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A consonant’s single power to define, reorder meaning in a collective of consonants–and who owns their arrangement in “words” that form “meaning” to create “laws” that protect and privilege certain people over others, in “books” or corporate or government “notes” and leaked “documents”– is the top trend in the world today–this week. It’s all about information sharing of consonants and written symbols today as collected via computer technology–and who has a right to “distribute” these consonants arrangement on a data file or printed page (being digitalized) to fellow human beings, supposedly deeply affected by these “words” and “consonants” arrangement and ordering of expression.

Are letters (written consonants/ symbols of a few people) more important than the lives of the majority of people?

Do we worship the iconography of our own words and their protection more so than lives being lost every second?

Do consonants really determine Freedom? Or, is freedom shared in the spirit of brotherhood worldwide — bigger and more spiritual than written consonants alone devoid of human bodies, flesh, blood, melanin and bone and breath–transcending the limitations of just the letter of the law? I think the true essence and meaning of Liberty is. Living words are always so much more what we all serve. Or should. Not death words or death systems words for the majority of people on the planet.

Which is why I think a war of data distribution “ownership” and “protection of certain peoples words over another’s” or “exclusion of some peoples words from finding other peoples eyes and ears too” is a little silly.

It reeks of entitlement of a few–and that’s an archaic model that isn’t serving the majority of peoples interests in the world today in many political systems. The world is changing –keep UP!

I was thinking that with the Wikileaks scandal, with Google’s scanning of every Victorian book ever printed in the 19th Century, and also every book ever printed–that the world is getting a little bit obsessed about owning the 26 consonants of the English language, how they have been used in history, how they are being arranged today–and what meaning these 26 letters can create.

So for all of the power freaks in the world, who want to own all words ever written and printed (with 26 letters of the English alphabet), want to control their distribution, and definitive ‘scientific’ arrangement and meaning–my suggestion is, that perhaps: a) you dropped out of school too young, b) you always wanted to be a writer but never had the talent c) your sibling got more alphabet soup in their plate than you did–because this ‘control obsession’ with data ownership based on ownership of words and symbols of letters is getting a bit ridiculous.

You see, true creativity is a symbol of endless power that is not stuck, static or frozen. Meaning is created by such people that is relevant in any era we all live in.

True creative people create new words all the time, that can never be controlled. Once upon a time, Beyonce in the group Destiny’s Child coined the term “bootylicious” to express an African American form of sexiness in order to bring awareness to her difference and to create space for her peoples’ unique representation in the world. It was a ridiculous word, yet the people decided it wasn’t. The word became a no. 1 hit pop song and is now entered into and included into the English dictionary of globally understood meaning.

[Images from Google Books, home page today, top banner visuals as at 12.5.10]. FYI, I haven’t read one of these books and never once felt the need to. We have amazing authors in New Zealand like Janet Frame and Patricia Grace–all of whose books I haven’t read yet–before these lads writing books would get a look in, to my reading glasses. However, this is who google touts what we should all be reading today. Wow!]



Bronagh Key (New Zealand’s First Lady) sports her yellow ribbon of mourning and hope when paying tribute to Conrad Adams one of 29 lost mining brothers of Mawhera, Greymouth in Aotearoa New Zealand. John Key, Prime Minister is pictured too at the commemorative service at Omoto race track where 10,000 people turned up in support of the families of the brotherhood (and sisterhood) of this resilient mining community township.

The event was an outpouring of love.

“Bright Shining as The Sun”–10,000 people pay tribute to blast and miners–The Scottish Sun & Greystar.

US Media, New Zealand and India media outlets covering the Remembrance service of NZ Miners are: Wall Street Journal. CNN.Com.  Monsters & Critics. Yahoo CaHindustan TimesMyFoxBoston. Samarchar IndiaCBS News. TVNZStar Tribune – Minneapolis, St Paul Minnesota. One India. NPR.  My Fox NYC. News IndiMy Fox Tampa Bay. News Web India. Beehive NewsMy Fox DC. Radio New Zealand. Local 15 TV Alabama. Lared Sun. Tweet MM. ESL. Miami Herald. Oregon Live. & Times Online Sri Lanka.

With thanks for sharing in global family’s love, loss and hope of life forward together. Go America!

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news you loved and voted worldwide, here’s our top ten blog posts today. Nice one. Go you fun-loving girls & guys of the world!

1. About Horiwood- Helen Wilson‘s words for Mawhera Miners families

2. Fish, fish, fish and even more fishy fish by Angelina Jolie & Knox Jolie-Pitt

3. A Joseph Dunbar of Mawhera tribute from The City of Angels, USA

4. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt‘s zebra boots at a Paris Aquarium trend hot

5. Ian Somerhandler ceelebrates Nina Dobrev‘s B’Day

6. US Media ask is there lost trust for USA over Wikileaks dramz, or not so much?

7. Jay-Z‘s tribute to Greymouth miners families

8. Billy Ray Cyrus

9. Ryan Seacrest & Julian Hough pic

10. TIE A: Kim Kardashian

10. TIE B: Natalie Portman‘s rise is everywhere in Hollywood right now

10. TIE C: PrayJustin Bieber‘s music video premiere

Special thanks to these media outlets worldwide covering the Commemorative service of Community healing from mine blasts at Mawhera. Your concern is reciprocal and deeply loved from Hollywood. Media outlets are: The Guardian UK. People Forum ChinaBBC – In Pictures. SinaCBC News Canada. News.Com Australia. In SingEarth Times. News Carrentals – UK. Malta Today. France 24Chron.Com. The Peninsula. EinNews. The Guardian Prince Edward Island Canada. Daily Reporter. Canada East. News 1130. Xinhuanet China. Herald, Ireland. Buzz Box. CNTV UK. English People Daily. Sulekah. The Western Star – Canada. Leathbridge HeraldUK Wired News. Zimbio. CTV Canada. ABC Net Australia. Amherst Daily. The Street. The Argus Ireland. Z-DNet UK. Derbyshire Times. Denbireshire Visitor. St Catharine’s Standard Canada. The Daily Telegraph Australia. Nerve – Ireland. Yorkshire Post. HS. Wolverhampton UKTimes of MaltaCapebrent Post CanadaEast Day. Bristol Wired. Nine MSN. Ghana MMA. Twitter BBC. Nigeria Channels. Fife Today UK. Independent Ireland. New Statesmen.

Video Footage: SkyNews UKAOL Canada.

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It is the second time Brad Pitt has seen Megamind. This time Mr Pitt is pictured with Angelina seeing the film again in Paris, France.

Wikileaks US leaked docs news dominates our top ten celebrity, entertainment news posts here in Hollywood. A shock, because this is not a political blog but an entertainment celebrity blog. I guess world leaders are celebrities right now then, if they’re rating above known celeb names. A good sign.

Here’s John Key‘s quote on the 1600 documents that relate to New Zealand, 1400 hundred of them stemming from Wellington: “My understanding is it’s more likely to be the odd sort of comment which is colourful in nature, the sort of thing that you might say to your mate around the coffee table but not necessarily something you’d want written down and read by the person that you were reporting on—I see biodocuments (documents about people) or I see reports that come in from our embassies and high commissions around the world. They always have a degree of colour or [creative] licence about them. I take them with a grain of salt. Generally the positions we hold we make them public anyway.”

Good advice on how Wikileaks docs should be read. Just like most things written on this blog really. On that note, our top ten voted worldwide today are:

1. Pic: Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson vacation in Capri

2. Saudi Arabia and Arab leaders side with Israel’s view of Iran

3. Olivia Wilde does all the stuff Megan Fox won’t do

4. Jay-Z and Beyonce have late lunch in New Zealand

5. Wikileaks: Saudi gives President Obama “glowing” review like John Key will get

6. Kate Middleton’s comparisons to Princess Dianna are prevalent

7. Zahara Jolie-Pitt has the Naomi Campbell pouts down pat already

8. Kim Kardashian covers W Magazine

9. Art: Kanye West & Lady Gaga

10. TIE A: Is there ‘lost trust’ in the USA over the wikileaks docs scandal?

10. TIE B: Jay-Z’s tribute to lost Greymouth Miners

“No one is under any illusions about how we feel about the Fiji administration at the moment or what’s happening in Afghanistan so I’d be surprised if there’s anything there”–JK for NZ.

TVNZ reporting via NZPA on NZ’s Position about the US criticism in the Wikileaks Doc: ‘After revelations via Wikileaks that diplomats were told to spy on United Nations figures, the US is accountable, NZ’s leader says.

‘Among the documents released was a classified directive to US diplomats sent on behalf of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in July 2009 which sought intelligence on the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the ambassadors of the other permanent members of the UN Security Council – Britain, China, Russia and France.

The “new national human intelligence collection directive” was sent to US representatives at the UN missions in New York, Vienna and Rome, and 33 embassies and consulates. The UN has reacted saying it will take up concerns with the US and that its operations under the 1946 convention on the privileges and immunities of the United Nations included immunity from search or interference by member governments.

Key did not criticise the US when asked about the controversy this afternoon.

[Brad and Angelina, Paris courtesy of Getty Images. This image - Two Keys via NZ Herald]

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“[Mothers are crucial] in guiding our families, and in our neighborhoods, and in our country, as well. They’re the shoulder that we lean on as individuals, but collectively these are the shoulders that form the foundation of our communities. They’re our friends, our teachers, our mentors, our bosses.”–Michelle Obama on Mothers Day 2010

1. One for all Mothers – Leaders of the World

2. Kristen Stewart signs to Kerouac‘s On The Road film

3. America’s top baby names 2010

4. Betty White hosts SNL with golden ratings

5. Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black for the Twilight Saga

6. Kobey Bryant parodying gives Sport a light-hearted lift

7. Billionaire Profile: Jeffrey Lurie

8. Lady Gaga sighting @ Beirut Cafe, Sweden

9. Kaka of Brazil for Soccer World Cup @ Vanity’s Fair

10. Relaxed Elegance by Kylie Minogue for Elle UK

Bonus Post: Princess Kaiulani film screening/ benefit for Peru

[Images: First Lady Michelle Obama and Marion Robinson courtesy of Alex Wong for Getty via Politics Daily. Image of Bronagh Key and John Key with Michelle and Barack Obama courtesy of Farm Static. Image of Q'orianker Kilcher as Princess Kaiulani, courtesy of this event for Peru's flood victims]

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There are still 2 1/2 more months to go, until voting is complete, but at this stage Britney Spears and Beyonce Knowles are tied in a neck and neck race to be the most searched for celebrity women of 2009.

America loves a restored trainwreck star like Spears just as much as they love their President’s #1 pick of star entertainers like Beyonce. Britney has achieved her shared #1 spot at the pinacle of stars masterfully with her comeback Circus album and her successful Circus Tour that her critics said she could not complete. Spears just did it.

Beyonce has just always been an amazing talented quadruple-threat of entertainment from Day 1 when she debuted in Destiny’s Child. She just keeps getting better each year.

Here’s The Top 10 List of Most Googled Celebrity Women in America and the number of search requests for each per month, as at September 2009.

#1. Britney Spears –37,200,000 name searches per month -tie with Beyonce.

#1. Beyonce Knowles–37,200,000 searches per month– tie with Britney Spears.

#3. Miley Cyrus –30,400,00 searches per month.

#4. Madonna–24,900 searches per month.

#5. Taylor Swift–16,600,000 searches per month.





John Key, the Prime Minister of New Zealand is too funny! In an interview cross from New York to his home country, Keys tells Mark Sainsbury, that when photographed with the Obamas, Michelle Obama is so tall, that she makes his wife Bronagh Key look like a Hobbit!

How Peter Jackson-esque of him in promoting New Zealand to the world. Let’s hope the joke was worth the slap from Bronagh when John got back to his New York hotel. The irony here is that Mark Sainsbury the interviewer Key is talking to, is a total hobbit!

Love this guy. He’s got a great sense of humor and comes across well in the US  on entertainment television. That’s what good politics is all about in the US of A. The political rhetoric of  a cute accent and an amusing sound bite is Key in taking world politics by storm.

Key nails it! A new hot boy, of World Politics has emerged. Nice one John Key and Bronagh! 


ps: It’s not normal for New Zealand men to call their wives hobbits. :)




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