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This morning, after visiting Drai‘s the rooftop-hip Hollywood club of emerging gorgeous and disgruntled movers and shakers; after giving some blog blood to Maori people in New Zealand and their oft not-seen-enough awesomeness in the world to lead and entertain; after pondering the ridiculous and rather comical notion that we have ‘billionaires, or royals, or leaders or powerful politicians or celebrities’ when 1/6th of us in the world don’t even have access to clean drinking water–I then tuned in to read Ari Huffington‘s words this morning. I like her focus for 2011. So Frank. Her New York tone was resonating loud and clear here in Cali:

“This week the supposedly lame duck Congress and shellac-shocked president came together and produced a flurry of good legislation.”

“The START Treaty should have been a no-brainer (is there anyone outside of Tehran or Pyongyang in favor of more nukes?) but is nonetheless a solid national security success.”

“When the President gets back from Hawaii, he needs to make sure that he puts job creation and the plight of the nearly 27 million Americans out of work or underemployed front and center, and doesn’t get caught up in the political and financial establishment’s focus on the deficit.

Let’s not rearrange the furniture while the economic house goes up in flames.”

Very to the point.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 12.26.10~


[Arianna Huffington & Jesse Jackson and Diane von Furstenberg courtesy of guest of a guest]

First up, a happy Christmas Eve to all of these hardworking newsy entertainers this year: InstapunditJames Wolcott (Vanity Fair)John RidleyKausfiles (Slate)kottke.orgLeft, Right and CenterThe Moderate VoiceNDN BlogThe Notion (Nation)Oxdown GazettePandagonABCAccess HollywoodAl JazeeraAOL NewsAssociated PressBBCBloombergBoston GlobeC-SPANCBSChicago Sun-TimesChicago TribuneChristian Science MonitorCenter for Public IntegrityCNNCongressional QuarterlyDaily TelegraphDemocracy Now!Drudge ReportE! OnlineEntertainment WeeklyForbesFortuneFox NewsFinancial TimesGlobe and MailGlobalPost.comGlobalVoicesGoogle NewsGuardianThe HillIndependentKCRW’s Left, Right and CenterLos Angeles TimesMcClatchyMediaiteMosaicMother JonesMSNBCNew York Daily NewsNew York ObserverBuzzMachineThe Corner (National Review)Crooks and LiarsCursorDaily KosDemocracy ArsenalFiredoglakeFrumForumJonathan AlterEric AltermanSidney BlumenthalEric BoehlertRon BrownsteinJoe ConasonDavid CornStanley CrouchEJ DionneJon FineHoward FinemanThomas FrankJon FriedmanJohn FundEllen GoodmanDavid KirkpatrickHoward KurtzNew York Times;

I was looking today at Arianna Huffington of that blog in New York City that is quite extensive in showcasing other peoples brainy thoughts all year round. It’s really entertaining this year observing how Ari has transformed herself into the Christmas Divorcee Santa’s little helper this year of The Big Apple. She just keeps on getting better as a blogger in that uptight Ari way. I like her Christmas a lot this year. Christmas time is a time where many people get divorced. Who knows why? Stress I guess. However I like Ari’s focus, that if you focus on families entirely worse off than your own, it just might help a lot to appreciate the family that you do have. Quite wise really.

Here’s her message, shared for the City of Los Angeles too this Christmas Eve:

Dear People,

“Merry Christmas. I’m back from Chile (Feliz Navidad) and Brazil (Feliz Natal), and celebrating with my daughters and my ex (see HuffPost Divorce) in New York. This year’s It’s A Wonderful Life Award goes to Gregory Schauer, the unemployed man who demonstrated the true Christmas spirit by taking in a homeless woman and her three children for the holidays. Remarkably, when we contacted Greg to tell him about all the people who had written in offering to help him, he told us: “Please let them know that the best thing they can do is pass it on so to speak. Instead of sending me anything, call a shelter, sponsor a family for Christmas, give to the food pantries, spread the spirit of Christmas to as many people as they can.” So, in Greg’s honor, please go to The Goods, our online store featuring goods and services for those in need, and make a purchase in Greg’s name* (My choice was to help pay the rent of a family in need).

*Before adding your selection to your cart, click the box that indicates you want your donation to be a gift, put down Greg Schauer as the recipient, and gregsholidaywish@gmail.com as the recipient’s email. We’ll make sure he gets your message.

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1 bilion people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. Yet we are made up of 63% H2O as people. I think true celebrity is about whose moving water flows in the world. It’s as simple as something like that.

Nicole Richie is one of the brightest stars that does all year round. She’s our girl. Click on pic to learn more about what we can do through initiatives like Global Water.

To make clean water flow in dry places where it needs to be the most, let’s do it. Thanks. Love you all.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 12.23.10~


[Image Dustin, Meryl, Justin Henry - Kramer Vs Kramer via TMZ]

Writes Meaghan Williams of Associated Content: “The Huffington Post, a progressive news-reporting and opinion-editorial-driven website started in 2005, is adding divorce to the list of topics granted its own section on the site. Now, in addition to opining about comedy, arts, news, sports and the like, Huffington Post writers will share primarily anecdotal stories about their divorce experiences, divorce-related news, and advice for people in the process of getting or recovering from a divorce.

In the section’s inaugural post, “Introducing HuffPost Divorce: Everything You Wanted to Know About Divorce But Were Afraid to Ask,” Arianna Huffington, eponymous founder of The Huffington Post, explains how divorce has affected her personally. We won’t get into how Arianna discovered why she needed a divorce, it’s a tad bit shocking. But I do think the whole ‘divorce section’ is another way of processing peoples grief, loss, rendering apart, in current conditions.”



Arianna Huffington needs to think green, and population mass statistics, demonstrating a fair reflection of social and political circles (she doesn’t want to network too), when she chooses her lists, in order to make them appear more credible.

I notice that Arianna Huff N Blow (or Arianna Huffington) is doing way too much for Forbes Magazine this month from America.

Although Arianna lists 100 Powerful Women in a list, I’m not all that into her ranking thinking. She lists Michelle Obama at #1 (woot!) but Queen Elizabeth II at #41. Which prompts the question, has Ms Huff N’ Blow ever been to London, or, a Commonwealth nation ever? My next gripe is that Angelina Jolie is #21, not 11. Wendi Murdoch isn’t on this list, neither is Melinda Gates -women that have way more power, than Arianna in the world. There’s not enough Chinese, Asians, Arab women, no Kiwis or Australians either. And where is the Maori on this list, I might ask? When Maori women sound the karanga on marae, that’s true power.

But seriously, the most glaringly obvious oversight is that HM Queen Noor of Jordan who moves across all Arab nations, isn’t even on Ms Huff N’ Blow’s radar this year – when Noor is addressing nuclear arms weapons in the world. A green topic that affects all generations, long after Arianna’s great grandchildren have had their children. Is this woman even a mother, like she claims? Shesh! Clearly, no.

What is Arianna snorting, in addition to her own, one-sided ego that back-scratches her own lip stick wearing ass, into a place of U.S history, where she’s even the parrot face of this rigged list? Ridiculous!

Makes me just want to run with this picture of Paisley Jade and her pet parrot, all the way from New Zealand, to give this woman a rocket up her jacksie and a reality check today from Hollywood.

People aren’t that stupid. And where is Beyonce Knowles on this list? Power from the hip hop hood – the biggest genre of music sold worldwide? And where are Indian women in this list? (Indian women making up a 12th of the world’s population alone – that’s power, outside of Arianna’s pretentious New York list today).

Criticism aside, for fun – Arianna’s list of worthy women worth spotlighting follow after the jump. Go ladies. [Image courtesy of Cover Awards, with thanks. Paisley Jades parrot, courtesy of Paisley Jade - The Makings of A Life].  (more…)


The question is being asked today by US media: Is Goldman Sachs responsible responsible for shrinkng America’s Middle Class?

Arianna “Huff N Blow” Huffington seems to think so. Says Arianna on her blog these thoughts: “The results have been devastating: a disappearing middle class, a precipitous drop in economic and social mobility, and ultimately, the undermining of the foundation of our democracy.”

To read Arianna‘s full commentary go here.




Have you heard of the new happy hour cocktail in every Republican American State, called The Kick Ass Ratigan? Don’t worry you will.

It’s a case today of, MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan wanting his mug all over the US media and calling for Timothy Geithner‘s head on a platter to resign.

In a blog post  that The Huffington Post features, Dylan Ratigan starts his informative article with:

“A year ago it was revealed to the American people that our banking system is a legalized Ponzi scheme in which bank and insurance CEOs pay themselves billions of dollars in personal compensation to lend and insure assets with money they don’t have to customers who can’t pay back the loans.”


THE HORIWOOD TOP 10 – 10.20.09

 Adam Lambert Goes Hetero for DetailsIs New York feeling a bit brain drained today? The Huffington Post stole my Adam Lambert Details Magazine headline. Again!!! Oh sweetheart, put your feet up and have a nice long cuppa tea cosmo in The Big Apple. We know LA rocks. :)

Here’s your Top 10 celebrity and entertainment news posts on Horiwood.Com today on this big October growth day. Enjoy!:

1. KATHERINE HEIGL is one fine LA mom.

2. KEITH LEWIS and CARRIE PREJEAN continue to play guess who now has to give their implants back or pay up and shut up! Silicone PR is hot today.

3. The poetics of functional brave denim: WALT WHITMAN on LEVIS

4. BALTHAZAR GHETTY plays LINDSAY LOHAN‘s cupid at Chateau Marmont

5. LADY GAGA drops her Bad Romance hot mess track.

6. ANGELINA JOLIE is still the Queen of the Magazine scene.

7. A touch of MICHAEL JACKSON for Halloween is a Thriller this year.

8. DITA VON TESSE shares style tips from DIOR

9. ANDERSON COOPER as a happy Balloon Boy commentator. lol!

10. That darn Courage To Love novel rates again. :)

horiwood‘s latest tweet on twitter is: “Maya Angelou’s Still I Rise poem has more reality for the American spirit than Richard Heene and family! … Yet, USA, Still We Rise!!!”



When it comes to doing press, six-year-old Falcon Heene, aka “Balloon Boy,” would not make a good Gosselin child of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 Show. Balloon Boy appeared on The Today Show with his family, and threw up, literally during the Heene family’s interview.

Poor little fellah. Watch above. Falcon made headlines when his father said he’d lost his son in an escaped air balloon incident, when Balloon Boy was really hiding in the attic.

If you’re not in the US, go  here to see the full Balloon Boy story. But don’t go here, it will ruin this story.

Meanwhile, of all things… Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post used the “Balloon Boy” story to somehow show how important Arianna thinks she is as a critic on Afghanistan on the Ed Show. (more…)



Ariana Huffington has her wannabe political undies all twisted in a bunch today. Just kidding.

On her blog Ariana, is calling for  America’s Vice President, Joe Biden to resign, over the Afghanistan war. Biden has made comments in the past that he does not want to escalate the war effort in Afghanistan. If it escalates he would  rather resign.

Huffington says that if President Obama wants to escalate  in Afghanistan, Joe Biden should resign.

One thought for Ariana, she may not have considered:

Ms Huffington, isn’t Joe Biden just helping the guy with the Nobel Peace Prize Award to live up to that honor, by his stance on non-escalating a war effort? How could that be cause to resign?

Why is it that whenever Arianna Huffington gets in a flap, she takes on Geithner or Biden and calls for one of them to resign. If she had her way Barack Obama wouldn’t have anyone left standing in his team. Tough love.



kim-kardashian-paris-hiltonParis Hilton was blonde and cute and Kim Kardashian wasn’t yet the most #1 googled person in the world. Back then, they pretended to be BFFs, now they just secretly are.



suricruise1Little Miss Suri Cruise and Horiwood.Com were featured on The Huffington Post today. Thanks Ariana & Team. Let’s work it!



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