya’ll! :)

[Below Image: 'Canterbury Kia Mau Training Rugby Ball" courtesy if Ikon Sport].

A and B are two important keys on a King or Queen’s piano’s keyboard. I am not either. I am the “C” key, of Middle Earth (eyes are needed to C), like any try-and-do-some-good Kiwi does, I try and join in too, in and around supporting our rugby footballers to excel in teamwork opportunities that get the best results on and off the field.

Our rugby players are our AB’s stars. The rest of us Kiwi’s – at best, tend to play the “Middle C” key role of Middle Earth – to entertain for a peaceful and productive future of “big hearted” purposes in the world. Baba Ganoush - with pita bread as a change from Latino-staple Corn Chips and Salsa, in this Jerry Brown latino-voted California’s elect future, of political climate change terrain of Hollywood, that I blog from. Exciting times.

Keeping it real, is having a diverse taste palate. That way, we’re more likely to consider the needs of others, with a worldview different and/or similar to our own. Mature tastes then maturing together with consideration and love for others in our stout rugby and football hearts- Baba Ganoush, why not?! You know it. Peace!

~Music, Sam CookeA Change is Gonna Come in honor of Motown Artists contribution to the world for MO-vember rugby nation mugs 2010. Courage to Collaborate And Bee more awesome. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.5.10~


Jordan Samuel aka Jay-V puts his dance practice time in on the boards in New Zealand. Chaa!

Cassie Smith of Auckland City reflects on a bright future and busy social calendar ahead of her.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.26.10~


‘Visibility as Credibility’–symbols as reality, in the new social media digital age in which we all live.

News websites are buzzing with news that Hollywood beauty Natalie Portman would spill the beans on Harvard’s inner circle of who didn’t get A grades like she did, because they were doing other things on campus.

This Portman, reportedly did with the Facebook movie’s screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. The vixen! Apparently, Natalie’s gossip became the back story to The Social Network. In my hood it was called something simple, like conversations over a Jewish dinner, which is quite the norm really, over one’s matzo ball soup. But this is how it reads in Hollywood’s sensationalized hypey press this week.

Which in Hollywood speak – actually means the film had too many blokey moments, and it needed a pretty face overlay (testscreen audiences feedback revealed), in hindsight – to make it seem, less – what’s the word? oh – noninclusive of women. That’s the term.

Regardless, Natalie getting the call to be the face of this mission is proof that girl has Angelina Jolie status as a credible Hollywood queen. Remember when George Clooney’s camp got Angelina Jolie to announce that she would play Marilyn Monroe to Clooney’s Sinatra in a new film, to help generate some buzz for George. The hype worked, and George scraped in again, via Jolie’s celebrity cyphon to just make it to #1 at the box office. Although they have zero, to do with the film being marketed, it’s what girls of Hollywood are called on to do, for the boys. Teamwork.

More seriously though, what is The Social Network all about? We’ve seen people prattle on about it, saying its Oscar worthy. Here’s some thoughts from a critic or two, to share on the film, that I think are quite good.

Frank Chi says: “The Social Network is about social upheaval in the digital age. It’s about the ability of a new media class to deconstruct centuries worth of privilege and access that would’ve won in every other generation but now.”

I say: It’s really about visibility as credibility in a digital age. The fact that the ‘wealthy’ or ‘privileged’ (is anyone that these days still? – the global recession knows no class structures – it just burns) haven’t been as visible via new social media - is because: a) they’re private and b) humble.

New technology like social media – means though, that the wealthy have to be more visible as a norm too now. It’s just about, not being silenced as a voice of reason, or fun, or insight, or light-heartedness too. Speaking up is FaceBooking or blogging, tweeting etc.  

Jose Antonio Vargas says: that the movie shows how much Hollywood doesn’t understand Silicon Valley.

I say: Silicon Valley follows Hollywood, (so what they talkin?) because Silicon Valley hopes to develop useful IT, based around propagating new Hollywood trends faster (those things that are recession proof worldwide), in forms, that are Hollywood fit. Hollywood sells.

Silicon Valley’s purpose in America (of stuff that works) is that they’re (S.V) on medium creation, we’re on message construction.

When the message goes into the medium (the i.t platform’s software), than the medium becomes the message (to quote McLuhan), which is precisely what Facebook means, and why Facebook has accelerated brand power in its market.

Enough about meaning. What about Geeks?

Jeff Jarvis thinks: it vilifies nerds and is the new “anti-geek movie.”



[Ospreys make a comeback in Orange County. Image Karen Tapia-Andersen for L.A Times]

When you’re a blogger, thoughts from other bloggers are brought to your attention, automatically via your blogging community shared platform. Here’s a blogger’s thoughts to share.

“We hear from many places that having more money — and consuming more — is not making people happier. Nic Marks, founder of the Centre for Well-Being at the New Economics Foundation(NEF) in London, gave an inspiring and very informative talk at 2010 TED Global, and Dan Gilbert, a psychologist and happiness expert, has been touting that money ≠ happiness for a long time, so I won’t discuss this here.

We also hear that people rejoice in participating in creative activities during their free time — something that often makes them a lot more happier than their well paid day job. Daniel Pink, career analyst, and contributing editor for Wired, wrote a book about this, while Clay Shirky, social media theorist, wants to tap into this pool of creative energy to change the world.” 

If in the money-driven economy of the post-World War II world, consumption provided the positive feedback loop that fueled the growth in wealth, in the new economy of the future, participation will be the new force behind further growth.

If money is not the sole indicator of success anymore as TED theorists posit, then what will replace money? — is the next logical question! Some, as Ruud Hein discusses in his blog, think that attention and not money will be the new currency in the future — I tend to agree!”

Writer: /Kima, (vague profile description, but listed as an atheist). Article: I engage. Therefore my kids will (have a chance).

Being a Hollywood blogger, you understand that attention is not necessarily love. Acquiring attention that is perpetually then feeding back into others, this is love. I think perhaps that’s what /Kima means. Thanks for sharing /Kima. 

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 9.14.10~


These days, philosophy is making a come back. A philosopher’s council called the Stone exists at the New York Times, to shed some light of meaning in entertainment texts amusing America. Alexander Nehamas words follow:

“Children in ancient Athens learned both grammar and citizenship from Homer and the tragic poets. Plato follows suit but submits their works to the sort of ruthless censorship that would surely raise the hackles of modern supporters of free speech.  But would we have reason to complain?  We, too, censor our children’s educational materials as surely, and on the same grounds, as Plato did.  Like him, many of us believe that emulation becomes “habit and second nature,” that bad heroes (we call them “role models” today) produce bad people.  We even fill our children’s books with our own clean versions of the same Greek stories that upset him, along with our bowdlerized versions of Shakespeare and the Bible.

What is really disturbing is that Plato’s adult citizens are exposed to poetry even less than their children.   (more…)


And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions


 ~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 4.25.2010~


Peace talk & Economic encouragement & Philosophy have always fueled American Presidents’ rhetoric, to make this country great.

[Image courtesy of The Art of Chess Exhibition, Brewery Art Walk Spring 2010]

The Californian artist who sculpted this work was nearing 70, so perhaps they know a thing or two about America’s political rhetoric in action–having witnessed at least 9 Presidents come and go in America’s story of nationhood in this artist’s lifetime. I love this piece. Simple, honest, profound.

These three things, coupled with United action… are America’s political bling. No matter what founding fathers (mothers) of the Senate have worn this Triliogy of Rings on their hands of leadership to guide America and her allies forward, they have held to be true.

In Hollywood today, I reflect this sculpture back to Washington, from the great City of Angels [Messangers] in the Entertainment Capitol of The World.

Let’s keep it simple then. 1. 2. 3… and as always let’s go Americanos! ;)

[Art Image: Horiwood's own, photographed with artist's permission]

Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 4.25.2010~


~Wise leadership is one of the greatest arts and sciences of all~

This sculpture is called Philosophy and it is part 3 of the Prosperity series, that is exhibiting in The Art of Chess exhibition at the Brewery Art Walk here in Los Angeles. Here’s ten philosophical quotes by Plutarch and his admirers who American presidents have always referred to as a philosophical guru of the past into Presidential leadership.

1. “If all the world were just, there would be no need of valour.”–Plutarch

2. “Plutarch saw it as his life’s work to display this wisdom as an exemplar and inspiration for his own age,” and second his intention “was to make the past part of the present.–Donald Russell



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