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A different view: Photoshopped Aubergine featuring the letters, A & B.

If you blog from Hollywood “A” will always stand for Angeles, Angel (a messenger), or, Angelina (Jolie) – a second generation proven Hollywood star and cultural, global treasure of America.

“B” in Hollywood’s current celebrity star system, will always stand for Brad (Pitt)- champion celebrity supporter of the New Orleans Saints football team, who wear a Super Bowl ring. “B” stands for Barack (President Obama, husband of FLOTUS Michelle Obama) and Bill (Clinton) husband of the current US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton or (more current) Canada‘s teen entertainer, Bieber (Justin) or a returning Kawana (Governor) of California, Jerry Brown too.

Of these names listed – American culture is spun, millions of dollars, time, energy, resources, hours and hours and hours of global attention and effort are spent printing, distributing, broadcasting, (watching, viewing, emulating, discussing at office water coolers) any inkling of a sighting or a key message from any one of these names.

As celebrities of entertainment, politics, music, arts and culture – they form a multi-billion dollar industry that generates around them each day. AB people, leading the world – in a metaphor of a (solar) star system, or the particles of an atom. They are the oracles, of a Super Power’s discourse. The artillery (signifiers elect by popular free-choice vote) of a super power’s dominance and culture–imploring the key message of:  ‘emulate US’ worldwide. They’re fun people. Fun sells. As celebrities of US culture, I like them all. More often than not, they always bring a smile.

“B” also equals whose got the ball. B is also about what you do for others when you have the ball.

You’re an A-List star in Hollywood when you do A-List worthy things with the ball you hold in your hands for others. Angelina Jolie perhaps sums this up the best, on her humanitarian missions for the UN, to people of the world most needing advocacy. AB is a blood type (like any other, O type for example is too) –the signifier of human life globally–symbolizing the movement of a pulse for the good, across the globe, for people.

Practically speaking though, if you’re from New Zealand and you’re a rugby football enthusiast, AB stands for All Blacks and of them and what they have achieved in sports and what AB’s culture has inspired for human rights records of the World (cf: Nelson Mandela‘s story and human rights, apartheid advocacy via Maori New Zealanders and Kiwis in the documentary films of artist, Merata Mita, one of the most significant filmic artists in the world of all time, who held, focused or directed a camera, in often zero budget filming conditions–yet in a Queenly manner, like Angelina Jolie is now as a debut director, seeing beyond color bars into the heart of genocidal, raping tendencies as a filmic theme)–is only the stuff Hollywood legends are written of and made of. Hence that very long sentence. Sorry ’bout that.

On the other side of the world, in New Zealand, at a significant time in world history as captured on film in Merata’s film, Patu! – AB’s culture helped free a Nobel Peace Prize Winning King, of South Africa. His life story of freedom, is a Kiwi story too. He’s in our hot mix. Maori and Kiwi’s freed him with advocacy also, helping give Nelson his long awaited cup of Liberty in his unique journey of a very long walk to freedom as a now celebrated South Africa icon of the world. When New Zealand play South Africa in rugby, we celebrate our part we play, in his ongoing legacy of freedom. He gave us a challenge, we responded, and that legacy to free others, will always be what we do in rugby country, Middle Earth. It’s a proven gift, a cultural taonga (inner treasure) AB Kiwi-thinkers have, carry, possess, pass on to others when needed for the world.

We instigate the play and the pass of freedom with our actions and instincts, outworked in a teamwork formation. We always have.

AB thinkers and action star-doers, are ‘Humanitarian Messangers of Sport.’ They are down-to-earth and fine Commonwealth people. Their nobility of spirit is defined by a Joe Blogg’s-appearing cloak of humility.

Like any rugby football enthusiast or ‘team work sports’ appreciating Kiwi in the world –The AB’s are our fun heroes. Gladiators of sport, whenever they appear, they symbolize fearless change in a modern world of fiercely contested challenges. New teamwork strategies in play is what they evolve as a science of sport and an art form of globally loved entertainment. They are masters at evolving the game of play and making it better.

Image: Photo-shopped Aubergine (deep purple) appearing as black. Hot image via Freaking News website.

[For a good Baba Ganoush dip recipe, enjoyed by people in the Middle East equally (regardless of geographical borders) and also with people in the Western World too, check out David Bovitz recipe. Pictures are also DB's. Recipe found here].

What’s cooking in your kitchen for the world America? Good things, I trust. Happy cooking, creating, eating, shared and diverse dining. Peace ya’ll! :)

[Below Image: 'Canterbury Kia Mau Training Rugby Ball" courtesy if Ikon Sport].

A and B are two important keys on a King or Queen’s piano’s keyboard. I am not either. I am the “C” key, of Middle Earth (eyes are needed to C), like any try-and-do-some-good Kiwi does, I try and join in too, in and around supporting our rugby footballers to excel in teamwork opportunities that get the best results on and off the field.

Our rugby players are our AB’s stars. The rest of us Kiwi’s – at best, tend to play the “Middle C” key role of Middle Earth – to entertain for a peaceful and productive future of “big hearted” purposes in the world. Baba Ganoush - with pita bread as a change from Latino-staple Corn Chips and Salsa, in this Jerry Brown latino-voted California’s elect future, of political climate change terrain of Hollywood, that I blog from. Exciting times.

Keeping it real, is having a diverse taste palate. That way, we’re more likely to consider the needs of others, with a worldview different and/or similar to our own. Mature tastes then maturing together with consideration and love for others in our stout rugby and football hearts- Baba Ganoush, why not?! You know it. Peace!

~Music, Sam CookeA Change is Gonna Come in honor of Motown Artists contribution to the world for MO-vember rugby nation mugs 2010. Courage to Collaborate And Bee more awesome. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.5.10~


“A clear perspective – JB”

Jerry Brown has returned to the ring, to be Governor Elect of California.

He’s 72, fighting fit – and holds press conferences at Oakland.

He’s California Governor King 2010′s. What got Jerry elected? The strength of the brown people vote of California, namely Latino.

Let’s see what grey powered wisdom he creates within California to lift up America and maintain the festive contribution Latina and Latino, Hispanic-Americans have been giving California for hundreds of years, before all of us aliens got here to rock it out with Star Trek films and the like.

Exciting stuff. Wisdom at the forefront is a gift of grey powered citizens world wide. The vote of the majority, is a gift of brown people worldwide –lest we ever forget. Obviously, brown and grey of any color can work successfully together. ‘Brown’ cultures of the world, respect their elderly, in a way that many ‘societies’ in ‘the modern’ world, have forgotten.

I’m excited about Jerry Brown here in Cali. Depth with style. Not a bad combo. His spirit reminds me of a California version of a “Winston Churchill solid oakwood kind of bloke.” I’m going with that feeling and vibe. Solid like oak wood.

Needless to say, Salsa chips are up in California with this news. Today though, for Oakwood nations – I’m going with an image of brown jellybeans in a jar – in honor of a clear perspective, Brown and people like him can offer US all.

In the Maori language as customary and appropriate from New Zealand to a new King – “Mihi atu ki a koe ou tatou Rangatira o Te Kawangatanga Pai a “Hori-Rakau.” Kia kaha. Ka Tu to Wairua Kitea Pai. Karawhiua.”

Go Fellah.

Here’s Jerry Brown in pictures from the LA Times –after a win, that Obama described as being a “shellacking.” At the moment: “The governor-elect has a ‘very sobering’ meeting in Washington today, with the director of finance and vows to begin work on a spending plan, which must be submitted within days of his taking office in January.” It’s all about a good excel spread sheet really, aint it!

[This post by Hollywood's resident Maori brown-Kiwi lad, demonstrating the art of Brown Shell Power - The Kiwi Pop Art Way in the Hollywood Hood. Horiwood.Com. Ca. USA. 11.4.10~

Closing Thought: The people of this man on a broom (pictured cleaning in Oakland after Jerry Brown's victory speech), were responsible for saving California (possibly America's too) future. Go Latino and Latina of the USA and THE WORLD! Cool people. Caliente politics are sweeping America, right now! Clean sweep shellackings, even! This one going in Obama's favor. :)

We are because we see through color

we see people all connected to Earth and brown soil

from the youngest to the eldest, from the least to the greatest

all sustained with Life from the Middle (heart) of Earth's goodness.

We like to share


around like Chinese-esque Kiwi fruit

grown in Middle Earth and California.

~NZ Kiwis for Latina, Latino, California, all people of America & more fun in the World. Pic sources: tahi, rua, toru. Music: Good Kiwi girls sounds: When the Cats Away starring Annie Crummer & friends… Kia Orana!!!~


وَلَكُنْتُ أُطْعِمُ شَعْبِي أَفْخَرَ الْحِنْطَةِ، وَأُشْبِعُهُمْ عَسَلاً مِنَ الصَّخْرَةِ».

I will feed you with the finest of wheat, and with sweet honey from the rock, I will satisfy you–A poetic psalm of Asaph 

~A war of cookies, could save lives. Sometimes, when I look at the world, I think that what the world needs is a unified Sweetness Surge Strategy in places needing cheering up.

Famine stricken lands could do with both fresh water and free cookies. Or in war torn lands, who quite often are caught up in a war of words based on language differences, that can lead to misunderstanding each others’ unique cultural worldviews resulting in acts of war, cookies are needed too.

So this is a post especially for the home cooks of the world, and specificly, the home baking enthusiasts. I ask the question, what if your ability to make cookies could effect future generations of peoples lives. 

There is an ancient Maori proverb I was taught as a child, that forms the basis of traditional Maori lore, when leaders make decisions on matters, that goes something like this: 

He aha te mea nui i te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. What is the most important thing in this world. It is people, people, people.  

Here’s a recipe for Peace in Afghanistan. What if bakers all over the world, could send both sides of the war in Afghanistan a batch of homemade Afghan cookies (double chocolate naughtiness, that always bring a smile), made together by grandmas and their grandchildren all over the world, with love.



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