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Matthew Swalinkavich


Photo caption – Makana (aka Matthew Swalinkavich) performs at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit leaders’ reception in Honolulu, Hawaii with a T-shirt saying “Occupy with Aloha.” -Getty Images.

Melissa Bell of The Washington Post writes today, “Makana, a popular Hawaiin troubador, was enlisted to sing and play his guitar in the background at a dinner Obama and other leaders attended Saturday night. His song of choice: a 45-minute montage of protest songs, all while wearing a shirt that read “Occupy with Aloha.”

After the dinner, Makana said the diners did not react in a negative way to his message — and may have been too busy sampling the Hawaiian food to notice.”

President Barack Obama is busy in his home state of Hawaii meeting at the APEC Summit Meeting. Even though Obama decided to skip the practice of goofy costumes at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, the leaders are still getting a healthy sampling of the Hawaiian culture.”

Hawaii is all about sun, smiles, tropical tastes and shave ice flavors in that hot hot heat. Sounds fun.

More news on Makana can be found at: CNN. HCB; DWT; & Damon Tucker.

APEC leaders in Hawaii have included: “President Obama laughs with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard (front left) and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (centre) as world leaders gather for the first plenary session of the APEC summit yesterday.” Photo – UK Daily Telegraph.

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