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Who: Rihanna of The Bahamas, Commonwealth & The Hollywood Hills, California.

What: New Year’s Eve, Friday 31st 2010.

Where: Pure, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas.

Who might be going? Some of these good fun folks in “Young Hollywood” California.

Promotion for: Herman Town Events

Let’s see what New York, Miami come up with for New Years
. This hotly contested American NYE night, Vegas has got Hollywood’s vote to date. Last year Gaga took out the spot of hottest NYE in Miami, Florida. Can Rihanna hold the spot in Nevada this year? Yep, I reckon she can.

BTW: As good citizens of Hollywood – here’s a bit of PURE HOMEWORK for us all to get our groove on to. Thanks fun guys and girls. You make California so sexy, entertaining and lite-hearted crazy fun. Okay, a little bit attractively wilde too.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 12.25.10~


“Come on, let your colors burn. Even brighter than the moon”–Katy Perry, songwriter.

There is no stopping Katy Perry-Brand. First up she had the whole wedding in a Tiger sanctuary in Rajastan, India to Brit comedic lad Russell, after the two had met backstage at an entertainment awards show.

Perry went on to become Google’s (worldwide) in the Western World (according to Bill Gates company) most searched for woman in the entire world, this year. Wow! That’s quite some celebrity heat for this California Gurl.

This week Katy is on top for the second week in a row leading the US singles charts. Reuters (not E! Entertainment, or, People Magazine, or UK Daily Telegraph but REUTERS worldwide!!!) is reporting: “NEW YORK (Billboard) – The spinning wheel atop the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart came to a halt for the first time in almost two months on Thursday, as Katy Perry’s Firework logged a second consecutive week at No. 1.”

Rihanna is not too far behind her main buddy in pop music. “What’s My Name? by Rihanna featuring Drake, was also angling for a second shot at glory by rising one place to No. 2 on the heels of strong radio airplay. The R&B starlet held at No. 6 with Only Girl (In the World).

These two girls have the golden touch when it comes to no.1 hits on the US charts. Congrats. What they both have in common is that they choose to live in California when not on tour; they both have strong links to the U.K and Commonwealth nations and they LOVE AMERICA. A winning mix, combined with beauty, talent and ambassadorialship traits like few others. Hot!

[Pics via Pop Suga]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 12.18.10~


Caribbean pop princess Rihanna‘s racy performance on X-Factor U.K got 2000 complaints for her Pebbles bikini beach attire. Shocking!  She asks “What’s my name?” As if everyone’s forgotten. And can you handle it Downtown? For Riri, downtown is a testing ground of hip and cool Cosmopolitan fusion.

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“Let it go. Continue life in a state of contentment. Long live life,” are the key phrases the people of Barbados live by according to this Commonwealth Island nation’s main website. Not a bad message. Click on pic to see what the good people of Barbados are talking about. Sounds plenty okay to me.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 12.16.10~


celebrity buzzwords: Julian Assange Vs Angelina Jolie, now Vs Rihanna.

As humans, as people–we look over the fence at our neighbors, in a game of keeping up with the Joneses. The fear of being left behind, or missing out–is the basis of spying–be that polite, or secretive in the form of Espionage.

In fact, there is no trend-setting ability of leaders (fashions mimic others by spying), without observing what peers are doing, than advancing new or similar forms and better ways of doing things.

But when does research–verge into Espionage? Where is that line? Or does it not exist anymore in an age of new technology? The WikiLeaks case gives us all time to discuss that–on Facebook, a community far bigger than WikiLeaks, holding more information about individuals, than WikiLeaks ever could claim to hold.

Julian Assange of Wikileaks is the pin up boy of “Common Similarities between the US and the UK” that still exist today. Will this one man’s fate be decided by a US/ UK jury? His crime? He is a spy of spies because he owned IT that could track others spying tendencies in an obsessively voyeuristic political digital age–where most people don’t even watch politicians in the world, at all. Only other politicians do? Julian shared these politicians favorite (digital) media to read with other media. Anyway, 

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Espionage is defined as being: “the practice of spying or using spies to obtain information about the plans and activities especially of a foreign government or a competing company.” The origins of espionage is French, as in:

“French espionnage, from Middle French, from espionner to spy, from espion spy, from Old Italian spione, from spia, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German spehōn to spy. First Known Use: 1793.”

We are also encouraged to look at the word “spy” as in: “to watch secretly, usually for hostile purposes; and, to catch sight of or, SEE. Spying is the active activity of espionage. Who really, has time to do that? No one whose creative that’s for sure, only people copy, others creativity. (I’m a blogger, so at times I can be accused of that. Just saying).

The Espionage Act: According to the UK Guardian: “The US Espionage Act is a little-used law dating from 1911 – the same year as the UK’s Official Secrets Act, with which it has much in common.”

The current law can be used to prosecute those who leak and publish classified information that creates a national security risk. The law’s purpose is to tackle espionage. It has never been used on foreign press or any media organization before.

[Image of Rihanna via Trend Hairstyle. Angelia Jolie stars as a Spy in The Tourist above, after starring as an assassin who spied on her husband in Mr & Mrs Smith, and an accused spy in Salt. In fact playing spies is kind of a hot celebrity topic when you consider Jolie's film career.]



I saw that The University of Carolina is offering a Major in Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame. Pop music as a vehicle of leadership in nationhood’s direction is what kids want to study. Really a University should be offering science and advanced mathematics or physics papers in the US in an effort to close the gap on Education being an equipping tool towards being viable competitors in the future direction of a global economy.

If sociology is a lure to get kids into college to see what it’s all about, all good–perhaps they should be offering a 2 hour lecture in Rihanna Studies instead though. Kids would learn just as much, although Rihanna is not technically an American citizen. Although shaping American culture so much as an artist, rather humorously, her visa status is still that of an alien. She is the USA’s Alien Queen of the 2010′s.

In 2008, Rihanna was ranked in the top four on google New Zealand trends for the year. Her live performances in Auckland The Supercity were well appreciated from fans. A then relatively unknown American leader (to the-wider-world), Barack Obama, also made the top ten in this innovative and perceptive trend-spotting small nation. At this time, New Zealand’s current Prime Minister, was not yet ranked in the top ten (Sir Edmund Hillary was instead, at no. 7) yet Rihanna and Mr Obama were on New Zealand’s cultural radar of people they like.

As a comparison, Australia ranked Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith in their top ten and Mr Obama was not yet on the radar in Australia’s mindsets at all that same year in a significant way. Rihanna however (was ranked no.9 in Australia that year as a trend) denoting that she is a key figure and entertainer to the South Pacific and Asia Pacific territories. She was the only person of color in Australia’s top ten that year to ‘cross-over’ as an accepted trend, whereas New Zealand had 3 people of color trend that same year. It is fair to say, that as a star, leader and a cultural-architect artist of a modern world–that Rihanna is always a forerunner of the world’s elite leaders. This is her destiny as a person. Let’s look at what she’s gifted the American people, so far.

What would GQ be, without its Rihanna magazine covers in the US or Britannia? You need at least one Rihanna moment as your cover girl each year to be a successful men’s magazine. This girl is both pretty, tough and resilient in making a comeback when beaten down. She can also make a fashion accessory super hot–that all stars emulate and fashion designers incorporate into their styles of design. She’s the edge of trendsetting when she feels like playing the diva role.

She also gave America a powerful image of someone who recovered from post traumatic stress disorder of something unexpected that can hit a life in America, requiring a major rebuilding effort. Her Chris Brown domestic violence saga of the past catapulted Rihanna into superstar status. Resilience was added to her star exotic brand in that tragic moment of callous American mistreatment by young Chris towards a foreigner living and working in Los Angeles. That media moment was bloody awful. Thankfully Chris Brown has moved on from the incident too now, maturing from it also.

There has never been anyone who lived in Hollywood Hills, quite like Rihanna who has contributed to American culture in difficult years, offering hope or distraction or attitude or just good fun. She’s quite unique. Via Barbados and the Commonwealth, along with Beyonce she is the All American Girl inspirer of the last decade. Next year, I wonder if actor/ singer/ fashion sequer and stylist, Kat Graham, a newbie who is currently sporting top hats of British gentry of the UK, will get to land on GQ too?

In the meantime, here’s the hardworking Riri, amusing Britain with those looks. In the last 11 months, she’s just not stopped working. Respec. In fact Rihanna’s music accomplishments are second to none in America–she’s pop royalty and the Commonwealth’s black queen of pop. In 2008 when Rihanna performed live for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, she wore earrings reflecting the shape of the late Princess Diana‘s engagement ring, the same ring now being worn by Kate Middleton. With her symbology that constitutes pop star monarchy’s iconography, that millions of people worldwide follow–as symbols of empire that they think define them, Rihanna is always smart. Equally subtle as confrontation, a rare mix. Rihanna is a little naughty, she’s the only music artist to give the Queen a diva snear at the end of her performance, before she curtsied–an expression the Queen would never allow herself to do in public, even if she wanted to. The moment from Rihanna is cute.

Hitfix reports that Riri (who this blog is sorta named after too), is the no.1 charting artist of the millennium. The music website writes: “Only Girl In the World jumps to No. 1 this week, giving Rihanna her second single from Loud to hit the top spot. Two weeks ago, What’s My Name featuring Drake was at No. 1. Loud debuts at No. 3 this week on the Billboard 200.

Riri makes history. It is the first time (more…)


Namaste. Special thanks to all of you who read Horiwood.Com in Hollywood. May your holiday season be a good one and 2011 be prosperous and abundantly blessed for you all. Most of all, may your smiles increase and your spirits rise.

According to Quantcast, here’s what we all look like. Pretty diverse. I love you all. As a fellow global citizen, thanks for being my daily teachers who share yourselves on a New Zealand Maori Kiwi’s blog. You’ve taught me so much. As caring is sharing. Many thanks for your open hearts and your limitless abilities to share. Peace.

United States 11,875 53.82 123 53.81 102
United Kingdom 1,635 7.41 147 7.24 157
Canada 1,115 5.05 128 5.00 134
Australia 765 3.47 220 3.37 230
New Zealand 515 2.33 848 3.07 1,116
Germany 450 2.04 55 2.03 81
France 345 1.56 42 1.54 47
India 315 1.43 59 1.41 84
Brazil 310 1.40 32 1.36 39
Philippines 265 1.20 108 1.19 103
Italy 250 1.13 41 1.10 52
Spain 210 0.95 39 0.93 46
Mexico 190 0.86 34 0.82 32
Indonesia 185 0.84 52 0.82 68
Malaysia 180 0.82 89 0.87 97
Netherlands 170 0.77 52 0.74 57

[Photographs: Train Rider by Amy Helene Johansson and Jump by Leann Arthur] (more…)


“Baby you’re a challenge, let me explore your talent” – Rihanna, October 2010.

Rihanna performed her new single What’s my name? on The Late Show with David Letterman yesterday.

Three thoughts:

a) it’s nice to see RiRi include more inflections of Barbados hip hop in her vocal inflections. She shows a confidence in her own culture more as she matures.

b) that hair is ridiculous! *jokes* It’s very Who framed Roger RabbitJessica Rabbit pop cultural referencing. Gimmicky, yet with a political bite.

c) a nice tribute to Diana Ross‘ Oscar attire from back in the Hollywood day when Ross famously rocked out with Michael Jackson as her Oscar date. See pictures below. Or, you can also go with a Heidi Klum, red carpet premiere Black Swan reference via an emerging Project Runway discovered, fashion designer Mondo–on this one too.

[Images Swifty Lazar and MJ]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.17.10~


“Baby you’re a challenge, let’s explore your talents”–Rihanna makes spilt milk and a civil glass of white wine, look so sexy in her new video.

Rihanna has worked non stop in the last year. She’s still delivering as a pop princess who lives on the Hollywood Hills, when she’s in town.

A good girl. Here’s What’s My Name feat Drake – the world’s most favorite girl from Barbados and her Canadian collaborator’s latest music offering.

The music video, positions Rihanna in downtown USA. She’s a vibrant surreal girl, in the concrete jungle norms of Cosmopolitan City American life. Nice contrast. She says, if you’re anyone — you’ll stand the test of going Downtown. Love it! A good plug for the millions of peeps who live in cities.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.13.10~


Right now, I’m listening to Umbrella by Rihanna.

Still a ruckingly good song from a rugby football obsessed, Commonwealth nations’ pop princess. Click on pic below to see where the ball and world spotlight is at in 2011. Book your tickets now to be there. Incidentally rugby football is Bill Clinton’s sport of choice. Here’s US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton with John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, the host nation of Rugby World Cup 2011, meeting in front of a Helensville rugby art tribute. Hot travel sports destinations are the best to be a part of. You know it. Fun.

A Rugby World Cup 2011 invite should be sent personally to all of these people involved in telecasting the World Cup for the first time in America. Go here to read these fun people’s good names at NBC/ Universal/ Comcast/ E! Entertainment. This is an event you shouldn’t miss. Fun!


[Rugby football player Sonny Bill Williams is one of many players set to star at Rugby World Cup 2011. Featured Rugby Stars of America video profile - Yale Women's Rugby Team advertisement. Below: All Blacks Rugby Football Team player Luke McAlister signs his autograph for a fan after touching down in Tokyo, Japan.]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com – a son of a Maori, rugby football-obsessed mom from Helensville – Ngati Whatua Tribal Country & for Bronagh Key of Burnside, Christchurch who became that same Helensville mum for New Zealand–as posted in Hollywood California USA. 10.30.10~


Artists of the world, will always respond to an auteur. The Arts are always created when we cross cultures, to the center and push back in creative response. In this moment, we are the center of the world’s pop culture creation too as artists. We are creating the future by speaking back in response to the present in expression with our unique worldviews and artistic reo (voices) and vision too. Let’s go Maori and Polynesian filmmakers, musicians, artists and entertainersHoriwood

Who: Kanye West

What: Hip Hop Art House Cinema as a new genre of filmmaking.

Title Work: Runaway, a short film

Duration: 34 mins, 32 secs aprox.

Starring: Selita EBanks and Kanye West

Key Themes: A commentary on America’s nationhood, in Kanye’s lifetime. The rise and fall and what is the rise back up again of the USA. Decadence fused with decay of empire.

The Michael Jackson death of the King of Pop reference, is both respectful and a little spooky in the form of a military like national guard parade, and a blown up head of MJ. The golden phoenix references are powerful. Selita Ebanks is pure art in this role. Naive, beautiful, out of place, learning of a new world–a metaphor of a nation rebuilding, and representing a younger generation in it–as also reflected in a gaggle of strong, youthful ballet-swans, depicted as youthful potential turned statues with their economic? wings ripped off by resulting circumstances of unwise political/ banking leaders of the past. Selita plays the role, of someone being introduced to America now as shown by Kanye, an auteur. She asks: how is it possible to be authentic and survive in your world, when most are cast in stone of economics/ current politics?

Perhaps indicating, patriarchal culture, Kanye’s response is: just stay with me anyway and make love to me. An interesting political commentary, when no one really has an answer to this question Selita posits.

Anyway, it’s a little weird for me, but I love the fact that Kanye has created the Hip Hop Musical, Art House short film genre of cinema. Not enough can be written about that. It’s revolutionary in African-American cinema that he’s done this. Creative plus!!!

Enjoy. And in honor of Taika Cohen‘s artistic filmmaking abilities – who could do the same, for Maori down under, I post this Korowai cloak, as a challenge (or take in Maori) to pick up in future years and do the same as an artist. Maori Art House Cinema, let’s go, thinking outside of commercial, Hollywood narrative structures too – into more artistic expression of Maori cinematic arts. Artists should always respond across cultures to other artists. It’s cultural manners and is also what true artists are about if we hail from centuries-old traditions of artists – which we do as Maori. Any culture with authentic artist will respond from their nation as global artists.

As Maori we are not passive. American culture is boring if it’s monologue. What we need is dialogue for US culture to even be relevant in our Maori mix at all. We don’t just consume from America, we speak back like mature adults, and put our own spin on our own future – as teachers (not children) of America too. So, where’s our film texts (musicals on cinema, please).

Who in New Zealand wants to respond to this, in cinema? I ask. Taika is a good start, with Awanui Reader writing the film’s score and starring in the lead. Ainsley Gardiner, an award winning film producer and Oscar nominated producer, as producer of such a project, showing the strength of good female leadership from New Zealand – would be hot.

But let’s get back to Kanye West’s brilliance and budget spend here. His interweaving on a sound sonic-scape with international accents (German and European) as well as importing the class of Rihanna ‘s hip hop and r n’b proven sound globally via Barbados of the Commonwealth (UK tributes and associations) show’s an American artist seeking cross-cultural ties and connections with a place for Americans in the world. Amidst the American ego–that his nation expects in their pop culture to fuel their own sense of identity, Kanye shows humility too for other nations cultures he’s learned and gleaned from as one of the 30% of Americans who have traveled outside of US borders and dared to be an American minority in another nation’s cultural life–and position himself as a student of the world. I like it that he has and it reflects in this film, from what he’s borrowed and interwoven into his art.

In particular, Kanye uses the elements a lot, of the sky. Perhaps indicating a future where, manipulating the earth’s elements (whether in visual depiction via news footage) or for real, will be common. An oil spill, was the last example of this we witnessed by a multi-national corporation in Mexico’s gulf for example. Oil from depth in the earth’s crust became vapor that filled the sky like a column of smoke. The world had never seen that before, as elements burned from the sea.

Kanye’s film is a version of a vision of America today. Powerful as art and social commentary. He raises the bar of hip hop artists and most music artists too, with this contribution. It’s his version, of “I am King” of pop culture and the arts eg: Muhammad Ali via cinema. Or, his version of “Presidential vision” or “if I was President” in that The Thompson Twins 80′s kinda statement way. Smile America. It does get better, is what West says here. :)

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.24.10~


This just in via text: “d-child’s solider (t.i atlanta) 4 K2 maori co. Please.”

A reply, to this post, from a certain Jewish, West Hollywood publicist of a certain American pop star and (national American treasure) today for Maori soldiers today.

“Nga tane toa o Te Roopu a K2 Company – Arohanui tatou no Te Taone Nui o Nga Anahera. Ka kite tatou. Ka Tu Te Whare Ka Ora. Kia kaha roa mo ake.”

[Destiny Child's Hollywood Star, the Maori version from Hollywood today for K2 Maori Company and friends and family].

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.16.10~



Princess Riri aka Rihannna, is having a break from paparazzi frenzies in LA and her boyfriend Chris Brown to seek the solitude of trusted company in her friends and family. Her dad, Ronald Fenty will be stoked she’s remembered not only his phone number, but also where he lives. (more…)


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