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Tom Brady


This Thanksgiving weekend The Patriots & The Jets football game leads primtime TV ratings:

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Shonn Greene in the thick of it–More at Bleacher Report.

Sports link: Brady‘s High-Scoring Patriots take Jets 49-19.

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Tom Brady Fans favorite Brady Bunch football post today is this one.

Good to see NFL fans reading. :)

In Tom Brady News: NFL hypes up a Peyton Manning and Tom Brady game meet. Bleacher writes:

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos dueled on the football field for the 13th time in their illustrious careers, with each passer looking to get something of a monkey off their backs where their rivalry is concerned. (more…)


Football news USA: Calls for Tim Tebow to be the starting quarterback of the New York Jets are not going to go away. That’s especially true if the Jets continue to play embarrassing football as they did in their 34-0 stomping by the San Francisco 49ers in Week 4, writes The Bleacher Report. East Rutherford writing via EPSN says: “It’s not time for Tim Tebow,” hoping the jets stay with Mark Sanchez for a while longer. Tebow, not yet.

It’s always time for good players. Good sports teams have the best they can on the bench and on the field. That’s professional sport.

Tim Tebow picture:

Most requested football player today (USA) is Tom Brady by the way. Headlines are: Peyton Manning, in new gear, renews rivalry with Tom Brady. For Wall Street-UK types Brady’s headline is: Winners and Losers: Tom Brady Likes Jamie Dimon.

Boston Herald writes: “Quarterback Tom Brady and running back Brandon Bolden were voted as the NFL FedEx Air and Ground Players of the Week for their efforts against the Bills.

Brady threw for 340 yards and three touchdowns, and Bolden ran for 137 yards and one score. The fans vote for the finalists every week to determine the winners.

Brady and Bolden also took down Broncos Peyton Manning and Willis McGahee in the voting process.” Tough competition for the awards at the top.

Magazine covers football art: Sports Illustrated and GQ Magazine. Also: Grown People Talking. Artwork also features Carolina Panthers‘  Cam Newton.

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NFL’s Tom Brady has his fans today checking in.

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"I need some scars . . . 2."

In football news: With broken schnoz, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady watches from the sideline in the third quarter of an NFL football game against the Tennessee Titans, Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012, in Nashville, Tennessee. Tom threw for 236 yards and two touchdowns as the Patriots won 34-13.  AP Photo.

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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen took a break from parenting, stepping out onto the red carpet for a child free evening at the Met Gala 2012. Gisele dazzled in a beaded Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci gown and David Yurman jewelry.

[Photo credit: Marion Curtis for Startreks courtesy of People Magazine].

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The White House does macro-level Hollywood movie distribution into China. Ang Lee‘s film work and Obama‘s Dreamworks backed admininstration perhaps deserve an Oscar for may-jah Hollywood movie producing. What a coup. I wonder if McDonalds will be offered in movie theaters in China, when more Hollywood films are screened in Chinese movie theaters soon. Artwork by Guillermo Bert of Los Angeles.

Rupert Murdoch to launch Sun on Sunday next week

Online movie piracy does not effect US box office takings much, but foreign box office is impacted

The White House is brokering more US films into Chinese movie theaters

Or, China’s film quota cracked

Or, Hollywood Hails U.S.-China Agreement

Board with global politics: Consulates join Oscar mix for variety

What Oscars parties will Bret McKenzie be jetting to this season?

SNL‘ with Maya Rudolph and pals draws the ratings

Dame Judi Dench humor – I’m Losing My Vision

Stephen Colbert makes a comeback to Comedy Central

CBS producing for Netflix?

Fashion Sports Abroad: Gisele & Tom Brady Get Cozy in Costa Rica

Jennifer  Aniston, Reese Witherspoon “Terrified” of Chelsea Handler

The Amazing Race draws 9.9 milllion in the ratings

Will ‘The Hunger Games’ Imax poster work on the Twilight’ movie kids fanbase?

House‘s Peter Jacobson joins Jimmy Fallon NBC Pilot

Weinstein Bros seek $150 mil investment partner

Russian Producer & Distributor Central Partnership to Sell Movies on iTunes

‘Smash’ Buzz

From Vampires to Fire Fighters: Taylor Kinney lands a gig in Chicago Fire pilot

Children being exploited for child sex trade is the theme of Busted Knuckle Production’s thriller ‘Killing Angels’

Aretha Franklin‘s live tribute at Radio City Hall for Whitney Houston link

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Aw! Bless her.

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Brian Brownstein of the Sydney Morning Herald gives the break down in the form of guest commentary of Eli Manning‘s triumphant win over Tom Brady‘s team. Read bottom up to get the full picture of this mammoth live blog effort. Incidentally it costs $3.5 million for a 30 second ad in Super Bowl prime time.

The New York Giants have beaten the New England Patriots 21-17 in  Super Bowl XLVI. This is how all the drama unfolded. All times are  AEDT.

2.30pm: MVP Manning has summed up the drama perfectly.

“It’s been a wild game, a wild season,” he said.


Starman … Eli Manning

2.15pm: Giants coach Tom Coughlin is revelling in another  Super Bowl triumph. That’s two for him now with the New York side.

“To have a finish like that, that goes down in history, that’s a marvelous  feeling,” he said.


Winning coach … Tom Coughlin.


Giants star David Baas coudn’t contain his excitement.

“This is the American Dream,” he told SEN.

“This is about winning with your family…” he said of coach Tom  Coughlin.

“I’ll play for him seven times a week and twice on Sunday.”

2.10pm: Manning is the MVP. He threw for 296 yards and one  touchdown. As for Brady, he threw for 276 yards and two touchdwons, but was  intercepted once.

2.00pm: Manning is being hailed the hero for the Giants. He  was typically nerveless in that fourth quarter. And that pass to Mario Mannigham  will go down in folklore.


Hero  … Eli Manning

1.56pm: The Patriots have now lost four Super Bowls.

1.53pm: It’s all over. GIANTS WIN. Brady  launched a bomb into the end zone but it was incomplete. Giants 21  Patriots 17


Incomplete  … Tom Brady’s pass fails to find a Patriot in the end zone.

1.51pm: Brady nails two incredible passes. Five seconds  left. Patriots have 52 yards to go

1.49pm: Brady is sacked on third down and 10. Patriots have  no time outs left, so if they don’t complete this pass (fourth down and 16) it’s  all over.

1.44pm: TOUCHDOWN! The Giants remarkably tried not to score  to run down the clock, but Ahmad Bradshaw was left with a huge hole to run  through (left open on purpose by the Patriots) and went over. He tried to stop  himself on the one-yard line but couldn’t. Tom Brady has 57 seconds to get 80  yards to rescue New England. Giants 21 Patriots 17

Trying to stop … Ahmad Bradshaw scores.

1.40pm: The Giants are second down and goal with 64 seconds  remaining. Time out called.

1.38pm: The Giants are nearing the end zone. They have gone  70 yards in five plays.

1.33pm: Manning throws a 38-yard pass, the longest of the  match. Amazing catch by Mario Manningham. The referee reviews the call and it’s  good. The Giants are on the march.


Crucial catch … in the biggest play of the game, Mario Manningham caught  this pass near the sideline

1.30pm: Brady is unsuccessful on this drive and New England  punt after a 48-yard drive. It’s back with the Giants. Giants 15  Patriots 17

1.25pm: Tom Brady will be hoping to put a winning margin  between his Patriots team and the Giants in this drive. The spotlight is on him,  but he’s certainly used to being the centre of attention. After all, he is  married to Brazilian supermodel Giselle Bundchen.

Happy couple … Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen Photo: Getty  Images

The power couple aren’t short of a few bob and they’ve recently bought a $20m  house in Brentwood, LA.

And it’s not only Bundchen that appears in front of the camera for money.  Brady himself does a bit of modelling. Bundchen is so desperate for her husband to win today that she emailed her  friends asking them to pray for him. Unfortunately for her, the New York  Post got hold of it, and published  it.

1.18pm: Manning throws and it’s incomplete. Giants forced to  punt and the Patriots have it on their own eight-yard line. Giants 15  Patriots 17.

1.15pm: Manning calls another time out. The Giants now only  have one left.

1.07pm: If the game does go to overtime the NFL’s rule -  allowing both teams to have the ball if the first possession results in a field  goal – will come into play.

1.03pm: INTERCEPTION! Chase Blackburn catches a Brady  length-of-the-field bomb and the Giants have the ball. No Super Bowl has ever  gone to overtime. Could this be the first?

1.00pm: Patriots coach Bill Belichick stands on the verge of a fourth Super Bowl win as a head coach, which would put him level with legendary former Steelers coach Chuck   Noll.

He looks tetchy on the sidelines though. I hope no one gets in his way, like  this photographer did.

12.55pm: Rob Ninkovich sacks Manning on third down, the  third time the Giants’ quarterback has been sacked in the match.

The Giants have been forced to settle for a field goal. Giants 15  Patriots 17. That’s the end of the third quarter.

12.48pm: The Giants defence does its job and the Patriots  are forced to punt from near their end zone. The New Yorkers are now in great  field position on New England’s 48-yard line. Five minutes 36 seconds remain in  the quarter.

12.43pm: Another break in play and some more adverts.

Elton John appears in a Pepsi commercial as a bored king. It’s not my  favourite (I wonder if MAdonna will have anything to say about Elton), but  Melanie Amaro, the first X-Factor winner, has an incredible voice.

12.40pm: If you want to watch Madonna’s half-time show  again, check it out here.

12.38pm: Field goal for the Giants is good. Giants  12 Patriots 17. Six minutes 43 seconds left in the thrid quarter.

12.32pm: Brady is showing why he is regarded as one of the  best ever quarterbacks. He controlled that drive brilliantly.

He’s a strong guy, but when he joined the Patriots he  was nothing of the sort. Check out this picture taken in 2000, just before the  Patriots drafted him. He  was pretty scrawny.

12.29pm: TOUCHDOWN! Patriots score with their first drive of  the second half. Brady picks out Aaron Hernandez and they are over. Gostkowski  slots the field goal and it’s Giants 9 Patriots 17.

12.22pm: And the second half is under way. Giants 9  Patriots 10.

12.17pm: It’ll be interesting to see how the critics review  Madonna’s performance. For me, Michael Jackson showed how it should be done in  1993.

12.14pm: Madonna certainly didn’t hold back with her  outfit.

Dressed to impress … Madonna. Photo: Getty Images

12.04pm: Madonna opened with Vogue and is now  singing Music.

11.54am: It’ll be half-time entertainment soon, with Madonna  taking centre stage. The Material Girl will be up there for 12 minutes and  will give renditions of three old songs [still unknown] and her new track, Give Me All Your Luvin, which she’ll perform alongside Nicky Minaj and  MIA.

The 53-year-old follows in the footsteps of the Black  Eyed Peas

11.50am: It’s half-time. Giants 9 – Patriots  10. The New York outfit dominated most of the half, but an amazing  14-play drive by the Patriots saw them steal the lead in the last minute of the  second quarter. The rest of the game promises to be a nailbiter.

11.47am: TOUCHDOWN! Brady picks out Danny Woodhead. It was a  96-yard drive – the joint longest in Super Bowl history.

11.44am: Another break and another advert. David Beckham‘s piece for H&M is dominating the Twitter  verse.

11.39am: Not everyone is enjoying the game. (Non-American)  footballer Wayne Rooney has this  to say. “Watching American football, is like watching paint dry.”

11.34am: Finally, Brady gets his arm going, finding Mr Reliable Rob Gronkowski with a 20-yard pass. Grondowski has caught 17 touchdown  passes this season – the most ever by a tight end. The Patriots are making good  progress up the field.

11.27am: Tom Brady will not be happy with the way the game  is going. And he’s not shy of showing how he feels when things are against him.  Check out this tantrum …

11.25am: Cruel blow for New York’s Travis Beckum, who has  torn his anterior cruciate ligament and will be out for a long time. It’s Giants 9 Patriots 3 with 6 minutes 30 left in the half.

11.15am: The Giants have won the past two meetings between  the sides, including a 24-20 victory in week nine. Andy Benoit of The New  York Times explains why the New York outfit won that clash.

11.12am: The Giants are certainly in control. The Patriots  will have to tighten up, with New England in danger of being exposed by  Manning’s deep passing game.

11:05am: Make that Giants 9 Patriots 3 as  Gostkowski gets the Patriots on the board with a 29-yard field goal.

11.00am: SCORE UPDATE: Giants 9 Patriots 0

10.55am: Brady will now get the chance to redeem himself for  his earlier error, but not before another advert break.

An advert costs an unbelievable $US3.5 million for 30 seconds.

And this year advertisers  have broken with tradition with more than half of  the 50 or so ads that are running today  available for viewing before the actual  match.

10.51am: TOUCHDOWN! Manning picks out Victor Cruz and the  Giants are over. Lawrence Tynes adds the extra point and the Giants lead  9-0.

Touchdown … Victor Cruz scores for the Giants. Photo: Getty  Images

10.50am: Things go from bad to worse from the Patriots as  they are penalised five yards for having 12 men on the pitch. Second down and  goal for the Giants.

10.48am: It’s the Giants’ 18th play of the game to the  Patriots’ one. New York are on New England’s 11-yard line.

10.45am: The atmosphere sounds incredible in the 63,000  capacity stadium in Indianapolis. Although  the fans may not want to eat there after this was revealed in 2009.

10.40am: Brady’s first pass is incomplete, but a penalty is  called against New England for intentional grounding. It’s a SAFETY and the  Giants are 2-0 up.

10.35am: Manning had made a solid start, but was then sacked  twice in three plays. The Giants punt and the Patriots will start their drive on  their own six-yard line.

10.31am: Manning gets first chance with ball in hand. In the  last five games he has thrown 12 touchdowns and just two interceptions.

Known as a practical  joker, he certainly rates  himself.

And the great thing about Manning is he never seems to lose his head. This  season he has thrown an NFL record 15 fourth-quarter touchdown passes.

10.30am: Stephen Gostkowski kicks off Super Bowl XLVI. It’s  collected at the one yard line and returned to the 23-yard line.

10.28am: Tom Brady has won three Super Bowls. Check out  these highlights (including an amazing pass from the floor at about 1.50 into  the video), which show why he’s so highly regarded.

San Francisco 49ers’ legend Joe Montana and Pittsburgh Steeler Terry Bradshaw  are the only quarterbacks to have won four. Judging by these clips, Brady will  be in illustrious company if his team wins today.

10.24am: It’s the coin toss at the Lucas Oil Stadium. The  Patriots have won it and will kick-off.

10.20am: Kelly Clarkson has just sung the national anthem  and the crowd seemed to like it. Well, it couldn’t have been worse than  Christina Aguilera, who was pitchy and botched the words.

Brian Brownstein (@brianbrownstein)  is Deputy News Editor of smh.com.au

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Gisele Bundchen sends friends and family an email Tim Tebow styles, asking them to pray  for Tom Brady before the Super Bowl. New York does not seem to get Gisele’s modelesque Tebow humorous nod, if you’re going by the tabloids from The Big Apple.

The Amazonian supermodel emailed: “Dear sweet friends and family. This Sunday will be  a really important day in my husband’s life.”

“I feel Tommy really needs our prayer, our support and love at this  time.”

“He and his team worked so hard to get to this point and now they need us  more than ever to send them positive energy so they can fulfill their  dream.”

“So I kindly ask all of you to join me on this positive chain and pray for  him, so he feels confident, healthy and strong before this Super Bowl. Envision  him happy and fulfilled experiencing with his team a victory this Sunday.”

The Hollywood Gossip wrote: [Puh-leaze!]… Does Melinda Gates pray for Bill‘s continued affluence?

Brady is set to be under a lot of pressure from the Giants and Eli Manning and Victor Cruz.

Despite what Giants fans are writing in the NY rags, I thought Gisele was cute, playing a new version of “American football wifey.” Too funny.

New. New. New at Indianapolis this big Super Bowl weekend. I wonder if New Hampshire will turn up in full force too.

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Guest football commentary from Barry Svrluga for the Washington Post goes like this:

“FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – There may have been a time – in the middle of the week, in the hours before kickoff, even early in the second quarter, though that’s a stretch – when it seemed feasible that Tim Tebow and his Denver Broncos could have beaten Tom Brady and his New England Patriots.

Then this AFC divisional playoff game started. Less than two minutes in, the Patriots were up by a touchdown. Less than six minutes later, they were up by two. Over the final 2 1/2 minutes of a freakishly good first half, they scored two more to go up by 28 points.

All that pregame dissection of Tebow’s throwing motion and Tebow’s beliefs and Tebow’s leadership and Tebow’s deficiencies seemed downright silly, because the vastly superior player, Brady, and the clearly superior team, New England, won in a never-in-doubt romp, 45-10, in which Brady tied an NFL playoff record with six touchdown passes.

So take a moment to give Tebow his due, put his season to rest, and wonder about his future later. Take several moments, though, to appreciate what Brady did before a Gillette Stadium crowd of 68,756, whose applause was muffled only by ski gloves. He threw five touchdowns in the first half alone, three to superhuman tight end Rob Gronkowski, who hauled in 10 balls for 145 yards. Brady hit on 26 of his 34 throws, including all three he threw on the Patriots’ opening touchdown drive, and all five he threw on the back-breaking final touchdown drive of the first half, which took all of 64 seconds.

When his night was done, he had racked up 363 yards, a new franchise postseason record, and the Patriots had scored more points than in any of the other 36 playoff games in their history.”

[Photo -  YN]
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There’s one man whose football career is lifting up America. That has to be: Tim Tebow and his story of Amazing Grace. Very Michael Jones of New Zealand – same story! More on Tebow at ESPN Sports Center.

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c u nxt week

Hollywood Humor – Sandra Bullock tells Barbara Walters she plans on being sexy forever

That’s cool. Sexy to me is giving meaningful gifts to others to perhaps live better lives of noble purpose.

 Blog Post of Significance Selection – What is Freedom Today? Martin Luther King Day 2012

Trending on the search engine is: superbowl 2012, owl tattoo, anthony haynes rugby, blue ivy carter, nadine chalmers-ross, ian somerhalder & nina dobrev, biz notes,right to work, maori fashion models, tom hardy, rugby spirit, adam levine, china, prayer, daniel neeson, book of amos, blue carter, european union, ngai kahu ta moko, hot fedora hats, maori scientists, yale, syrian recipes, mo hot chocolate news, electricity production from renewable sources, bossip gossip, united states, brooke fraser, ben roethlisberger, blonde argentines, brazil, anderson cooper, giants, list of the most racist women, russia, canada, jenny mccarthy, south africa, keisha castle hughes, norman borlaug, te hana pa, pipple middleton,pappa jigga news, new zealand rugby, steelers, reeep, girl scout cookies, white people problems jokes, best phillipines karaoke singers, michael parekowhai, charles barkely, international energy agency, spiritual ways of being, beyonce baby, feed-in tarriffs, hot persian chicks, boston celtics, maui fishing up north island, blonde bruce thorpe san diego, falcons, i gotta feeling flash mob dance, ny giants, football player models, freckled and speckled, tukutuku panels art, heins ward, adam lambert, britney spears, germany, norse woodcut, japan, venezuela, brooke abbott, tiger spirit, norway, india,megan fox,energy efficiency, jerome kaino, ryan gosling, andrew tauber, more chicago tributes, funny maori sayings.

Gosh – that’s quite a palate of names, themes and topics to consider.

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Music – Midnight Youth‘s The World Comes Calling.

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So, New Zealand’s new cabinet was sworn in. Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae told the 27 Kiwi ministers sworn into office, they had an “awesome responsibility in uncertain times.” True dat.

Paula Bennett

[MPS ALL EARS: Paula Bennett, Hekia Parata and Judith Collins during the swearing in of the new Cabinet.- Photo courtesy of Fairfax Media via Stuff.Co.NZ]

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TEN – 10.11.11

[New York Daily News - Tom Brady hasn’t been able to rediscover the formula that saw the Patriots score 30-or-more points in each of their first five games. His team game plan is to concentrate on "throwing it to the right guy." Sounds a bit like the New Zealand election campaign, as I write. Read here. Photo - Don Wright for AP]

Ten posts we’re reading today are:

1. Hone Tuwhare‘s No Ordinary Sun poem

2. Creepy football coach Jerry Sandusky

3. How Kelly Clarkson restructured her economy

4. Violet Hill [Water for Uganda] – Brooke Fraser

5. Basketball star Derrick Rose

6. Montecito

7. Intense energy – Frank Luntz describes James Murdoch

8. Nelson Mandela‘s press team talk apartheid reminders

9. Photography – American Worker by Tim Timmerman

10. Kim Knight’s portrait of Ted Geisel

Music classic – Big Yellow Taxi by Amy Grant

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Fun Times. The Brazillian supermodel and the American footballer romance in Rio. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen love to travel and have fun.

Hot pic.

[Photograph via Splash]

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ESPN‘s Jerry Greene devotes a few column inches to get to the bottom of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and teenage pop singer Justin Bieber‘s recent hair feud that’s been dubbed “hair apparent.”

Writes Greene: “Unless you have been stuck in a Chilean mine, you probably know Brady has allowed his hair to grow into wavy locks that make him look almost as pretty as his wife. You may also know that Bieber, a 16-year-old singing/songwriting Canadian, called out Brady in a video posted last week.

Bieber raps: “Sacked like a sacker. Call up Mr. Brady. Tell him to leave his hair to the guy who sings ‘Baby.’”

Greene goes on write in sports analysis of football: “

The guy who should issue a video rebuttal is Brady’s coach, Bill Belichick. Consider that it was Brady who led the comeback Sunday that gave Belichick another win despite trading away deep threat Randy Moss. Brady completed 16 of 24 passes over the fourth quarter and overtime for 155 yards and a touchdown.

Can’t you hear Belichick singing: “Hey, listen, kid, we don’t need your sass. Mr. Brady keeps saving my …” and so on.”

[Image of Tom Brady courtesy of Ronald C. Modra/Getty Images]

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15 times now, Tom Brady has covered Sports Illustrated Magazine.

He is the football playing bridge, into fashion market readers too. Always a smart choice to have Tom on the cover.

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According to Melissa Noble, multimedia supermodel of America, Tyra Banks has signed a three year book deal with Random House to bring Modelland to an audience.

Fox News reports the book series (and Tyra’s first foray as a novelist) “[is] for all the girls and guys who want a lot more FANTASY in their lives … and some fierceness and magic, romance and mystery, crazy and wild adventures, and yeah, some danger too,” Banks wrote on her website describing her new book.

According to Michaek K, Modelland’s novel premise is that it’s a “fantasy book that takes readers into a magical world where superhuman supermodels called “intoxibellas” learn to perfect their powers at an exclusive academy.”

 People Magazine reports: “It’s my novel called Modelland (pronounced “Model Land”) that takes you to a fantastical place you’ve never seen, or heard about, or read about before … Where dreams come true and life can change in the blink of a smoky eye.

“Modelland has always been a part of my mind and my heart. I’m excited that you’ll be able to read about this magical world that’s been living in my dreams for so many years.”

Alright… the world of entertainment since Twilight Saga‘s popular success is going the route of novels, then film, then dvd, then TV. Tyra’s on the bandwagon. Smart girl. Tyra Banks as a literary fiction author… wow… who would have thought?

Alright America–taking a note from Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen‘s uber popular celebrity marriage (as well as Modelland being greenlit by Random perhaps means that… we now need a novel about footballers with super powers too… for a future cross over series. Novelist wanted for that job please.

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In New York, Gisele proves her versatility as an amazing mother to Benjamin Brady today and a glamorous fashion entrepreneur and wife of football great Tom Brady–as the couple strutted the red carpet last night in New York City dressed in Alexander Wang. Too gorgey!

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Tom Brady and David Beckham were sighted taking their sons, Brookyln, Romeo, Cruz and John Edward Thomas “JET” Moynahan to the UCLA football game at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA –Saturday, April 24.

Young JET is a little sport, to roll out with those tough Beckham lads. Good to see Sports leaders make family their priority. Nice one.

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Football star Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen took a river boat ride this weekend, to ensure they were feeding the romance between each other. So smart for a married couple to do. Get the baby sitter. :)

[Image courtesy of X17]

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The most good looking boy child in American show biz, finally got his name.

Footballer Tom Brady and supermodel mom Gisele Bundchen have named their son and firstborn Benjamin Brady.

A good Jewish American name. He’s destined for Hollywood for sure!

[Source: UsWeekly ]

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