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Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio battle it out like a tennis match for Hollywood’s #1 box office movie this weekend. At the moment Inception has earned $13.2 million, while Jolie gains at $12.7 million with Salt. Angelina is the only woman capable in Hollywood (bar Zoe Saldana‘s box office potential) of opening a movie this big. She’s one of a kind. Go Angie!

And, in the spirit of sharing the spotlight of talented performance artists with you, Horiwood went to the [theatrical] Circus tonight in Santa Monica where The Martini Players turned out the rock musical Sounds of Asteroth: Into The Florescence. Feral glitter. Wild sparkles. Alien shine. They were fun. This was Hollywood today. And here’s your votes. Enjoy. 

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[Top image: Angelina, Image 2: The Martini Players: Aram Kirakosian, Jean Spinosa, Martin Bell, Image 3: Dan Ervin, Robyn A. Roth, Suzy Henschel, The Roosevelt's Jason Fulk, Image 4: Sounds of Asteroth: Sarah Musser, Amanda Mullins, Image 5: Leonardo DiCaprio, Image 6: Paper Roses at the Highways Theater's Press Room, Santa Monica]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 7.24.2010~


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