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Kim Kardashian is loved by Microsoft as she really thinks like a Buffet or a Gates when it comes to making money and being an entrepreneur with IT. She is Bing.Com’s no. 1 trending topic because she chose to make FAMILY, the eclectic American star her own star served. For that decision, I personally admire this girl. She created a kingdom for her family and shares the leadership role with her fellow family stars. So smart.

As Kardashian revealed recently for W Magazine‘s special issue on the rise of Reality TV stars, Kim will strip naked to protect her kingdom. A touch of irony perhaps as in real life, Kardashian is a fashion clothing merchant. A paradox.

As a star brand she is on track to be America’s most trusted contender of a TV Talk Show Queen in the mode of Oprah Winfrey of the 2020′s as years to come of detoxification from America’s role cast as warlords of Western democracy and our Peace Keepers of The World will most probably require Kim to play this role in the “reflecting years.”

She is also on track to be a billionaire in her own right, through her collaboration with L.A power lawyer Robert Shapiro and their shoedazzle online marketing style supply company co-venture. If ever their company goes public Kardashian will be a billionaire overnight. Watch that space. She is California and America today–behind the transparent veil appearance of an ‘over-exposed?’ reality TV star.

She’s smarter than she is beautiful –a lethal witty combo. As a young American–her star template is one that can be emulated to grow the American economy. This girl does every day. Her heart is almost always in the right place for others–yet she’s single, a beauty queen too bright to make most men relax in her company. This only makes her more endearing to her audiences, somehow.

Bing.Com’s top ten TRENDing topics can be read as follows:

1. America’s A-Listed, accepted Middle Eastern (Armenian-American) face in war time–while soldiers are all paid to kill ‘the Arab men who are dangerous extreme terrorists.’ She is the unveiled face and the ‘Arabian looking’ healing tonic to a nation’s conscience, all unfortunately paying for an intense war engagement in Afghanistan, post Iraq. To obsess on Kim Kardashian is to take your mind off the Afghanistan war. She is the life-threatened soldiers no.1 pin up girl, of our times.

2. A woman wins an Oscar for a film about combatting racism in sport and community to believe in family and a kid’s dream, then in real life her husband mimics a Tiger Woods (poor man’s) harem show roll out (the tattooed version) and the shocking scandal ends in divorce while the newly single-mother adopts a New Orleans orphan as she’d always planned to.

3. America’s most respected golfer and most loved American by Asian nations outside of the US, in the year of China’s white metal tiger–unleashes a pussy wagon harem scandal, while being married to a gorgeous Swede twin, mother of his two children–who once was a Nanny, like Princess Diana was. Unwittingly the golfer becomes the perfect hate target diversion of the ‘disgusted and amused’ American people, while a new President successfully champions a dramatically increased war budget (80% increase on previous budget) through The House and The Senate in DC. His year of scandal was quite a story!


20 CELEBRITY BITES 4.30.2010

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey‘s split news is the big story today. Here’s twenty celebrity news bites–for your entertainment. Enjoy!

1. Bret Michaels hyponatremia treatments are getting a Press Conference–Extra TV

2. Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey decide to split. Sad–Radar

3. Chelsea Handler reveals that she did a sex tape for a joke. Literally–US Magazine

4. Betty White says no nudity or dope jokes on her SNL gig. Lol!–ET Online

5. Cancer survivor Lance Armstrong will be a father for the 5th time–Yahoo News

6. March against Racial Discrimination in LA–Latinos for Ever! –Just Do It

7. Hot! Kid Rock will host CMT Awards, June 9th 8pm–People Magazine

8. Box Office: Iron Man 2 is doing great offshore. Excellent!–Hollywood Reporter

9. Julia Roberts needs some love from US tabloids–Pop Eater

10. Clash of The Titans 3D has 390 million reasons for its sequel. 3D is hot–Coming Soon

11. Robert Downey Jr. says Iron Man 3 is on the cards–MTV

12. Morman girl Stephenie Meyer signs gay director Bill Condon for TwilightHit Fix

13. Michael Patrick King will make Warner Bros TV his home–Pop Watch

14.  Steve Carell is done doing TV–Office Telly

15. Scarlett Johansson wants to be like her hubby, with a spin off–Jam Canoe 

16. Music $. Punk lover David Letterman launches own record label–Music Mix

17. Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz withdraw their domestic violence claims–TMZ

18. Rosie O’Donnell is the next celebrity to try and cash Lindsay Lohan in–IMDB

19. Time Magazine list Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag as nobodies–Time

20. Sandra Bullock says it was important to adopt from the US. She needs to travel!–HuffPo

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 4.30.2010~



Ken Jeong, Michael Bay, Kate Winslet, Aziz Ansari –is this look the future of World Entertainment? Yes!Celebrity bites for your entertainment today, and hot links. Let’s go people! :)

Michael Bay signs Ken Jeong, Francis McDormand, John Malkovich to T3–MB

Kelan Lutz goes Grecian mythology, cast as Poseidon in War of the GodsEW 

Mickey Rourke, Frida Pinto, Henry Cavill are cast in same said movie–Flix66 

Gerard Butler wants to play a leprechaun in a fantasy film, comedy–JamCanoe 

Liev Shreiber, Naomi Watts, Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman join GB too–ADF

Grandma Jackiey Budden snorts cocaine at Jade Goody‘s 1 year passing. WTF!–DailyMail 

Ben Affleck grows up. God forbid. Launches  Eastern Congo InitiativeETOnline 

Scarlett Johansonn gets Congressional for Healthy Meals Act and kidsET 

Shia LaBouef does his bit for Health, runs LA Marathan–LP 

TV Chess: NBC vito Conan O’Brien from Fox ‘s Idol Gives Back– HollywoodReporter 

Adam Lambert and Boy George hang out–GettyImages 

Amy Winehouse camp jokes she’s returning to rehab for booze–NewsOfTheWorld    

Jennifer Love Hewitt goes for a shorter locks–FamePictures 

Aziz Ansari may host MTV Awards 2010. Diversity rocks–LA Times

Avril Levigne grabs a beer with ex-hubby Deryck Whibley at Crown BarNPG 

Katy Perry and Russell Brand hike to Griffith Park ObservatoryRaimeyPix

Christian Slater is cast in a new Fox comedy show–HollywoodReporter 

Simon Cowell will give Susan Boyle her first big check next week. $6 mil–JamCanoe 

Will Octo-Mom do porn to save her home from foreclosure?–TMZ 

Was Marie Osmond ‘s son drugged? His roomies think so. Sad.–TMZ

 Hot! Flashdance: The Musical hits London’s West End–Oct 14

[Ken Jeong image courtesy of Media Avdub. Aziz Ansari image courtesy of GreenBayPressGazette. Kate Winslet courtesy of FHS, Michael Bay image his own].

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 3.23.2010


Angelina Jolie gets down Beyonce-styles on the set of The Tourist in Venice–Popsugar 

Jay-Z spotlights Whitney Houston in Nothing But Love doco–YoungBlack&Fabulous

Rosie O’Donnell may return to daytime talk–TVGuide

Padma Lakshmi and Adam Dell ‘duel’ for parenting rights of daughter KrishnaInTouch

Janet Jackson‘s new ballad Nothing is a treat that sounds like her late bro–Bossip

Hilton Aunts & The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hit up Lakers game–YB&F

Jennifer Aniston says she’s ready to breed. Was that a joke?–ImNotObsessed 

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are yachtside in Miami–People

Michael Jackson‘s $250 million, 7 year deal with Sony is still on–BlackNews

Michelle McGee‘s “WP” leg tattoos explained–Bossip

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are LA Lakers fans–USWeekly 

Britney Spears is Fanta Kente gorgie in her ugz … lol!–Fame Pictures /Mikey K

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 3.21.2010~


Dolphins at play are so pretty in the beautiful Bay of Islands. Get there in your lifetime, to see these majestic and intelligent sea creatures in action in their natural habitat of the great outdoors. They are an icon of New Zealand cultural life and seaside living. Just so beautiful, from the green and beautiful Free Land of the great South Pacific.

New Zealand is the world’s #1 country rated as the best ecological tourism playground that can be travelled to. Looking at these happy dolphins play at the top of North Island New Zealand, it isn’t hard to see why. Fun in the beautiful Bay of Islands sun. Can’t beat it.

In New Zealand dolphins are viewed as a good omen, and also a symbol of healing, wholeness and prosperity. Cute.

What a view from nature. :)

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California. 3.18.2010~


The world loves Rihanna. America too. Billboard say, that Princess Riri has overtaken Beyonce for the most #1 hits for a female artist, to chart in the top ten on their Top 100 countdown with her hit Rude Boy. Which is pretty odd when you think about it, as Beyonce set a record for winning the most grammys in one night ever, this year, taking out six gongs… when Riri’s virtually got nada grammys.

Oh well! Who needs grammys when the people vote your music at the top. That’s democracy in action. Either way, Jay-Z‘s music mentor, is sitting pretty, with both Riri and Beyonce either side of his success and reign as America’s music king and music starmaker.

Rihanna joins Ludacris with 14 top ten hits and Jay-Z has the most at 15. Congratulations honey.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 3.5.2010~


Remember back in the day, after Angelina Jolie did all of the crazy publicity about being bisexual, to grow her audience appeal and fanbase, she then married Billy Bob Thornton who wore Jolie’s blood around his neck in a vial and Billy was percieved as being “a very lucky man.” Jolie’s transition out of Thornton’s control though, was to adopt son Maddox and she transferred her energy into a worthy, leading man in her life… her son.

Then next came the “celibate publicity.” A fascination began to build around a beautiful and popular star, who was sexually not available to anyone, adding to her fame. Jolie’s movie fees skyrocketed through the roof and coupled with humanitarian efforts, Jolie became like a Saint of the world that advocated for the worl’ds marginalized.

Today, two American starlets who both claim to be bisexual are reversing tact on their “I’m too sey for my skirt” PR fronts. Lady Gaga is saying she’s celibate. And Megan Fox, is also saying that she has only ever been with two men her whole, entire, Christian school girl raised life. These two girls are a) smart and b) ambitious too. Somehow, I believe them when they say this. After Tiger Woods controversy, the whole sex thing, is so over-rated with celebrities via the media and it’s nice to see rising stars, who are exemplifying restraint over their sexuality from America. Props!

In all honesty though, it’s hard to keep up with where these girls heads and va jay-jay mood swings are at as an entertainment blogger. But this is the latest this week!

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 3.3.2010~


With Oscars just around the corner, the ADHD of A-List stars scrambling for Monday’s headlines in Oscars lead in week… is always at an optimum in show biz… out of any other time in the year.

Class captain, Angelina Jolie, sends a clear message… that Hollywood Star Wars 2010 has officially started, to the Calender of the film year. She is an Angeleno after all. And LA is The Entertainment Capitol of The World. 

Family is everything this year, is Jolie’s clear message of Celebrity’s A-List Hollywood standard. I like it.

After Tiger’s misfortunes in the marriage department last year, the concept of family and valuing family for stars and all people… needs to make a bit of a comeback in celebrity land–to close the gap between stars and the realities of their masses of fans worldwide.

Stars have to appear to be relevant. Family values is the ticket for 2010. Yay! It’s Jolie’s job to keep the Hollywood ship on track.

Hot Pic of the Day is: Vivienne Jolie-Pitt’s (Gaga inspired, piled-up-on-top-of-head ‘big pom pom motif’ hat). Very cute. A Brown Pom though = British (‘Pommie) Prime Minster Gordon Brown. Interesting. How international of Jolie! Nice.

And… here’s what the other crazy kids in the fame game have come up with this week, to get their share of media attention.

1. Angelina Jolie presents a United Jolie family of 3 generations of Hollywood megatars in Venice. Wow! Trump that. Who can?

2. Miley Cyrus is looked after by Oscar’s future interests–being added as a youth presenter alongwith Zac Efron, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

3. Americas other (not the Jolie-Pitts) famous family of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegran show a united front heading to Arizona.

4. Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller‘s copycat Tiger Woods publicity has run out of steam since Woods’ press conference apology last week. So Mueller has checked out of rehab (again!), blaming the facility for leaking her treatment reasons… because the Sheens are just so famous. Yawn!

5. Jay-Z has got the President’s favorite entertainer, Beyonce, on a yacht with him in Miami–Mavrix Online  

6. Johnny Depp starts up his Angelina Jolie press campaign in Venice.

7. Apolo Ono wins his 7th gold medal in the 1000 meters mens sprint on ice, making Ono the Michael Phelps big gold medal winner of the Winter Olympics history.

 8. Roman Polanski wins best director Silver Bear, for his film The Ghost Writer in Germany.

9. Lindsay Lohan sites her father’s love of talking about her to paparazzi for attention as being why she tried cocaine in the first place.  Lindsay says she now wants to feel emotion.

10. Padhma Lakshmi‘s mystery child is born. Her name is Krishna

11. UK’s Angelina Jolie, it girl, pop star Sheryl Cole ends her marriage with a text.

12. Robert Pattinson looked like crap at the Brit Awards. A miracle that he even could.

13. Abbie Cornish splits from Ryan Philipe. It’s summer in Australia, after all.

[Image of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt and Knox Jolie-Pitt and family security guards courtesy of Wenn.Com. Image of Miley Cyrus courtesy of Getty Images.Com]

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Michael Jackson‘s ghost has the #1 dvd in the USA with 1.2 million sales

Charlie Sheen says forget SUV’s & fire hydrants–On Star Really works with SUV’s and ravines

John Travolta jokes that he photoshopped himself to look bald for Paris

Leann Rhimes arrests the homeless in Beverly Hills

Jamie Lnn Spears, 18, gives Hayden Panettiere a run with new beau, 28

Tiger Woods has left rehab–like… for reals… was he even in there?

Madonna fooled us. She’s still with Jesus-Luz

Big Love is renewed for a 5th season

Paul Walker and Vin Diesil sign on for the 5th Fast and Furious flick

Kristen Stewart does jury duty

Peter Andre cries on TV about Katie Price‘s marriage to Alex Reid in Vegas

Ashlee Simpson becomes a TV Producer of a sitcom starring her dad

Haiti Celebrity Donation Links–We Are The World–Let’s Do It!

[Image of Ashlee Simpson courtesy of This Blog]

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He may be getting divorced right now, but court documents show that James Van Der Beek gives 10% of his monthly income to charity–TMZ

Avatar has clocked up two billion dolleros worldwide–InTouch

Jim Cary and Ewan McGregor are Sir Snogs of the French Arts–TMZ

Miranda Kerr is a cheeky Aussie for GQ–Egotastic 

Posh Spice says Glamour is just loving a puppy in jeans–PopSuga

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd are engaged–Celeb*tchy

Britney and Jason have morphed into a cute Grammys couple–People

The Kardashians let Ryan Seacrest broadcast the baby-US Weekly 

Transformers and Will Farell top the Razzies list-HuffPo

Is Michael Buble a big ganja head?–HG

Reebok are sending Pauly D to the Super Bowl–TMZ

Law and Order Star, Justin Mentell (pictured below) passes away, 27, in a car accident–Radar

[Top image courtesy of Getty Images]

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Padma Lakshmi‘s baby daddy could be Adam Dell, bro of billionaire Mikey Dell

Britney Spears is on a getaway with Jason Trawicke. Yellow! –Popsugar 

Twinkle toes by Kim KardashianDrunken Stepfather 

Black Eyed ‘borrowing.’ Are Music’s biggest stars bloggers too? –Cityrag 

Rihanna is a living canvas–ICYDK 

Jimmy Kimmel tries to stand in Jay Leno‘s Oprah glow–I’m Not Obsessed  

Re-cycling Scary Spice by Mel BHollywood Tuna 

Kendra Wilkinson is getting the sitter for Super Bowl… of course!–People

John Travolta gives wife Kelly Preston some Haiti-Love press duties–OK!

Heidi Montag is everyone’s favorite pinata about her surgeries–Life & Style

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino scores as a Grammy’s commentator–AH

The Rock: just one of many footballers turned Hollywood–TV Guide

Robbie Williams is on track for Haiti–UK Sun

Alicia Keys is secretly engaged to Swizz BeatzDaily Mail

Under fire, Tony Blair talks 9-11 blah blah about Iraq Inquiry–New York Times

Ke$ha and Taylor Swift will be at Clive DavisGrammy’s party–Page Six

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 1.29.2010~


If we talk about ‘celebrity’ on a ‘celebrity-driven blog’ then the billionaire philanthropist is today’s superstar of the world.

A billionaire philanthropist is a rare soul because they actually get what personal wealth is meant for. In a world where many countries are held captive by cruel political dictators abusing their power and starving their people in the face of famine, or, in a world of global warming, where natural disasters are unexpectedly on the rise–the billionaire philanthropist has the potential to be an instant hero to the world at a critical crises moment in world history.

Billionaire philanthropists often have as much power as many nations’ presidents. Why? Because true power is to love others and to serve the earth’s people with good leadership that acts with tangible results where needed. Although Angelina Jolie‘s total lifetime earnings do not define her as an official billionaire of the Forbes Billionaires List, this one woman has the power to add her name to any single humanitarian issue and help raise billions of dollars for the world.

So… it is time to give Angie a little bit of a spotlight today on Horiwood.Com as one of the greatest billionaire philanthropist’s the world has ever witnessed–act on behalf of the poor  and afflicted populations in our often forgotten neighboring countries of the world. 

Heading into the Hope for Haiti Now Telethon event tonight, being watched worldwide by 640 million people live–no one knows how to raise money for orphaned Haitians at a live event like Hope Now, better than Angelina Jolie. Having met the afflicted in person long before further disaster hits them, Jolie, is also intelligently informed before she speaks on a humanitarian matter of importance.

Tonight, Los Angeles’ reigning Queen of the Hollywood star system spreads her ‘celebrity-wings’ of love, compassion and mercy as we all stare with her into the despair-filled casm of unexpected and shocking loss and grief that is the Haitian peoples earthquake devastation; in Jolie’s very conscious effort to support her celebrity peers’ efforts in raising money tonight globally via Hope for Haiti Now telethon.

In the School of Hollywood’s Humanitarian calculus class, Jolie knows her job as Teacher of the class and … what a fine display of strategic leadership from this Hollywood great today! There is no humanitarian quite like Angelina Jolie. Even with her faults of the past and present, she is a creative and action-oriented, A+ student of true celebrity‘s meaning for the world. 




The Vampire Diaries is so popular, repeat screenings air Wendesdays in November at 9pm–TVByTheNumbers

Adam Lambert gets his glampire on and performs with fangs–AdamLambertBlog

Scarlette Johansson will debut on Broadway in Arthur Miller‘s A View from the Bridge with Liev Schreiber–BroadwayWorld

Chris Brown‘s new r n b album, Grafitti will drop December 10th–Twitter




Brad Pitt is unharmed in a motorcycle accident. Like Kanye West and Zac Braff he’s not dead either, this Halloween–US Weekly Magazine

Brad Pitt lookalike, Hollywood agent, Jason Trawicke is much loved by Britney Spears sons. Awww!–TheHollywoodGossip

Hilary Swank has aviatrix Oscars buzz for Amelia. Winning Oscars is addictive.–moviefone

No suprises here. Taylor Swift‘s Shameless Tour Reprise, sells out. Ka Ching!–ET Online

JT does a Britney and gets a restraining order against an obsessed fan (who shall remain nameless)–TMZ

donate to charity link, below as celebrity bites continues… thank you. :) (more…)



La Toya Jackson is a vision of silky blue as she leaves the set of Dancing With The Stars.

Celebrity always does bite, but it is how one uses their fame for the good, that shows a star’s true star power, or whether they are just pretending to be a star. Always give. Celebrity News bites today are as follows:

Hollywood legend, Steven Spielberg has been retained as Creative Director for Universal at $50 million a year. Nice!–Variety

At 16, Miley Cyrusbrief appearance in Sex & The City II sparks questions. She loves it.–popeater

Oscar and grammy winner, Jennifer Hudson is in talks to play the role of Winnie Mandlea in a Nelsen Mandela biopic. Great role!–showbiz411

Giving fills Madonna‘s love of more fame with Glee. The hit feel good TV show is doing an entire episode devoted to Madonna songs as Madonna gifts Glee her music royalty rights. Nice!–Music-Mix

Charlize Theron may play Mad Maxine, as Mel Gibsons famous role  gets set for a Mad Max reprise, down under–Sydney Sun.

Kanye West did not die in a car crash as falsely reported. Taylor Swift did not kill him.–Sophos


~featured pic and charity link is The Joey Parker Movement, see details below after celebrity gossip bites continues. thank you~  (more…)



Although A-List celebs like, Michelle Obama, love Jay Leno’s new prime time TV time slot (the First Lady will go one-on-one with Leno in a new interview), the LA Times says that the only one winning on NBC‘s new Jay Leno time slot at 10pm…. is Jay Leno. Congrats Jay! At least Jay isn’t defiling his show’s interns like David Letterman, to win in the ratings game. Kuros!

Pop star, Rihanna Fenty brings back her AMA Award’s pirate patch from February 2009, for her latest music video shoot. Love it. Go Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), Rihanna and the music pirates theme in LA, Rihanna is always plagued with. She’s so clever at reading world trends.

Jennifer Love Hewitt tells People Mag, that her relationship split rumors are tres hurtful. I love the way, her words are written in italics like poetry here. How quaintly cute!



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