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“Our cup overfloweth with joie de vivre to share with others”–motto for 2011 onwards.

This Christmas Eve is the month where a Maori Hollywood entertainment celebrity blog made history and hit the 2.8 million threshold thanks to you all worldwide. That’s never happened before in Hollywood’s entertainment history. Hawaii takes the top spot as both the 44thPresident of America and New Zealand’s Prime Minister vacation at the tropical jewel isles location of the USA.

Here in California this artwork at the Wiedeman gallery photographed in Hollywood this eve, reminds me of the umbrella I’ve been living under while living here in Hollywood California to date. Very French with a Hollywood twist. And Jakey Davis shines with two of his biggest fans, sister Taylor Jane and his mom, teen mom’s champion life coach - The Maori Rose of Sharon across the world in New Zealand. It’s all about children and their world we help and support them create. As you can see, I’m on Jakey’s program as he’s already busting out his Peace sign moves for photos, so fine like already, on a Kiwi beach. Too cute.

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news on Christmas here in the Hollywood hood as voted by you the people worlwide. Here’s how we’re looking in our top ten today. Merry New Zealand Christmas and Happy Hollywood Christmas Eve. Thanks people.

1. Security at Kailua as the Obama‘s vacation in Hawaii is headline worthy

2. Kim Kardashian for W Magazine -Los Angeles

3. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively -rewind

4. The rise of Latina in fashion and beauty

5. Anjelica Huston‘s film biography spoke of loss/ grief in her life’s start

6. Katy Perry does tofu-urky starting new family Christmas traditions

7. Richie McCaw has no plans to retire from top level rugby football, just yet

8. Eva Longoria has been eating at Besos too much

9. Willow Smith is doing way too much in London Town. Girl go play some jump rope!

10. Ten tweets from Arizona actor Alex Meraz

Almost made it – The Bonus Posts:












Happy Kiwi Christmas and Merry American Christmas Eve.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 12.24.10~


Malo e lelei from California via Samoan-Kiwis in Hawaii singing the universally loved, ancient poetic psalm of King David of Israel. :)

Music from two brothers of the group, Adeaze.

Salamo e luasefulu ma le fitu
O le fuaiupu muamua
Ma le fuaiupu e sefulu ma le fa

The Lord is my light and my salvation
Whom shall I fear Lord
The Lord is the strength of my life
Whom shall I be afraid

Wait on the Lord
Be of good courage
And he shall strengthen your heart
Wait I say on the Lord, wait I say on the Lord

The Lord is my light and my salvation
Whom shall I fear Lord

O le atua o lo’u malamalama
Ma lo’u fa’aolataga
O ai ou te fefe iai

O le atua o ia o le malosi
I lo’u olaga
O ai ou te fefe iai

Fa a ta li mo le atua
Ia fa ama losi
E fa amalosi lo’u agaga
Fa a ta li mo le atua
Fa a ta li mo le atua


Whom shall I be afraid – till end

[Lyrics via sing365.Com]

~A singing birthday card for The Maori Rose of Sharon of Nga Puhi and Ngati Whatua Maori tribes, on her birthday, 2010. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.28.10. Excuse distortion, Polynesian artists are still waiting on times to change, before we can truly rock it out in Hollywood in a culturally meaningful way. In the meantime, this is it! Enjoy.~




Today is my sister, Saloni Ruth‘s 43rd (US) Birthday. She’s a gem in her community as well as being a fine sportswoman. On this day, the front page of The Washington Post here in America, looks like this.

Gizmos & Gadgets for Christmas feature for retailers. Although diversity has never once gone out of fashion, Vogue leads the charge on Diversity is a feature story. War Medics focus on Trauma Transit efforts. Crystal meth in America is pinpointed to be stemming from Mexican Cartels. Oregon was a sight of a suspected bomb plot. Meanwhile many can’t afford housing costs in Washington D.C, the nation’s capitol.

What an interesting front cover today from The Post. There’s a lot going on.

Happy Birthday Sharon. From as far back as I can remember Sharon filled our home with ukelele music. She became an adept songwriter and entertainer playing the guitar–performing in front of audiences at a young age. She is national tennis champ title holder along with her sister Cherry as well as a netball champion, a cup winning athlete and a touch rugby football, team player extraordinaire. In high school she was a decorated beauty queen. She had a special bond with her playful grandfather Graham Edward. Most of all, her spirit has ruled justly and she has lifted the burden of the oppressed where her heart led her. Really, she is like the archetypal “All American girl” but she is proudly Maori and Kiwi. Today she lives in a New Zealand city, where whales are known to swim in schools sometimes in her surrounding shores.

Sharon: I love you on your special day we have always celebrated with joy as your family. You were born on The Island of Vava’u, Tonga where whales swim and play, 43 years ago today in a principality ruled by a Monarchy. Of her Island where Sharon and two of her sisters were born in the beautiful South Pacific, it is written:

“The Vavaíu Island group in the Kingdom of Tonga is a spectacular tropical island paradise in the Pacific Ocean. It has a year-round climate suitable for swimming, snorkeling, diving and sailing. Some islands are ringed by white sand beaches while others have tropical forests, sea-level caves, and dramatic limestone cliffs with breathtaking vistas.

“Remote and truly unspoiled, the waters around Vava’u are crystal clear with visibility exceeding 100 feet. Most of the islands are uninhabited, a few have villages, a few have very small unique resorts with exceptional food. There is abundant sea life with over 100 species of colorful tropical fish, giant clams, manta rays, sea turtles, spinner dolphins, and July-October the Humpback whales!

Truly a paradise with the only Polynesian Monarchy this is a truly remarkable place to explore.”

This year Tonga is having their very first democratic elections. It is a hallmark defining moment of democracy and liberty for the Kingdom of Tonga. In memory of Uncle Sam Sasser, The American footballer who used to visit you in Tonga as a baby, here’s an image of The Washington Red Skins, getting whopped by the Minnesota Vikings. :)

Howard Frendrich writes: LANDOVER, Md. — After scrambling 10 yards on his creaky legs for a key first down, Brett Favre popped up with one of his shoulder pads flapping around and started leaping on teammates for hugs. Moments later, the Minnesota Vikings’ 17-13 victory Sunday over the Washington Redskins complete, Favre went over to new coach Leslie Frazier and handed him the football.” Bret Favre is 41 years old, a grandfather– and still playing football.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.28.10.


A leader is anyone that wants to help–Aunty Sharon

I swear Jordan Samuel‘s dance troupe Prestige Dance Group of Auckland The Supercity are some of the hottest dancers on the planet.

When they dance, they mean it.

Here’s that champion performance again, that was celebrated in Melbourne Australia. These lads are too cool for Hollywood school. They’ve already just got it going on.

As performers may they always use their talents to serve good purposes into the world for others, as leaders.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.23.10~


Kalani Jones (L) of Auckland – The Supercity poses with Lani.

The Samoan-Kiwi hottie looks like her late grandmother, Aunty Maina Werne-Jones - a lady who died in Kenya while on safari, and who had the distinction of having the second most-attended funeral in New Zealand history in 1997 of a Kiwi not born in the green paradise nation. As a woman of Samoa with Mana in The South Pacific, Maina Werne-Jones was down to earth, heavenly-minded, loving and much loved.

Aunty Maina as she was affectionately known, is still sorely missed by Auckland City, Samoa and throughout The Pacific today. Her laugh was magic. She laughed a lot, always sharing her smile and joie de vie with a rare gift of joyful encouragement.

Kalani also looks like her gorgeous momma, Judi Jones. Kalani’s dad, Derek Jones can be found here with Judi, doing their bit providing Samoan-Kiwi flava and inspiration at a transitional time for Porirua City leadership in Wellywood – Hollywood’s sister-city for 3D film making expertise.

Porirua is currently in the middle of a surprise bi-election, as the US Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton has just recently touched down in Wellywood, a film making nation’s capitol city, at the time of writing from Hollywood. There’s a lot going on in New Zealand right now. It’s a hot diverse entertainment nation, destination.

At the top, of the North Island of New Zealand, Kalani lives in Auckland, The Supercity of this beautiful paradise-green nation.

To see Auckland – the City of Kalani Jones and the largest Polynesian and Maori Gateway city in the World (Aloha O’ahu Hawaii of America), GO HERE.

Right now on Facebook: Kalani took the Which Kardashian Are You? quiz and is most like Kim: The analysis,  “You’re ambitious, fashion-forward and a true (if sometimes tumultuous) romantic. You’d opt to work on your business plans over your party plans, even if friends say that’s boring. But hey, you always look good doing it–just like Kim!”
If you live in Hollywood and follow Herman-Town’s Young Hollywood promotions expertise, you will know that Ms Kim Kardashian is styling and dressing America’s style conscious twenty-somethings, right now, here in the USA. Nationwide in the USA, Kim is currently doing this online 24 hours a day, with a skillful style package that consults and customizes fashion accessories to each individual customer. Smart.
Kim Kardashian is perhaps the only A-Listed reality TV Star in Hollywood, who is also a fashion merchandising mogul on the rise. If Kalani is like Kim Kardashian, I’m all for that. The world needs a Samoan-Kiwi style-queen I reckon. Especially one of Spirit — like Kalani Jones possesses, naturally. Check out Kim’s online biz ventures with Hollywood entertainment power-lawyer Robert Shapiro –at Shoe Dazzle. Amazin! They’re taking over stylish retail for the young in America–via their online storefront window instead. It’s a Kardashian underground movement of taste and style blitzing the USA.
Kalani Jones is rugby royalty of New Zealand, Samoa and the Commonwealth Affiliated Nations and Oceania Nations of the World. She is the niece of a rugby player who England’s Will Carling listed in the UK Telegraph as being the no.2 rugby footballer in the world of all time. Kalani’s father Derek, is also a good rugby footballer too.
As a future rising star of New Zealand & The South Pacific – Kalani Jones has got it all going on in her star mix and this kid loves God too. Not a bad combo for grounded balance to balance out the craziness of fame that lies ahead of her, I reckon. Go kid! If ever there was a girl in New Zealand worthy of a reality TV series of her own, to weave in a stellar cast of characters who surround her in everyday life, Kalani Jones is one such star of great potential to lead, entertain, inspire her generation. Oh… btw:
Visit Auckland City for a fun travel experience.
[Photograph of a Sky Walker - Auckland City - Courtesy of Photographer David Wall]
[Music: Sun Goes Down - Nesian MystiK & Luther Vandross tribute to Lena Horne going up too as a homage for Aunty Maina Jones' legacy as a humanitarian activist of Compassion & Love--Hollywood today.]
Let’s go Auckland. Porirua City & Let’s go SAMOA! Mauri ‘Ola.
This post going via Kalani’s Maori Aunties of Oak Ridge Camp, Whangarei City, Northland via The City of Angels & “Uncle Sam” born in Fiji, and I guess… your Uncle Derek Farmer (and Farmer Brotherhood) too – now of Australia. In the words of Avatar in 3D: We see you! :)
Reality TV Series Idea: Kalani goes to Wellywood (Porirua).

[Lena Horne -great entertainer and blacklisted activist for Humanitarian Human Rights issues and causes, Hollywood Star (the Maori koru taonga version), for Kalani Jones, Hollywood Walk of Fame–photog: Horiwood.Com’s own).

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.3.10~


(Picture: PERSONAL PM: Former teen parent student Danielle Logan, left, tells Prime Minister John Key about currently studying at teacher’s college and presents him with an edible bouquet grown at He Kaakano childcare unit. Sharon Davis (The Maori Rose of Sharon) and politician Phil Heatley watch their exchange and banter, Whangarei City, Te Tai Tokerau, Northland, New Zealand).

At the moment New Zealand’s Prime Minister has met with key global leaders at the APEC Summit in Vietnam this year. But before the PM of New Zealand jetted out for the global summit, Mr Key took some time out of his schedule to meet some incredible people of He Mataariki School in Whangarei City, Northland, New Zealand. They are remarkable, being commented on today for their passion for education, children’s value and place in the world, women’s achievement and collective community leadership from Hollywood.

The school works with teen parent moms and their children. If you live in America you will know that teen parent moms are on tabloids spotted at supermarket check out aisles in the US. They are big news.

[This photo: U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton left, talks with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key during the ASEAN summit on Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Image via AP via India Times]

Jake Davis, my youngest nephew, got to the meet the PM with the turning of the first sod for a $1.4m development of the teen parent unit and associated childcare centre He Kaakano that He Mataariki have championed being built. Here’s news snippets of Mr Key’s visit:

[This photo: Jake Davis meets John Key]

“At He Mataariki Teen Parent School, John Key even insisted one pregnant girl call her baby John despite the fact it’s going to be a girl.”

“He also told a three-year-old girl his cat’s name is Moonbeam Smoky Fluffy-Pea.”

“Mr Key was escorted by Whangarei Member of Parliament Phil Heatley who says he knows what the demands are on the prime minister’s time. Mr Heatley says it is extraordinary Mr Key chose to visit He Mataariki for a second time – he visited the unit once when he was leader of the opposition.

[Photo: John Key Arrives in Vietnam]

But Mr Heatley says it was good to have him back to seal the deal for the upgrade. “Once a prime minister opens it there’s no turning back.”

Jake Davis‘ mother Sharon Davis (known as the Maori Rose of Sharon in Hollywood), who was born in Tonga, raised later in Fiji and returned to New Zealand when she was her son Jake’s age; has a rather cute story about Mr Key meeting young Jake.

She writes: “Today the Prime Minister came to turn the first sod of grass, in preparation for the building of a new teen parent school.  The little helper chosen to help him turn the sod was Te Raukura (the two year old child of a teen parent).  She didn’t want to do the deed, so he grabbed the hand of a little 4 year old boy.

That little 4 year old boy was Jake.  Our Jakey (our little Maori prince’s family name of endearment, although he’s almost growing out of that now) turned the first sod of earth over for the new teen parent school with the PM.

[This photo: John Key and Jake Davis, 4, discover an earthworm, while Te Raukura 2, watches on. Image via FlipVideo]

When the sod came up Jake looked at the sod, looked at the prime minister and exclaimed ‘Look a worm’.  John Key bent down and scooped up the worm and put it in Jake’s little hand and chatted away with an excited Jake about their find.” A cute green thinking story.

[Below image: ASEAN Secretary General Surin Pitsawan (R) shakes hands with New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key next to (R-L) Lao Prime Minister Bouasone Buphavanh, India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and China's Premier Wen Jiabao as they wait for the start of a gala dinner on the sidelines of the summit meetings between leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and their counterparts from partner countries including US, China, Japan, Russian, South Korea and Australia in Hanoi on October 29, 2010. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said that he would visit India later this year, stressing there was 'enough space in the world' for both the giant nations to prosper despite a backdrop of frosty ties. Image: The Times of India]

Alrighty then: moving on now to global leaders news at APEC. John Key has met with Hilary Clinton briefly who is excited to be traveling to New Zealand next week for talks with the PM. Mr Keys says India’s Pime Minister, Manmohan does not appear to be phased by broadcaster Paul Henry‘s comments about Governor General Sir Anand Satyanand. Mr Keys says all leaders understand it is an open world and people say “many things.”

The NZ Herald reports: “Mr Key will visit India next year with a business delegation and Dr Singh indicated he was looking forward to the visit.

“He’s very optimistic about the growth of India, he’s talking about at a minimum it’ll be 8.5 per cent, maybe 9, so maybe there’s one or two things we can learn from that.””

“Mr Keys has announced that United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is likely to attend the Pacific Islands Forum in Auckland next year. It would be the first time a UN Secretary-General had attended such a meeting, Mr Key says, and a recognition of the increasing importance of the Pacific region.”

Mr Keys hopes to discuss Fiji‘s return to democracy with newly elected Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard next year. He adds: “‘We remain absolutely committed together to do whatever we can to have democracy restored in Fiji.”

At APEC a lot of interest surround’s Japan’s detaining of a Chinese sea captain when these two nations fishing vessel/ Patrol boats collided off the coast of East China Islands, sparking the Chinese people to be incensed at the detaining.

This prompted Japan’s Prime Minister Nato Kan to say:  the current spat should not be regarded as “a decisive trouble,” saying the two countries have weathered a long history together.

“This sort of trouble that we’re seeing right now, compared to various incidents we’ve had in the long history of our relations, would not be regarded as a decisive trouble. And I think both countries remain calm and try to come up with solutions that would be positive to both countries … in terms of peace and stability for the Asia-Pacific and the entire world,” he told reporters.” It’s handy a Kiwi is at APEC to smooth strained relationships between China and Japan’s leading lads with a good Kiwi smile and sense of humor. Goes a long way.

Mr Key also spoke of Ban ki-Moon’s gratitude towards Sir Geoffrey Palmer‘s abilities with the the upcoming investigation of Gaza, Palestine for the United Nations. (Commentary on that can be found here).

Back in Whangarei City: A Humpback Whale was sighted in the bay this week. A pretty city.

[This image: Reuters Pictures: China's Premier Wen Jiabo (L) and New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key (R) show the way to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during a group photo at the 5th East Asia Summit in Hanoi October 30, 2010].

[This image below, depicting New Zealand's ecotourism travel destination activities: "A boy swims with dolphins in the Bay of Islands" Horiwood.Com].

~To learn of the Maori culture that Jake descends from of the Nga Puhitonunui tribe and Ngati Whatua tribe, go here to see how young lads like Jake are raised. Fierce warriors. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.29.10. Billy Graham‘s Hollywood Star – Walk of Fame for Jake’s Uncle Billy Davis and his esteemed visionary grandfather, Graham Adrian and Jake and Sharon’s kinsmen by blood–serving in politics: Sir Douglas Graham and Kennedy Graham- image photographed, Hollywood Blvd, Horiwood’s own.~


Recently, I got dissed publically, by a magazine, dissing and denoucing a ‘hori aesthetic.’ I loved the diss, and responded to it in kind, here.

The gift of ‘diss rhetoric’ is that it challenges you and makes you think a lot about a word. This has led me –on top of the other ten disses I can get in any given week, on a variety of topics of other words (I have a full plate. Lol! :) to:

a) hybernate, and b) reflect on how important a hori aesthetic is.

Here’s an example on that line of thinking: One man, used a hori aesthetic to grow the tourism dollar and markets in his country. He was a social engineer at the culture of cross-cultural hospitality. 

In particular, the late comedian Billy T. James (a big pot smoking Maori), used ‘hori humor’ to “edu-ma-cate” his fairer brothers and sisters in New Zealand in the 70′s and 80′s, about why learning Japanese would be good for both Japan and New Zealand. He took it upon himself, to make his country more culturally friendly to Asian nations. [View clip]

It has always been the role of the hori entertainer to be Asian friendly (see also Maori actor Cliff Curtis too in The Last Airbender in 3D, a #1 box office film in its run, worldwide).



“In the Spirit, there is neither male nor female”–Paul the Apostle in his Epistle written from Corinth to the Galatians of ancient Rome. 

Time Inc writes: “The children’s home [of Mother Teresa's mission] also welcomed pregnant homeless mothers and homeless mothers with infants.

In a sense, Mother Theresa provided for all of these infants and their mothers. Arising above the constraints of gender, as a provider she was their ‘daddy’ too with her great heart and eyes of compassion. Love her work!

This post going up for the Maori Rose of SharonI love your work too. Mauri Ora sister. Kia kaha to moemoea nui mo ou tatou tangata pai a Nga Puhi; mo nga iwi Maori katoa me nga taangata o te Ao. ICU. 

That is true equality. 

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 8. 31.10~


I wonder what my Maori mom, is doing right now in Israel. Too cute. Way too much… I’m sure.

Hey mom, hope you’re loving your trip in “the Holy land.”

Hope you’re having fun. Kihi nui. 

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 7.17.2010 and The Maori Rose of Sharon, New Zealand 7.18.2010. Image of Aretha Franklin‘s star Hollywood Walk  of Fame. Music by Ree, Do Right Woman, with the message from America, Courage To Love Arabs and Muslims, people just like ourselves too. True Love is unconditional, not based on skin color, or the language you speak, or pen one’s handwriting in. Because this is our conviction of Liberty, which relies outside of laws of ink alone, and that does not come from the hand of man or the hand of woman either; neither is love confined to the believed borders of nationalism, the constructs of race, or the limitations of religion outside of love relationship with all God’s children. True Liberty as walked in love, neither comes from the constrictions of current world leaders blindsided political models of leadership, that become mere afterthoughts of hindsight in the canons of history as reflective, sobering lessons learned from ‘history’s past mistakes.’ Love is more active than that in the present. We live in times, where recent political mistakes have cost too many lives–and we can no longer be passive global citizens with consciences that we claim are alive, but we need to act too in Love for those, our own nations may deem ‘enemies.’ So, as people who choose to live in the light of Love’s truth which is timeless and not bound by either current events or history, we have a lot of work to do ahead of us, right now in supporting our leaders, not to miss what Love is. May unconditional love define action as we all grow up and see beyond borders of hatred, into the hearts of people just like you and me. May we let Love be Love, and yield to it with all inclusive humility. Let’s wurck~


The Last Airbender Star NewsAs mentioned Maori Hollywood actor, Cliff Curtis and his ravishingly beautiful new bride, are gracing Hollywood with their presence this weekend. Here in Los Angeles, Cliff Curtis is Hollywood’s regning “Maori King,” when he turns up. :)

In this video clip, brother Cliff is saving the Planet, by urging us all to sign on and think green. He’s such a “happy hori Kiwi”, at heart. Always leading for noble causes, that his children’s children will benefit from. Admirable. 

As Cliff is the first Maori person in cinematic history to appear in a 3D film, here’s a song, just for our recently wedded star couple, in honor of their visit. It’s called He Kakano Ahau, a favorite of my sister, The Maori Rose of Sharon of the Ngapuhi and Ngati Whaatua Maori tribes of New Zealand. Sharon sings this with all her heart, when the song is sung like an anthem on the marae in our tribal area. 

The lyrics are: “And I will never be lost… I am a seed, descended from greatness.”

Traditional Maori culture is a beautiful and a spiritual culture. Poetic by nature, its kinship is found in people inextricably linked to landscape and the earth. Kia ora Cliff!

Personally I admire Cliff’s strength of spirit as a Maori artist, who cut his teeth in Hollywood, being cast as Middle Eastern ‘villains.’ Namely, Arab men. He played these roles with a smile, even though, at times it grieved him that Middle Eastern men were thought of in such a villainous cinematic light. There are good and bad people from every culture, Cliff Curtis is a good man. That’s for sure. I wrote my Masters film thesis at film school, based on Cliff’s enlightened views being cast as a Hollywood Maori actor in such roles. His teachings in the school of hard knocks make him one of the best on the topic of filmic casting representations and racial stereotyping. For this, he is a Humanitarian Hollywood King too, in my Hollywood book. One of the finest Maori leaders, the world has ever known. 

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 7.17.2010. Maori Generated Media in Hollywood for Indigenous Peoples sovereignty as the Earth’s guardians in ancestrally assigned territories and for Indigenous Peoples Human Rights. This story is yet another witness of, no matter what we have survived, we can generate such media and positive stories without censorship in The Entertainment Capitol of The World in the 2010′s, living beyond history’s lies of colonization’s destructive discourse of greed. We are the future. And, of course… Yes We Can! UP! :)~


This just in via two emails from my sister in New Zealand, Sharon (The ‘Mother Teresa’ Rose of Maoridom):

Kia ora scrumtious muffins, It’s very sad when someone beautiful leaves this world….you realise how precious and necessary they were to your life, the life of others, the fabulousness of the world…..every life has a testimony…we often don’t see this until after people have left us…watch, wait and see what Aunty Elvira’s legacy will be…what life and beauty did she leave behind.”

And…Maoris and Kiwis in Israel News: “Caught up with Mum last night.  She is flying on Korean airlines to Israel at 9:10am.  She was extremely excited.  This trip to the holy land is most definitley one of her dreams that I remember as a child.  I remember when Louis Henry Davis [her hubby] went to Israel and he talked to me about being in the garden of Gethsemene (where he picked me leaves from the olive tree and snuck them to NZ… my family are a little bit rebel!) and being on a boat on the sea of Galillee when the wind picked up, visiting the home of Simon the tanner, standing in the tomb where they think Jesus was laid, doing karakia [Maori prayers] at the wailing wall in Jerusalem and being baptised in the river Jordan….and the meaningfulness of those stories…..Mum is just gonna love it…remember to pray for her safety and well being.”

Okay then! This blog post is my ‘prayer.’ Love you mom. :)

[Special shout out to Kirsty and Simon in Israel too. Image: Peace Rose living Art, by Miss Elliette. Music by Destiny's Child].

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 7.16.2010. My sister Sharon is now reading the first three chapters of this novel.It is set in the Rose of Sharon Municipal Hospital in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Go sweetheart! xox~


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