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Novak Djokovic Jan 27 2013

“What a joy. It’s an incredible feeling to win this trophy again. This is definitely my favourite grand slam. I love this tournament. I love this court. I have to congratulate Andy and thank him.”

Novak Djokovic became the first man to win three successive Australian Open titles in the professional era when he beat third seed Andy Murray 6-7 7-6 6-3 6-2 in a battle of attrition on Sunday.–SuperSport. photo: Gallo images.

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Andre Agassi NZH Paul Lewis Jan28-2013
"that's your dad?"

Paul Lewis recounts the day that Pete Sampras met Andre Agassi‘s unusual dad.

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I hope it's a painful match... because that means it will be a good one.

Andy Murray gets in character for the Novak Djokovic grand slam final in Melbourne. (more…)


Tennis: It’s a Djokovic-Federrer final in Melbourne, with Novak’s 6-2, 6-2, 6-1 over David Ferrer. Li will meet Azarenka in the women’s final.

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TENNIS NEWS – 24.1.13

CNN: tennis – Tennis: Federer, Murray into semis.

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Andre Agassi

David Alexander snapped a photo of former playing man, turned authorAndre Agassi, inking a book. He also inked a copy of his book in the Pravda. It’s a mighty long way to fly to ink books in a town of 450k people. Good on Andre.

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Sloane Stevens Serena Williams Tennis Jan 2012

Young Sloane Stephens, 19, caused an upset at Melbourne in the tennis. If you’ve lived in Melbourne as I did during special summer working vacation months, slugging it out working in the heat, in my New Zealand college years, you will know that the Australia Open is seen as one of the most fun festive tennis events in the world. People jet in from around the globe to celebrate the event. It’s an elite audience event.    (more…)


Novak Djokovic is through to Aussie Open quarter-finals.–ESPN sports.

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New Zealand’s news bulletin @6pm Saturday, featured sports news that was tennis and cricket led. The rest of the news was about beaut weather and all about push backs. In one story, the Anglican Church still will not allow woman Bishops. Why? Who knows.

The UK has taken to running stories in 2013 of how illegal America’s wealthy have been over the years. ‘Moral integrity’ seems to be lacking in the news tale of corruption. A swiss bank is closing down as a result of laundering (hiding) US millionaire’s wealth. US law has fined the bank, causing it to close. In local news, the South Island of New Zealand pushes back against the North’s population’s dominance.

Insurance is not just and right for some Christchurch City property owners we learn. While Aucklanders in the North want to socialize people to build up and live in apartments, the South want NZ to keep believing in and funding the South’s $30b plus rebuild of Christchurch City’s construction plans. (more…)


Agnieszka Radwanska

Yanina Wickmayer and Agnieszka Radwanska (pictured) have a tennis final match in the ASB Classic tennis tournament. The weather for tennis has been perfect.

Update: Agnieszka Radwanska won the final in two sets: 6-4 6-4.

[Photo: Getty].

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Agnieszka Radwanska

Agnieszka Radwanska is in New Zealand for a spot of summer tennis. Photo: NZH.

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Oscar winner Nicole Kidman kick started the Melbourne Cup with an appearance at Derby Day in Victoria, Australia.

Under the Swisse Marquee and in the VIP birdcage area, Kidman wowed Aussie onlookers in a “My Fair Lady” inspired ensemble designed by L’Wren Scott and complemented by milliner Stephen Jones.

“We decided to do something that was fun and a bit different,” Kidman said of her fashion choice. (more…)


In the past two months, 11 euro zone countries have decided to push ahead with their own financial transactions tax, proposals have been made for a banking union among the euro zone countries and others that want to join, and there has been a proposal to set up a single budget for the euro zone.

What this means:“It’s almost as if the boat is pulling away and one of our best friends is somehow saying ‘bye bye’ and there’s not really that much we can do about it,” said Finland’s Europe member, Alex Stubb, at an EU summit.

Stubb said Britain appeared to be purposefully putting itself at odds with its partners. Finland allies closely with Germany on a range of EU issues and has a substantial voice in EU policymaking.

Britain’s David Cameron is frustrating the German-Finland EU contingent. As well as refusing to sign up to a “fiscal compact” that 25 EU countries agreed last year (more…)


Racquet smashing athlete tanties was Novak Djokovic‘s latest addition to his tennis star profile, as the Serbian defeated Scotland’s Andy Murray, saving five match points to seal a stunning 5-7 7-6 (13-11) 6-3 victory in the Shanghai Masters.–TA.

More Shanghai Masters news here.

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From the Crimp Walk to the Gangnam Style, tennis updated its d-floor moves on court and went all out show biz, as Novak Djokovic won the China Open… and then got his dance on too with the team of sports stewards at the event.    (more…)


Tennis News: China (CNN): “Top-seeded Novak Djokovic beat unseeded Florian Mayer of Germany 6-1, 6-4 to advance to the final of the China Open.

The Serb will face France’s Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France who led 6-1, 4-1 when Feliciano Lopez retired with a left wrist injury.

In the women’s event, top-ranked Victoria Azarenka beat ninth-seeded Marion Bartoli 6-4, 6-2 to set up a final against Maria Sharapova.

More at Vancouver Sun. Photo: Getty Images.

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Motivation: Venus Williams honors Bill Cole.



New Zealand Labour MP Shane Jones is unhappy over the appointment of “three white guys” to lead the Northland region’s new economic development and tourism body Northland Inc.

“I’m annoyed about it. To develop the potential of Northland, you can’t turn a blind eye to the significant presence of Maori,” Mr Jones said yesterday, referring to The Northland Regional Council this week who appointed David Caselli, James Parsons and Russell Shaw as directors of the council-controlled Northland Inc. They are posturing to be formed to carry out the functions of Enterprise Northland and Destination Northland.

Enterprise and Destination Northland used to be run by the NRC Community Trust but ownership transferred back to the council in July to ease costs. At that time, Northland Port Corp chairman Colin Mitten was appointed to chair Northland Inc for two years and act as the new organisation’s CEO until one was appointed. (more…)


Tennis humor NZ: “Tell David Cameron I will call him back after my game of Alabama Chequers by the brook,” because the most read tennis news article today is not Charlie Brown at, Hello! it is:

Serena Williams champion smile, USA 2012.

Seriously: (more…)


Fashion News: Burberry (featured) closed out London fashion week 2012 in London as Milano in Italy gears up for Italy’s September Shows. Calendar@Vogue. Athletes Andy Murray of Scotland and Brit Olympian Victoria Pembleton were at Burberry’s runway show this year.

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Andy Murray‘s latest sports news:

Go Scotland and Mr Murray!

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Well, move over Fred Perry‘s 1936 record of a Brit (UK player) last winning a US Open tennis title 76 years ago! Scotland’s Andy Murray, 25, beat Novak Djokovic in five sets to claim his first major. An epic match of endurance, 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 3-6 6-2.

“The win means the world to me,” Murray said.–Check out BBC.

In picaresque news from New Zealand, a Treaty settlement is agreed to between The Crown and the fiercely independant Ngai Tuhoe peoples. Farmers battle the cold snap in the South. The Princess Royal and Boris Johnson close a very successful and jubilant Paralympics in London. Prince Harry is a ginge target of the Taliban (apparently!), Australia’s mining slow down could hit NZ, Oscar winner Bret McKenzie teams up with an Aussie pal for an Invercargill red carpet film premiere with Joanna Hunkin reporting on the red carpet. Corin Dann reports from Japan. Steve Marshall from Australia. Tariana Turia gets top honors for her comments on the Tuhoe tribe’s history with The Crown. “No people have been more systemically persecuted in New Zealand history by The State than the Tuhoe people,” Turia says (paraphrased). As a people Tuhoe have been the most generous to all New Zealand in sharing and teacing their knowledge of the Maori language to restore NZ culture. Most of the tribe worked tirelessly for years unpaid doing this. To Tuhoe, we say “thank you.” And thank you. And thank you some more! :) Back to the showbiz  news look: Yes!

Wendy Petrie is flawless, Simon Dallow and Jim Hickey scrub up well too. And Jenny-May serves up glam sports news at the schlick news show tonight.

The live cross action interviews always done so well by the One team at HQ on a very historic day for New Zealand, Scotland & London make tonight’s news quite spesh. Nice producing. Good energy balance news flows. Watch.


[Andy Murray Photo: Chris Trotman. Getty Images. USTA].

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Education & Brain Science: (CBS News) Sal Khan is a math, science, and history teacher to millions of students, yet none have ever seen his face. Khan is the voice and brains behind Khan Academy, a free online tutoring site that may have gotten your kid out of an algebra bind with its educational how-to videos. Now Khan Academy is going global. Backed by Google, Gates, and other Internet powerhouses, Sal Khan wants to change education worldwide, and his approach is already being tested in some American schools. More@CBS Brain School TV.

USA News Links:

Storm Watch Louisiana: Isaac Leaves Entire Neighborhoods Underwater – Yahoo! News

Missouri to Ohio say thanks for the rain.

Harrisburg Illinois: Post tornado – Recovery’s face

Public Demonstration News: Letting off steam in Charlotte

Jay-Z is still on getting kids interested in politics duties. (New Zealand should have done same job, last election too!).

Romney focuses in on minority. Gets praise from Marriott family.

Foreign Policy: Biden says Romney out of touch on Foreign Policy. (Look, he knows where Alaska and Russia are!).

Athletic fibbing admissions: Ryan says he misstated marathon claim

Obama‘s comic Western quips: Obama laughs off Eastwood jibes

CNN Sports: LIVE: Action from London Paralympics‎‏.

Showbiz Hollywood: Stars pay tribute to ‘Raindrops’ writer

LA gets poetical: City to get a poet laureate

Myths-Busting Biz Opinion: ‘Maximizing shareholder value’ is ill-conceived concept

Financial Firms: Come under fire for tax strategy

Mormons-Masons, Masons-Mormons: Doing business the Mormon way. Lol!

US Environment Watch: Can a supervolcano at Yellowstone threaten Earth?

CNN discovers YouTube’s Moodwall: EmotionTubeTV

Movie Marketing: Tom Hanks talks Cloud Atlas 

College Football: Plaschke: USC looks good; allegations sound bad

Baseball: Angels rock Felix Hernandez in eighth, stay on roll with 5-2 win

Whiffy Jiffy Stuff: Celebrity fragrances

Airline Upgrades: Rosenthal: A la carte airlines boost profits  

Hollywood Royalty expands: Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott welcome a baby boy

TechWallStWatch: Apple junkies rejoice: New iPhone announced.

Rahm Emanuel‘s new Deputy Mayor says “I’m not Polyanna” Lol!

Hollywood History Reflections: So who was Abraham Al Jaffe? Henry Fonda‘s hero.

Ode to Joy: Random acts of culture - South Beach Miami gets festive.

Men’s Tennis: Roddick, Djokovic advance at the U.S. Open.

April Henry is a singer-songwriter of Chicago. Henry features in Chicago Street Style forum.

Extra education links: Khan Academy: The future of education?, Sanjay Gupta teaches basic brain science, Khan Academy: School of the future.

The things American tech billionaires do to get a larger share of India’s growing tech market! Education is a brills strategy to do this.

Sports Photo: Noavk Djokovic, who finished with 13 aces, needed only 1 hour, 37 minutes to earn the win over Julien Benneteau in the US Open. More at Sports Illustrated.

Music: Hal David tribute. Madonna‘s vintage Rain song – vocals only.

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On top of the world is Kiwi athlete Nathan Smith and friends at the Paralympic Games, London 2012. Photo: Zimbio.

Audiences are reading today from:

World News by audience views are:

the vibe: oil, fisheries, food and safe water flows planning are determining all global games of politics (thus news) right now in the world. If the truth is told, islands and Island Peoples with fish marine haven reserves and oil ocean supplies are the biggest celebrities right now. Combined with agricultural rich nations, adequate safe water supply countries and ensuring air quality for future generations breathing needs are the pressing topics for planners of the world’s children’s bright futures. True security is ensuring these things. The rest is all ‘greed-fear’ grandstanding and pretense.

On that note, here’ some news links:

Syria: President Assad blames Turkey for Syria bloodshed.

Fiji is not the enemy. Only coveteous people would think that of the South Pacific. Fiji’s foreign debt needs to be shared by friends of Fiji. The USA has sold over $1 trillion US foreign debt bonds to China, and China is heavily investing into the USA. U.S can’t say China is the enemy via Fiji accepting Chinese money, as the U.S does this themselves.

Global Warming & greed and inequality -is the enemy of us all.

South Pacific is now recruiting more noble trading partners and friends: Although US & Britain & China are much worse with illegal ocean trafficking culture, NZ news reports: Concern Pacific being used as illegal activity highway.

USA: Tropical storm updates: Storm Watch: Isaac (a tropical storm) lashes New Orleans, Storm water levels, Call for Evacuations, What to do, Cam watch radar satellite + cams, NY Times on Louisiana‏, News rheel video: New Orleans passes post-Katrina hurricane test.Wall junkies mood: Stocks flat, US oil falls as Isaac damage limited‎‏. Fuel mood: Gasoline To Hit Labor Day Record Price, Media-CIA scandals & privacy breaches: Correspondence and collusion between the New York Times and the CIA, Always trading: U.S. trade official Ron Kirk in Southeast Asia. Health News California: 101-year-old driver injuries 8 children outside school, Tech news: Yahoo chief fired for storm gaffe. California rail news affordability report. Baltimore hopes to repopulate: Baltimore invites immigrants – no questions asked. US Open tennis: Robson stuns Clijsters at US Open, Clint Eastwood, Agriculture: Some Farmers ‘Will Make More Money’ in Drought. Education Big Apple: NYC Softens Public School ‘Discipline Code’, Earthquake alert: Aftershocks keep Yorba Linda shaking, 2nd-Quarter Growth Is Revised Up, Diet: California admit Calorie limits might keep you healthier, but don’t extend life (wow!), Chicago Education: Chicago Teachers Union Gives 10-Day Strike Notice, Coach watch Miami: Joe Philbun, Chicago kids and Abductions, Cali: Granting 450,000 young illegal immigrants drivers licenses garners support. Nutrition Tours are a growing trend. Romney‘s ‘Dry Land’ Comment causes offense. Wisconsin sluggers news: Paul Ryan accepts Republican nomination & Ryan Speech to Focus on the Economy, With Shots at Obama‎‏,  Legal: A Reprieve for New York Fed in Libor Case, Creative economists writing: Edward Allen does his best. Colorado news: Colorado e-book buyers to get back $1.5M from Hachette Book Group. US economy, lack of jobs creation costing US still & Sluggish US growth expected to continue (+graphic). Romney‘s make-or-break chance to lead US, Kitchen Entrepreneurs California bill would allow home cooks to sell goods, Alec Ross shares his social media tips, Music balladeer icons of the working class, news: Video premiere: Bob Dylan.

Guest commentary: Friedman‘s: Egypt’s Morsi in Iran.

New Zealand: June Mariu is made a Dame. Maori delegats impress at the Pacific Leaders forum (watch clips below). Although NZ’ child poverty level is not only racist, discrimatory, illegal and of more pressing priority, Gay adoption bill drawn, NZ’s PM on gay marriage bill changes & parliamentary majority has voted + more PM, A need to look up more & outward: NZ incest rate disturbing, Not pretty: Afghanistan explosion: Kiwi loses both legs, Colin Craig‘s views on gay marriage, What NZ Catholic Schools think. Fair partnerships and the First Time Home Owners scheme, West Coast’s hills are alive with the sounds of conservation, due to coal prices dip. Huntly folllows suit, 120 jobs lost. Dame Malvina Major+ buds pat on the back. Kiwiana staples: Quiz scruples & Bohemian Kiwi fashion chic’s Trelise Cooper. NZ airlines tahi & rua news. Sports: Athletics: Adams sends records tumbling. Too honest: Rugby: Thomson considering overseas move, Landscape & Photographs: The Sounds of Visuals. Tabloid-Hollywood: Teacher quits over alleged affair with student, The local fashion scene for the young – retail. Conclusion of NZ news: More sustainable jobs creation is where NZ is majorly at in our current climate of gross inequality and NZ’s racial and human rights history too. Watch NZ News Bulletins in Full: TV3 & TVOne (my fav).

United Kingdom: Paralympians opening ceremony, London is the UK’s big story. The symbol the UK likes the most is not a crown per se, it’s an umbrella,Comfortable fashion on bad hair days: Regina dons a hoodie, Like the French: ‘Emergency’ Tax on the Rich Roils Britain’s spoiled brats. The next generation Harry ‘has palace support’, Air traffic HQ: David Cameron pressured to rethink Heathrow, Two British writers: Sir Andrew Motion poetry reads,  a poem and Chris Cleavebook. Justine Greening ‘acted unlawfully’, Strauss exits cricket.The men who documented Vietnam.

France: Hollande extends euro zone olive branch to Berlin.

Sports photo: The kids of rugby: Three rugby football players: Adam Thomson (L) Richard Kahui and Sitiveni Sivivatu (R) at Harrow school sports centre in 2008, photo: United Kingdom. Photographer: Ross Land, Getty Images.

Australia: Water & Australia: Australia’s lower rainfall unusual: study,Calls for Federal Law to curtail racial abuse should be required in Aussie. Economy: Warning: after boom it’ll be Dutch and go, Breaking: Rescuers save six, fears for scores more as latest asylum tragedy, Managing global food crises: Australia, Nauru sign detention deal, Breaking 2: Tragedy unfolds: illegal asylum seeekers dead in rough seas, Cricket: Resolute Australia trounce Pakistan in series opener, Airlines news: Qantas upgrades, Mining soldiers news:‎‏ Fears three Diggers slain in Afghanistan, Looking after Aussie’s national smile - Gillard tackles gender inequality. Rugby News: Robbie Deans has no intention of resigning, Melburne Australian citizens: Angry workers ‘ready to rumble’Party-smart news:Canberra are Aussie’s smartest party city. Gina Rinehart as the voice of Australian entitlement loses relevancy cred. Off the wall news: Market cops a season’s beatings. Health spend: Brisbane hospital delay costing $100k a day. Cricket: Strauss walks away from cricket. Sun Capitol’s next economic moves: Victoria’s Secret: coconut oil. Humor: Clive Palmer orders tyrannosaurus rex.

Canada: Arctic sea ice levels hit record low‎‏, Rattler news alerts: Earthquake shakes Victoria area‎‏, Like the USA, Canada to Press China on Sale. Is Nathan Cullen being censored on evironmental concerns advocacy with the Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline proposal? He says he is. As Canada’s obesity rates rise to 65%, the move is on to bring it back to the middle: Bachelor Canada: First five contestants, Banking buy ups: Scotiabank purchases ING Bank of Canada for #3.13B cash, Surprise, surprise: Ontario is Canada’s worst province, Good news in the employment sector: Canadians more optimistic about job security, poll finds‎‏ – Canada still has careers. Ducky economy perceptions – what is the BigPharma over-consumption rates of Canadians, link here? Federal environmental assessments cuts worry scientists. ‎‏

Italy: So, Angela Merkel now speaks for Italy apparently.–still, so German.

Brazil: Indigenous Peoples Watch: ‘Deadly attack’ on Amazon tribe, Sports: Julio Cesar agrees to move to QPR – BBC, Brazil will not be bullied: Brazil judges uphold Chevron, Transocean operating ban – oil, Growing a Portugese speaking eonomy, language teachers sought – Now hiring: Brazil wants Ten times more foreign professionals, As Brazil’s economy contracts due to not mining so much oil, Brazil actively looks to buy foreign assets: Itaú Asset says Brazilians eyeing more foreign assets – Silobreaker.  Wine of the week 2009 Bodegas A. Fernández Tinto Pesquera.

Germany: Germany and Italy voice optimism, Cleaning up dark human rights history: Germany explodes huge WWII bomb in Munich (PHOTOS, VIDEO), Geale in Germany, Offshore windparks and Germany’s Green energy plans: cabinet passes draft law, Energy prices push up German inflation in August. Taxes and the economy: Germany’s governing Christian Democrats call for gay couple tax equality, Green
energy to hit Germans’ bills: Vattenfall

Sophie Pascoe is competing in London. Photo: Stuff.Co.NZ. Go kid! :)

India: Fossil fuels extraction: 53 coal blocks face axe for delay, Bollywood gossip: Shah Rukh and Shirish will never be best friends: Farah KhanIndian-American’s anti-Obama film is a bit rich, BJP MLA among 32 guilty in Naroda Patiya massacre, ‘Chinese city official escapes to US with millions of dollars’NDTV Mid-Term poll 2012: Should Indians be friends with Pakistan?‎‏, And: What Indian American is at a Republican convention.

Ann Romney makes a splash at Tampa Florida’s GOP Convention. Kia ora.‎‏

Spain: Sports: Real Madrid win Spanish Super Cup, Sports Trades News: Javi Martinez signs for Bayern in record deal, ‘Bad bank’ framework agreed on, Espana headlines: tahi: La Audiencia investiga si Interior reveló secretos sobre Cordón‎‏, rua: España dice que no discrepa con Bruselas sobre el “banco malo”‎‏, toru: Leves caídas en el Ibex por la cautela de operadores ante el BCE. News: Spanish Super Cup as it happened. Photos: Spanish Gazpacho.

Netherlands: Dutch F16s jets. Geert Wilders is accused by an Israeli rabbi of being anti-semitic, Kees van der Staaij is a big yawn. Politics: Dutch Liberals lead in polls ahead of September 12 vote. Austerity anger is trending. Economic flows: Finns, Dutch cast first doubt on euro zone deal.     

Argentina: Turns out Argentina is in oil wrangler’s sights: Exxon, Apache to Discuss Argentina Shale Partnerships, YPF Says. Video games: Angry Birds: Argentina to shoot seagulls to save whales. More on fuel wars: Argentina, Indonesia Threatened With EU Biodiesel Tariffs. Argentina, a geographical look.

Foreign correspondent, Ngahuia Wade of Ngai Tuhoe Maori Tribe is reporting from Rarotonga.

Maldives: tensions reported.

Iran: U.N. chief to visit Iran in defiance of U.S., Israel

Norway: Norway urges Brazil, Indonesia to Continue Forest Protection.

Myanmar: US paves way for Myanmar president visit.

Taiwan: Contested islands games

Israeli News: Airline, miners, Israel generous.

Hong Kong: Ernst & Young regulator secrecy scandals

China: Becoming more like the USA – Drones & Mainland China, China to deploy drones to conduct maritime surveillance. Still building: Chinese plan $250m high-rise.

Russia: Pumped up by wealthy oily friends: Vladimir Putin‘s lavish Russian lifestyle.

Japan & North Korea News: Japan and North Korea in rare meeting. Japan: Japan’s Daikin in $3.7bn US deal. Rock estates for the environment: Yoko Ono & Son Inc launch environmental coalition.

South Korea tech watch: Sony announces new touchscreens, Samsung unveils mobile devices.

She has been defined by New Zealand journalists as being a Rosa Parks styled character. Sporty girl politician, Louisa Wall -photograph – New Zealand Listener.

[For all the journalists, news camera crews, photographers, writers who contributed links to this post, thank you for your combined efforts of bringing the world the news].

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