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Las Vegas


Shania Twain Las Vegas

“Kicking up some dust…”

Shania Twain rides into Vegas, pats a white horse, sing’s You’re Still The One.–New York Times.

[Photo: Denise Truscello, Caesars Palace].

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Las Vegas kids crazy tattoos. Gotta love them. Really! The fearlessness of youth on display.

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In Prince Harry News: ABC reports: One parties like an Olympic gold medalist and one is an actual Olympic gold medalist, so when Prince Harry and  Ryan Lochte partied together in Las Vegas it was definitely not going to stay in Las Vegas.

In a 50-second video obtained by the New York Daily News, Harry, 27, and Lochte, 28, can be seen facing off Monday night in a swimming battle at a booze-filled pool party while both bachelors were living it up in Sin City.

In sweltering heat, it’s good to see these lads turning on an entertainment show for the American people. Those temperatures are definitely stay by the pool temps.  Nice one!

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One of the meanest sports out is hip hop dance crews. It should be an Olympics sports. To train for the event, these young people have to be honed athletes as the rehearsals are both grueling and vigorous. As hip hop is the no.1 selling music on the planet, I love what these Kiwi kids are doing in this news rheel footage.

They’re on it.

My own nephew Jordan and his dance crew have been champions of this disciplined team sport in Australasia. When I was young, I was a national champ with a dance crew from Northland New Zealand in a national competition in Wellington.

When you get older, it’s heartening to see young people in New Zealand who know how to get down and dance.

We are a nation of some of the world’s best dancers too. The Maipi whanau of Huntly are the latest and the greatestst here in New Zealand to bust the art of cool on the D-Floor of Te Ao (the world’s stage). Check out their hot skills of the dance in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Clever. Disciplined. Relentless, high energy amazing.

Te Karere News has the scoop from the Hip Hop World Champs in Nevada. [With thanks to TVNZ film crews and journos].

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In California some young people move to Vegas and perform in Cirque Du Soleil shows. They return to Los Angeles for downtime with family, catch up on hood vibin’ with their local Starbucks barista. Then it’s off to shop the trendy streetwear stores on Melrose avenue – that define Angeleno kids’ uniquely trendy street style.

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Where are we reading from today?

United States, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Canada, France, Greece, India, Japan, Singapore, Poland.

[Photo - Author's own].

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Alafoti Faosilva of Samoa breaks a tackle to score the winning try.

Alafoti Faosilva of Samoa breaks a tackle against the New Zealand Sevens to score the winning try. Photo: AP – To read more of today’s sports news, more at the clickit.

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New Zealand lucked out on a third Las Vegas rugby Sevens title, losing to Samoa 26-19 in a dramatic final.

Down 19-5 with two minutes remaining, New Zealand scored two tries to level the game up before Samoa sealed victory after time had expired.

More @ the clickit.

The AP’s sports coverage goes: “LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Alafoti Faosiliva scored his second try in the last moments on Sunday to give Samoa a 26-19 upset of season leaders New Zealand in the final of the US stage of the IRB Rugby Sevens World Series.

The giant forward crashed in for the deciding points at the death to bring a victory in Samoa’s first Sevens series final since the Dubai Sevens in December of 2010.

The shocker thwarted a two-try New Zealand comeback that had pulled the favorites level only to see them denied a third consecutive series crown.

New Zealand remained atop the Series after the fifth of nine rounds on 92 points to 87 for Fiji with South Africa third on 76, two ahead of England, and the Samoans jumping to fifth in the chase on 69. (more…)


Press Release: Las Vegas, Nevada (February 3, 2012)–The USA Rugby 7s International Rugby Tournament returns to Las Vegas with events running  from February 7-12, 2012. And the 5th Annual Scrumble is scheduled for Feburary 10 at historic Las Vegas National Golf Club. Click now to sign up for this Las Vegas golf tournament with a rugby twist and find out how you can get official United States Rugby and International swag and autographed memorabilia, free drinks, and a chance for big raffle prizes. –By Brian Hurlburt, follow @LVGolfInsider

The Scrumble is an official event of USA Rubgy 7s and is organized by the United States Rugby Football Foundation. Cost per player is only $200 but other sponsorship levels are available. Currently there is a long list of memorabilia inlcuding a Barbarians jersey signed by the team that faced Australia at Twickenham in November 2011. Signatures include Sir Graham Henry, Victor Matfield and Bryan Habana. And an England jersey signed by former England Captain Will Carling. (more…)


NY Daily News, Newsday, ABC News, and The HuffPo all cover the story of: “a Legionnaires disease outbreak discovered via the Luxor’s water system in Vegas’.”

When reading such news, it makes you thankful of the simple yet essential gifts in life, like safe drinking water.

In many countries, so after we can take this blessing for granted when at the time of writing, 1 in 6 people on the earth as yet do not have access to safe drinking water.

Go here to make a positive difference. Cheers.

I write this blog post from a nation where we drink water directly from a faucet (tap). In many parts of America for example, you’re not able to do this. You have to buy bottled water to drink each week. In Africa, people aren’t as fortunate. Many are still walking miles to try and have safe daily water supplies. This issue needs our love. Act today. Thanks.

May we always be grateful, thankful and giving with the many blessings we have been given daily. :)

Maybe 2012 can be the year, where the number gets reduced to 1 in 5. That would be really good progress in the world when all that is said at any summit meet in the world, is said and done.

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Photo caption – Lou Ferrigno look-a-like Alistair Overeem is declared the winner by technical knockout over Brock Lesnar in the 1st round of their heavyweight fight at UFC 141 on Friday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Eric Jamison of the Associated Press snapped this pic of sheer brute UFC brutality and fighting triumph. Vegas and boxers and fighters at New Years is quite a tradition as a reminder to see the year in fighting fit.

Needless to say, I think Brock is within his rights to demand a steroid test. Ridiculous!

News source – LA Times.

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According to Nikki Finke‘s website, the eye-gates of taxi passengers are about to get more busy:

NBC Rides The Taxi TV Ad Surge By Striking Multi-City Deal With VeriFone

By David Lieberman, Executive Editor

The battle by TV stations to grab the attention of taxi passengers just became more interesting — or irksome, depending on your point of view. NBC says today that its stations will pump infotainment and ads to passengers in more than 12,000 cabs — including 6,800 in New York — as well as thousands of gas stations in what it calls “a significant long-term strategic and advertising sales agreement” with electronic payment company VeriFone Systems. NBC used to have a similar taxi deal with Creative Mobile Technologies; early this month that company allied with ABC to serve 10,000 cabs. NBC and VeriFone’s screens will offer news, sports, and weather updates as well as other features culled from NBC’s primetime and late night shows, cable channels, and Universal Pictures. They’ll reach taxi riders in Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and Miami  as well as the Big Apple. At some point, the companies say, they’ll make it possible for people to download the content to their smartphones. But the deal is mostly about ad sales, and here’s where the plans begin to seem Orwellian. Read More »

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Reality TV star, Rachel Uchitel & Matt Hahn married impromptu style in Vegas. Cute. Photo via tmz.

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In some topics that are trending in this moment with 200 million north American online audiences, here’s a few things to consider:

If Apples iPhone 4s model, offers a voice-activated personal assistant function/capability, could this give Apple Corp, or hackers, the ability to stockpile archival voice commands of all iPhone 4s users. In the future, could edited voice commands audio tracks, replace the voice of an actual person. Where does simulating people stop or start – and who then is the assistant? Although Apple Shares Slide Into Warm Bath of Sadness after the phone launch, and TVNZ featured miniature robot models with camera capability that can be controlled via one’s computer via I Want One Of Those.Com instead. The phone still does look fun, though.

Chris Cooley & Tony Romo bring “cage fighting” to media attention. Indianapolis Colts don’t know whether to start Curtis Painter or Kerry Collins. Online, Curtis has the audience’s vote.

In politics: Herman Cain rises, Rick Perry slides in new CBS News poll with Mitt Romney tied with Cain, atop the field of Republican presidential candidates, according to a new CBS News poll, while Rick Perry has fallen 11 percentage points in just two weeks.Why are Conservatives Upset With Herman Cain? Rick Perry? Well… Sherri Shepherd Blasts Barbara Walters over N-Word Use on The View.

In Apple Distraction appas iPod Nano Gets 16 Watch Faces, Tracks Fitness - The new iPod Nano, which is available starting today, has a built in fitness center and includes 16 new watch faces — including micky mouse and minnie mouse. The iPod Nano includes 16 watch faces. Or in Gizmodo’s words, The New Fitness-Centric iPod Nano Doubles As a Watch.

Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees Prediction & Betting Odds also trend. No one’s really worried too much about the US deficit then, obviously. Dark energy‘ targeted in European space mission - Nobels attention on science in glactic movement, reveals Parisian journalists questioning whether so-called dark energy, believed to play a role in the accelerated expansion of the Universe, will be studied in a major science mission to be launched later this decade. The European Space Agency (ESA) are interested in this facet of science.

UK Band The Boxer Rebellion have instant popularity. The Boxer Rebellion have announced the largest UK headline show of their career to date. The band will perform at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire on September 29th, confirming an astonishing rise since the independent release of second album ‘Union’. The band is not to be confused with China’s Empress Dowager, Cixi,DC exhibit. Cixi was the “defacto head of state” for the Qing court, says curator David Hogge, and the pictures were taken after the (1898) Boxer Rebellion. The photographer was a Manchu nobleman, Xunling, who grew up in Tokyo, then Paris.

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Janet Jackson provides the best concert experiences you’ll ever see. The performing diva of the Jackson Family Entertainment Empire has announced she’s touring the US with her no.1′s hit material. Billboard reports: Up Close & Personal is how Janet will roll. Early march is when Ms Jackson will kick off her superstar tour.

To heat up the Jackson family brand of entertainment angling towards Vegas institutionalism, Ms Jackson will start her 8 weeks of touring in Vegas and finish the tour in Vegas also.

Having seen Janet and Michael both live in concert in New Zealand, Janet I have to say, was the best concert I’ve ever seen. She pops! I mean, she’s a Jackson!!! True blue self-made American music royalty.

At the time of writing it is impossible to get on Janet’s website. She too hot.

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Jay-Z is turning out a NYE show with the amazing Coldplay this year at The Cosmopolitan.

Sounds brills. My money is still firmly on Jigga’s protege artist as being the hot ticket - Riri at Pure in Vegas for NYE this year.

A tough one! Okay, Vegas is it for USA NYE.

[Humor. In this pic: "Jay-Z agrees that former President George W. Bush is a racist." Lol!]

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Born this way – I believe that all children of the world were born to have access to clean drinking water whenever they need it.

BTW: At the moment 1 billion people don’t. 2 million children die through not having access to clean drinking water each year.

Born this way to drink clean water – is these kids and their parents’ dream day. We can make it a dream day everyday for them. Let’s make it happen fun people, by clicking on UNICEF’S TAP PROJECT link. Let’s FLOW! Thanks groovy people.

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Who: Rihanna of The Bahamas, Commonwealth & The Hollywood Hills, California.

What: New Year’s Eve, Friday 31st 2010.

Where: Pure, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas.

Who might be going? Some of these good fun folks in “Young Hollywood” California.

Promotion for: Herman Town Events

Let’s see what New York, Miami come up with for New Years
. This hotly contested American NYE night, Vegas has got Hollywood’s vote to date. Last year Gaga took out the spot of hottest NYE in Miami, Florida. Can Rihanna hold the spot in Nevada this year? Yep, I reckon she can.

BTW: As good citizens of Hollywood – here’s a bit of PURE HOMEWORK for us all to get our groove on to. Thanks fun guys and girls. You make California so sexy, entertaining and lite-hearted crazy fun. Okay, a little bit attractively wilde too.

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Alrighty, I am still obsessing on the fact that Michael Jackson as a brand to entertain, still rocks on, because his architecture as an entertaining King, has a life force of it’s own–with or without him.

That’s nuts. For a fragile dude, he sure built a solid kingdom of entertainment to model. Look at this stuff fly. It’s the real deal of a King. Dance is celebrated in these images of art and performance. Monarch butterflies and Doves feature too.

These are the symbols that Jackson’s children and Miss Janet Jackson – MJ’s sister, are presenting to his fans and the world.

There is no more successful American who proved they could cross over and appeal to India, like Michael Jackson. He “lived beyond color lines, geographical borders and boundaries” to paraphrase his sister’s Rhythm Nation lyrics.

He was cross-cultural, all people he saw as being the same. As a culture maker, and America’s King of Pop he saw his role as creating symbology for his fans, so that they could have  a sense of global culture that resonated with them all.

Seriously though, as New Zealand is the nation that creates Jackson-Taylor Monarchs in 3D  in the 2010′s of cinema mastery –we perhaps need a ‘royal cinematic meeting of entertainment minds’ with one of MJ’s kids or his nieces or nephews (we’re not fussy), to star in our Hobbit films, to cement that point. What a cool idea.

Let me play ‘stand in’ Hollywood casting agent on this one…  We’ll go for Blanket Jackson thanks, as a Hobbit prince of Latino descent. :)Having seen both Michael and Janet Jackson both perform live in concert in Auckland at Mt Smart Stadium, New Zealand with friend, Trinity Brooke, I think Blanket would rock, following in the footsteps of the family, in a Hobbit film shot in 3D and Middle Earth. Imagine that! A real Jackson Hobbit too. Perfect!

Enjoy these images, from Blanket’s Estates’ one page ad in the LA Times today. A paper that services a city and associated cities of 20 million people.

[Image of Dame Elizabeth Taylor. Patron Saint portrait at The Abbey, West Hollywood, hung over fire's heat--Horiwood.Com's own like the hearth and kiln of a Queen. Music: Janet Jackson singing Nothing (Trust in Me)]. “Cherish each moment as if it’s your last. Nothing is more important than the one’s we love. Trust in me.”–lyrics paraphrased.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.4.10~


“Middle Earth is a 3D film making environment of film making excellence, rich in imagination facilitating diverse culture’s vision (their tino rangatiratanga and unique cultural sovereignty of culture) and their vibrantly entertaining expression in 3D film. Middle Earth is rich in acceptance of others’ difference & a film making haven of World Peace”–Horiwood, 2020′s.

“In 3D, all nations are created equal, in Wellywood film making practices, imagination, execution and delivery of film production excellence.”–Abe Lincoln and Horiwood.

A film is not a film, unless it is made in the Spirit of the experimental filmmaker–Len Lye, filmic artist, Taranaki.

In New Zealand we collaborate and create the world’s next array of Super Heroes in 3D, with powerful messages of good that impact and change the global consciousness and future direction of the world, through Kiwi made pop culture in cinema, merchandising, music soundtracks and entertainment distribution–2020′s

Writes Barry Glibb of the Barry Glibb twitter page:

“Perhaps unemployed Americans should move to New Zealand to become underpaid production assistants for all these movies.”–Barry was responding to: “JAMES CAMERON’S AVATAR SOARS AHEAD ON WINGS OF HOBBIT LAW CHANGE”

A response: HORIWOOD – What a great idea Barry. The lifestyle that nature has to offer Americans, when not on set in New Zealand – is accessible to all – and would more than make up for any pay cuts.

Also, travel – let’s all people grow up and learn, outside their own cultural frames of reference.

It shows security within peoples own sense of identity, when Americans become a minority on distant shores and blend with the world too. Happily.

In New Zealand, people like dialogue, (not one-sided cultural monologue–so Americans will be more than fine in that switch and exchange). Exciting.

With New Zealand’s potential to attract Bollywood and China to New Zealand landscapes to film musicals and action films in NZ too in 3D in the future, the Americans who do make early inroads into NZ 3D filmmaking NOW – will be set with work for life.

NZ is going to become busy. A globally sought after 3D filmmaking nation. How New Zealanders welcome warmly diverse cultures of the world and overseas actors and crew members too (including those from Hollywood, Bollywood, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Dubai, Russia, UK–every now and again–France), will determine the return rate of these nations to NZ as a filmmaking nation. As far as America is concerned (Avatar’s record breaking success as Hollywood’s leading film of all time box office history), New Zealand is a culturally friendly place for Americans to work and conquer from, with a Hollywood-Wellywood partnership.

Conclusion: Your blog Barry, is rocking, albeit as minimalist as it is, I enjoyed the guide to your twitter account. Thanks for commenting. Incidentally New Zealand has 5% more women than men in its total population, so there’s a few girls that wouldn’t mind marrying an American crew member and sharing citizenship and beach views like no other. A lot to look forward to, aye?!

Wellywood is the box office winning 3D Film Franchises Haven of the film making world. Those who find success with their franchises, will all own homes in New Zealand on beach fronts and live there for most of the year. Their kids will be raised there. It’s the new more-relaxed mecca of box office power players, that can deliver proven results. Well, in 2020, this will be so–Wellywood is the World’s 3D Mecca. It is Middle Earth. A meeting place in The Middle for all cultures to realize the cinematic visions, without culture being compromised in the film making process. New Zealand is a culturally rich haven, paradise nation for this to occur for 3D film makers across the globe.  Good change ahead in Middle Earth.

I like your thinking Barry, where yes, film crew getting roughed around in Hollywood should move to NZ. Why not! NZ is a nation based on immigrants who joined the Indigenous Maori People, so as one of them, NZ can handle you bonding with us Maori-Kiwi lot. It’s how we came to be as a nation, just like America.

Incidentally how any nation has treated their Indigenous Peoples, is the barometer of all human rights relations in the world. It’s the gage of whether other cultures can be trusted dealing within our shores fairly as nations. So as a Maori-Kiwi if you want to move to NZ, I say… Go for it! Get on board brother. More studios other than WETA will spring up in New Zealand too, in order to handle the demand and keep a fair and competitive 3D filmmaking industry occurring in NZ. The economic possibilities are exciting.

[Images - Costume Design worthy -runway fashions - China in Tokyo & Indian sari]

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[Photo caption: YEEHAH, IT'S SAMYAH: Samyah Powell, 9, is hoping to get the role of the Milky Bar Kid all tied up but in the meantime she's trying out the ropes on Whangarei Primary School principal Rob Soar].

Meet Samyah Powell. As mentioned, this kid wants to be the new Milky Bar Kid repping New Zealand’s luxurious white chocolate made from milk of the best dairy cows in the world. TV commercials are what’s up for grabs for chocolate manufacturer Nestle if Samyah lands the spot.

Powell is one of ten children short listed for the role and the only one North of Auckland. She’s representing good farming muster country in the far north.

Reports The Northern Advocate: “The Whangarei Primary School pupil loves reading and maths and is top of the class. Her flair for performance has been polished through hip-hop dancing and cheerleading in which she has competed internationally. Whether or not she becomes the newest Milky Bar Kid, this little star has already performed in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Melbourne, Sydney.”

Said Samyah, “It would be cool to be the Milky Bar Kid.”

What do you think? Should Samyah Powell of North Auckland, be the next Milky Bar kid?

Samyah does look a little like Justin Bieber in this pic anyway, so you never know. Here’s looking at you, kid.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.31.1o. Irving Swifty Lazaar’s star, Hamburger Hamlet – Hollywood, for Ruth Lazar~


High Five: They were once, a sought after Maori show band in Vegas. All Maori who live here. New Zealand brought them home, to honor their talents and contribution to the world as Maori entertainers. Although High Five performed with greats like The Beatles and Ray Charles, I love the Sammy Davis Jr. reference of who High Five worked with as performers. Chaa! :)

Cute story. It’s in Te Reo Rangatira (the Maori language), unsubtitled this time in English (sorry) but well worth a play out to depict US-Maori relations, that have existed for donkey’s years, entertaining America with Maori and Kiwi music talents. Entertainer and Maori-Scottish lad (woot!), Frankie Stevens, explains how important older Maori entertainers have been in shaping and mentoring those following in their footsteps. The year Frankie joined Hi-5 in Puerto Rico , he says was the best training in his entire career. Now Frankie does the same thing, for all Kiwis as a New Zealand Idol ‘judge’ figure of a culture of emerging performers. A good story of reproducing talent via mentoring.

This clip is like the food of chiefs to me. Thanks Tini and Scotty. Mauri ‘Ola.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. Presenter: Scotty Morrison , executive producer, the incomparable Tini Molyneux, Te Karere, TVNZ. Tini is of Ngai Tuhoe Maori tribe of Ruatoki and also Auckland – The Supercity. Of Tini Molyneux – there really is, no one like her. Go Hi-Five! Go grey power! Go the next wave of hori Vegas show bands and entertainers.~



Right now in America these topics are most viewed on google trends: royal bank of canada, back to the mac, consumer credit, typhoon and laser tag boxer - justin bieber to name a few. Indian actor Abhinav Kohli of Bollywood is right up there too.

Kim Kardashian turned 30 and celebrated her birthday, with a second celebration at Tao in Vegas. Ciara – the most flexible girl in pop music was on deck to celebrate with her – so Kim didn’t have to be the only celebrity spectacle on google live. Cute.  

Celebrity and Entertainment news  handpicked today as voted worldwide in Hollywood on Horiwood.Com are these. Here’s our top ten.

1. Maori soldiers as funny NZ heroes – K2 Maori Company 

2. Soldier by Destiny’s Child in Atlanta

3. Egypt Daoud Dean - 10.15.10

4. Camille Grammer in the age of the reality TV neighbor

5. Amputee-ism is an artform

6. Dolphins are fun in New Zealand 

7. Still sketching for the stars by Armani

8. Welsh humor for rugby world cup 2011

9. Maori culture in Avatar

10. Cliff Curtis for Colombiana

[Abhinav Kohli pic courtesy of Univision]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.17.10~


[In 2020, model and future movie star, Yasmin Bidois (Nga puhi & Ngati Awa Maori tribes), will be 25, a leader of a majority New Zealand population of Polyeurasians. How exciting. Everything we do, is for Yasmin and her generation, if any of us, have passion for New Zealand's well being and future. Sign me up. What a beautiful generation to work for and serve. Yes!].

Here’s the paradigm shift of the century, for New Zealanders. It goes like this:

Polyeurasians are expected to sit at 52% of the NZ population by 2021 based on Statistic NZ projections. So by my maths, Olive (as in skin) is the new Black – Culture (as in Maori) the nuance, and, Native the new exotic.–Ata Te Kanawa.

Brown is the new black.



Rihanna threw a bachelorette weekend of parties for her girl, Katy Perry. Always classy, Rihanna had black stretch limos, taking Katy everywhere, the friends and entourage were spotted at MGM, hanging out with cirque de sol kids of Vegas, and being bikini babes, poolside.

Nice one Rihanna. It must have worked because Perry tweeted: “Okay, off to get a new liver now.”

[Image courtesy of Gossip Girls]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 9.19.10~


Like three ducks flying with luggage in a line, the much loved Kardashian sisters (Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian-O) have jetsetted to Las Vegas for the weekend.

I know… it doesn’t matter if Kourtney has forgotten she’s a new mother–that’s what grandmothers (like Kris Jenner) are for, right?! right! The fun and show must go on.

Gotta love ‘em. Are you ready Las Vegas?! :)

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 4.24.2010. Source~


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