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Kieran Read


Andrew Saville and Steve Hansen Rugby Interview December 14 2012

Rob Waddell, Mike Stanley, Kieran Read, Steve Hansen and Richie McCaw are some of the sports stars featured in tonight’s news in New Zealand.

As NZ’s sporty citizens say “thanks” for a year of fan support, Steve Hansen‘s first year as coach of the All Blacks team yielded some good advice.

“Well, I now know how to do the job,” Steve told Andrew Saville with his trademark brevity. A good thought to take into a new year.  (more…)


Kieran Read Twickenham

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. Winning  is not everything, but the effort to win is. Our favorite attitude should be gratitude. You  are the only person on earth who can use your ability.”

Zig Ziglar. Photo: Kieran Read, rugby football, Twickenham. A Getty photo.

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NEWS 1.12.12

New Zealand Captain's Run

Rugby News @116: Sport-Magazine reports:

Twickenham 2012 Words that may come as some consolation to [NZ All Blacks] Richie McCaw‘s opposite number at Twickenham tomorrow. Chris Robshaw has faced  intense criticism for some of his decisions as the England captain this autumn, but the All Blacks skipper knows how hard it can be to always get it right.

“When you’re out there you’ve got to go with what you’re seeing and what you’re feeling,“ says McCaw. “Often I look back and see things I’d do differently, but my philosophy is that it’s fine to make the odd mistake. That happens in life, but it’s about being able to learn from them, to know if you find yourself in that situation again you’ll make the right decision.

Steve Hansen White Golf Cart Coach

[Wearing a grey hoodie, Steve Hansen hoons around in a white golf cart while coaching today at Twickenham].

Interview continues: “The other point is that you have a bunch of guys around you who have their own opinions. It’s about being able to use them to come to the right answer. Sometimes a captain just has to make a call, though, and I believe that if you  have 15 men committed to carrying out whatever you decide, then they can turn  that into the right decision anyway. If you stand around looking uncertain and  indecisive, then people are going to wonder what you’re thinking.“ (more…)


Rugby News: All Blacks Italy happened. VIDEO: Italy strong in 42-10 loss to the All Blacks & VIDEO LIVE UPDATE: All Blacks Vs Italy, Rome 2012.

Offering the sting of commentary to improve, Wynne Gray‘s reporting denotes cohesion of accurracy in the team ensemble combinations was missing, this test and could improve. The AB’s were up against a very determined Italian side. Read his comments.

It was a determined effort from the Italians. Kieran Read, in his first match as captain, scored the All Blacks opening try, yet the host’s attacking mindset and aggressive attitude to the tackle saw the visitors fortunate to hold a slender 13-7 lead at the break.

All Blacks 42 (Read, Nonu, Jane, Savea 2 tries; Cruden 4 cons; 3 pens) Italy 10 (Sgarbi try; Orquera con; dropped goal).

All Blacks coach Steven Hansen was quick to praise the Italians attitude they brought to the test.

“I’d like to congratulate Italy on playing a great game of rugby. I thought the attitude of their game was outstanding,” Hansen told reporters.

“The most important thing is that the 70,000 people will have gone home with the idea that rugby is a great game, which is better than the last time at the San Siro.”

It was definitely an exciting audience experience in Italy for the large Italian crowd as Kieran Read’s first test as an All Blacks captain. Interest in rugby is up, in Italy. For the current World Champion side of the sport, the All Blacks time in Italy has been well spent as representatives of the sporting code. I also like Wynne’s honest commentary too as observations into areas the ABs improve on.

News souces: TV3, NZH, TVNZ.

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Lessons in sharing power & employment roles via rugby’s pitch:

What the Eurozone needs is to see is stars who are creative and know how to share employment opportunities. The New Zealand All Blacks Team are in Italy on Tour. Kieran Read steps into the captain’s role with big shoes to fill, to give Italy and rugby followers the message.

Is he ready for it? And what did Kieran Say?

“I can’t wait to run out at the head of the pack on Saturday, but it is all about getting my job done so it is pretty important to make sure I do that,” he said.

‘It is a great opportunity, a massive honour and one of the biggest jobs in the country I guess and following a man (Richie McCaw) who is in my opinion, the best captain ever in the All Blacks.”



“I was like a kid in candy shop [at getting selected]. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity… in a good environment.”–Tawera Kerr-Barlow

Sam Cane is looking forward to playing Wales.

We want to be winning–Kieran Read says.

Tour Details follow:

British and Irish Lions 2013 tour schedule:

12 Nov

All Blacks v Scotland


3:30 am



18 Nov

All Blacks v Italy


3:00 am



25 Nov

All Blacks v Wales


6:15 am



02 Dec

All Blacks v England


3:30 am


To check out the AB’s live in Europe, jet here.

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Hosea Gear‘s All Blacks side are too good, say’s South African rugby coach, Heyneke Meyer. Click on Hosea’s pic to link to see.


Photo caption: Boom loose forward Ardie Savea was all over the park for Wellington and made some fine runs in his 40 minutes on the field. Photo - Getty Images. Rugby’s final score: Wellington 49, Otago 22. Although team sports achieving its purpose, is just that, a team effort, here’s a list of the point scorers: Otago 22 (Tom Franklin, TJ Ioane, Shota Horie tries; Hayden Parker 2 cons, pen) Wellington 49 (Matt Proctor 3, Ardie Savea, Jeremy Thrush, Frae Wilson, Jason Woodward tries; Woodward 7 cons). HT: 10-35. News: Otago Daily Times.

Friday Nights Lights News & Sports News with the One News Team can be viewed by clicking on this stunning artwork by Shane Cotton. The piece is titled Deuces and is painted in acrylic on map.

Saturday (tonight’s) news & Sports News can also be viewd by linking to artwork Diamonds and Pearls 2011, acrylic on map, alsp a Shane Cotton artwork.

Friday Night Lights: Last nights news from New Zealand and tonights can be viewed at the three pic links above. A busy few days.

Photo caption: Piers Francis of Waikato makes a break during the round 13 ITM Cup rugby match between Counties Manukau and Waikato at ECOLight Stadium. Photo - Getty Images. Final Score: Counties Manukau 28. Waikato 32. –News: Herald on Sunday. Point scorers: Counties Manukau 28 (S. Stowers, T. Nanai-Williams, B. Aki 2 tries; Nanai-Williams con, pen; R. Laulala pen), Waikato 32 (J. Webber, S. Tokula 2. A. Wise tries; T. Renata 3 cons, 2 pens). Halftime: 8-10.

Photo: James Oliver runs with ball in hand. Photo: Getty. Hawkes Bay were too strong for Manawatu. Final score:  Manawatu 20 (Shaun Curry, David Te Moana tries; Nathan George 2 pens, 2 cons) Hawkes Bay 7 (Andrew Horrell try; Horrell con). HT: 3-7.

Friday Night Lights Maori News & Maori Sports News of New Zealand can be viewed courtesy of the Te Karere Team of journalists by linking on artwork picture. Shane Cotton’s work is titled The Difficult Crossing, acrylic.

The New Zealand national newspaper has more rugby football coverage @ www.nzherald.co.nz. Happy reading. TVNZ.co.nz also has video news bulletins, updated 24-7 as does www.TV3.c0.nz. (To the teams of cool journalists in NZ and their interview subjects – Thank you for the news).

Cotton’s artwork is on display at The Hamish MacKay Art Gallery. Check out their website for a virtual tour of Kiwi art. (Very cool).

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Steve Hansen‘s All Blacks rugby football side are on the trot with a winning run of 14 matches, just shy of the record set by their All Black predecessors between 1965 and 1970.

Here’s his words today:  “Records are something that reflect what you’ve done rather than something you should be chasing.”

“It was one our best performances of the season. The manner we did it was very satisfying.”

“To be able to attack like that, you have to have a platform and the forwards played very well today.”

Argentina’s coach’s thoughts: “We set put to try to do things better with the ball but we took a step back in our defensive organisation,” Pumas coach Santiago Phelan (pictured below) said.  (more…)


The New Zealand All Blacks world champion captain, Richie McCaw may exercise a sabbatical clause in his rugby contract to prolong his rugby football star branding to the sports code. A good idea for Otago’s star footballer. More @TVNZ.

Photo: Richie McCaw (c) of the All Blacks and Coach Steve Hansen (R) chat during a New Zealand All Blacks captain’s run at Forsyth Barr Stadium on September 14, 2012 in Dunedin, New Zealand. Getty Images.

Stay smart.

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New Zealand is rebranding, eyeing a stronger exports culture from the grass roots of business up. This is the vibe of Aotearoa New Zealand today. Maori culture is seen as vital to this new move as the beautiful symmetry nature designed is set to star in the elegant silver fern idea being incorporated across NZ’s star brands.

6pm: The flawless and naturally beautifully, Kim Vinnell reports from the airport where NZ’s Olympians have just jetted in from London: Mahe. Robin Owen. Sarah Walker. Simon van Velthooven all send their well wishes to NZ.

6.02pm: Peter Williams: Welcoming home a medal winning sailor is what one reporter was doing today. “Bling around their necks. And the camera flashes” was the look. A little bit of Hollywood in Auckland’s sporty tarmac city. “Just awesome aye?” Peter Burling featured says in trademark deadpan, expressionless humility. His mother, a sweetheart looks on waiting patiently for the circus to finish for the morning. Her name is Heather Burling.

6.04pm: Valerie Adams. Wendy Petrie has a story of “give Val her medal, asap.” The star double-Olympian of track and field says, “In Switzerland or NZ is all good.” (added – Once more: we should just mint her a special medal here in NZ, while she waits. It would be the gentlemanly thing to do from New Zealand).

6.05pm: TVNZ goes undercover to pay workers almost half of the minimum wage. Amy Kelly, is in Auckland doing some seriously good investigative journalism. “They are treated like second-class laborers.” Asian business owners are featured. It is a common thing in the Asian business community of NZ to underpay staff. “It’s called a black economy,” May Moncur of Migrant Employee Advice says. SkyKiwi is a website for Chinese Kiwi living in NZ. Not a good employment story in many of the jobs offered. “Some really disturbing comments from employers. How are they getting away with it?” Amy’s blog is good. It helps tackle the problem. [Criminal!]

6.08pm: Burger King: Lalit Sood are seeking remedies and penalties from Tara’s Restaurant Group (BK’s owners) for recompense. (Added: Terrible!]

6.10pm: Sharon Ferguson. A domestic violence dispute that ended in arrest and a homicide. Constable Win van de Velde. They handcuffed the boyfriend. He died though. Laura Marsden, her boyfriend and two small children were at home in the fight. One child diagnosed with cancer. Stressful. Now it’s a homicide investigation. Three inquires are underway.

6.11pm: Sarah Batley is at the meeting in Wanganui about Wilson, a sex offender being released to the Wanganui community. “Stewart Island, White Island, Outback of Australia,” is where locals see fit, where Wilson should live.

Peter and  Sarah bring the news via a live studio cross: PW: What fears? SB: Andrew McKenzie’s Wilson’s lawyer. “A lot of wasted resources, protecting Wilson in an area he doesn’t want to be. SB: Wanganui District Council seeking legal advice to see if they can stop Wilson, coming here.

6.13pm: Cigarettes, Australia news. Oz puts ban on ciggie branding. Olive packaging (plain) is now the deal. It’s a world first. Nicola Roxon-Australian Attorney-General. Tanya Pliberesk: believes it’s fantastic. “Governments can take on big tobacco and win.” Although there’s no evidence, it could lead to a black market. Steve Marshall. Wendy crosses live to Daniel Faitaua: Part of NZ agenda to make NZ smokefree by 2025. Tariana Turia: Should we decide to go ahead with plain packaging, even if they take us to court, they won’t win. Faitaua: Big Tobacco, say they will legally challenge gov if legislation goes ahead. (Added: It could be a good idea. Simply because: the area of ground on earth growing tobacco, is perhaps best put to use growing grains etc, at this time in the world’s history of escalating global warming).

[Christchurch - Blueprint Plans]

6.16pm: Jim Hickey brings yet another busy day of weather in New Zealand: Showers. Rain. Rivers. Flooding. Dunedin. Several days. Newborn stock to be moved to safety. Farmers have had warnings to act.

6.20pm: Murray Grant – CTV widower. Dr A.Reay accepts responsibility. Murray Grant, hopes “lessons have been learned.”

6.21pm: Overloading wasn’t too blame. Joy Reid on the skydivers plane tragedy. John Kerr who owned the plane doesn’t believe the weight imbalance was the cause. He believes control failure is the issue. His firm individually weighed each passenger. The Fletcher aircraft had flown 78 times without incident. Aviation experts say the C of G had shifted. Kerr says the Civil Aviation authority, hadn’t communicated this.

6.23pm: A fireworks display in Spain injured 28.

[Believe it or not: the above news rheel is dream weather for the Mid-West farmers of the USA - Southland SI, NZ].

6.23pm: Russia’s feminist punk band, protesting against Vlad Putin‘s policies with backing from Sting and Madonna could be jailed up to three years.  5 months in prison is what the kids have served. “The government, can arrest people, but can’t arrest the whole idea.” Putin’s officials labelled Madonna a whore. (She’ll write a song about it next, I’m sure).

Daniel Stafford reporting. Human rights groups getting funding from overseas ogranizations have to register as foreign agents. 2 years imprisonment if not registered. That’s nuts.

6.25pm: Jim Hickey on weather– Southern Rain – Jack Hebden produces a thunder cell photograph. Tres impressive. Raining in New Plymouth.  14 in Taupo. Light winds in Auckland City. Showers across Taupo today. Kirikiriroa is a bit showery. Wellington down to 8 overnight. ChCh down to 1 overnight. Dunedin minus 10. Woah!

Does NZ need a better sales pitch than 100% pure? Yes. Totally. [Added: With Vlad on the scene, it t just might be too Vlad now. Unless we are upping our Russian vodka exports, or selling melting Ross ice back to the Eskimos too in Serbia as well?!]

6.32pm: Market observes: NZX50 up 22. Telecom up.09.

NZ’s marketing tagline.

Corin Dann reports: How does the govt. up the economy’s export earning? Steven Joyce: “Why should I even be working with you?” Is what we need to answer for overseas investors. So we’re upping NZ’s brand. The silver fern and Maori culture are the ticket. (Added: Authentic. Always vibrant. And even Hawaii tries to copy it to make a buck to grow their exports there in the US).

Wedgelock Equipment, spokesperson speaks. “It will help.” Bill English: We can’t influence the dollar much. The tool kit is limited. So growing each companies exports is the way to go.”

Corin: This government can be measured on exports. David Cunliffe: questions PR spend-related moves. Joyce: wisely rejects this. (Added: Any branding upgrades are usually maxed in an age of social media society as people bump the brands on. Thus, telecommunications companies and media platforms all get a boost with quality rebranding. The government wins big from the social media buzz produced. So: you need a media roll out while you’re about it: eg – variations on the brand for different industries, to keep the buzz going is a reccie for the graphic designer to factor in, perhaps).

6.35pm: Simon Bradwell brings a story of how a child was cyber bullied that lead to suicide. John Burrows, a professor says get with the program. (Added: If you look at cyber bullying of shareholders in Brazilian oil companies, you will witness the worst cyber-bullying online in the world. Nasty. Judith Collins, “You can always look for something that’s perfect. And frankly we’ve got kids dying, so we need to do something immediately.” Well spoken. Best quote of the night.

6.36pm: The labour department has charged doc with a kid’s drowning, for failing to ensure safety.

6.37pm: Rena wreckage clean up – footage shown. (Added: The boat incident happened, post rugby world cup, in a lead up to the last election).

6.41pm:  Andrew Saville: A rapturous return. What’s next? Kimberley Downes: a welcomed break. A sleep in my own bed. Andrew Saville: “unwind. Have a 21st. settle down,” says Nathan Cohen. Hamish Bond: I don’t want to see a rowing boat for a while. Mahe Drysdale: “If I decided to continue it’s because I want to, not because I need to.” KD: What’s the hurry? (Too right!).

6.44pm: The Belarusian athlete saga. (Added: I can’t even write about it). Athletes aren’t taking responsibility for doping and competing. Not cool for sports.

6,45pm: Iain Ansell – high performance coach in ChCh. Swimming pool needed. The blueprint for ChCh reveals this. Lee Germon Canterbury Cricket Chief, will the new grounds be ready by 2015? Avon River Geoff Barry, Sport Canterbury. The hydrology post quake has changed of the Avon River, so redesign now needed says MP Gerry Brownlee. Exciting, expensive, and twenty years from fruition.

6.47pm: Rugby News: Concussion testing kit. Dr Deb Robinson now has the right gear to make the correct decision. It’s done on the run in the field. It’s difficult to see the subtle signs. The new kit will help. Victor Vito: “They’re just looking after us.” The All Blacks drug testing (2003-7). World Cup players got tested 14 times. Kieran R‘s concussion example is described. Andrew Saville: “They’re using their head to stay ahead in rugby’s game.”

6.49pm: No silver bullet for cricket performance upping their game. Adam Milne, fast paced bowler welcomes the new standard.

[Photo: Sam Baker, Manawatu]

Jacques Kallis, SA cricketer, “aggressive cricket.” England needs to win the match to square the test series.

6.50pm: A flare fired during a match and a brawl. Lyall Gorman, wants to see better security at games.

Rugby: Eden Park fans have already bought up tickets. Strong rugby sales in NZ’s largest city. A good sign for rugby.

6.55pm: In what looks like a dream American weather forecast for the USA, at the moment: The big Southern wet has gone. S.E and N.E of South Island, still could be messy, not ominous like the past few weeks. Masterton, patchy falls expected. Kaitaia has got a few showers tomorrow.  Wellington, cool tomorrow. Tauranga, rainy.  Sunday, scattered falls moving east. Guy Hickey, in the mountain slopes closing shot is not really skiing like nurse Jackie on weather-shift duty, as Jim jokes he is.

Another good weather report on a busy forecast day.

Photo: MP Judith Collins delivered the quote of the day this evening. Photo. OTD.


[Excuse typos - With special thanks to TVNZ's awesome team's good and consistent efforts]

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Live Blogging The News:

New Zealand observed as a nation the massacre of innocents at the movies in Aurora, Denver Co. for 11 minutes this evening. Mr Peter Williams, Bernadine Oliver-Kirby, Jenny May-Coffin and Karen Olsen bring the news.

6.00pm: Kate Lynch recalled how James Holmes had died his hair red, released two green canisters in the movie theater, before shooting with four weapons unsuspecting movie goers. He had purchased ammunition from three separate stores like a nutter. His apartment such a booby trap, a robot is needed by police to seize James porn collection in a Kim Dotcom styled Nazi raid authorized (apparently) by Joe Biden. No. But kinda. Wearing a “spidey saves the day – like a boss” tee shirt, witness David Casper piped up on cam to give his account for cameras too.

In serious aspects of the massacre, 50 people are in hospital. 11 still critical. 12 dead. The 5’11 Holmes, was said to be a quiet soccer player, University student. Ray KellyMarissa Randazo and Kaitlyn Fonzi, Alex and Tom Sulliven all commented to cam. Chris Ramos talked of surviving the experience, wishing for a moment of “washing away the fear, the dirt and the blood on their skin, okay?”

A young brotha who needs to enrol in NASA asap as he’s so smart, who helped people in the theater was described as a reluctant hero. “I don’t want to say hero,” he denies. “I was in the wrong place at the right time. The wrong place as I had to deal with the situation. The right time, as I was there to help the family.” Well said.   (more…)


‘Our feet are definitely on the ground’–Ali Williams

“We know we’re in a World Cup final and we’re all pumped and excited about it but we’re just going to cruise through the week and build as we go.”–Stephen Donald

“Just chilling out”–Kieran Reed

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Yesterday, Graham Henry, the coach of the New Zealand All Blacks, host nation for Rugby World Cup 2011, named his official team. Here it is:



Corey Flynn, Canterbury (14 tests)

Andrew Hore, Taranaki (54)

Keven Mealamu, Auckland (85)


John Afoa, Auckland (33)

Ben Franks, Tasman (11)

Owen Franks, Canterbury (23)

Tony Woodcock, North Harbour (75)


Anthony Boric, North Harbour (20)

Brad Thorn, Canterbury (51)

Samuel Whitelock, Canterbury (17)

Ali Williams, Auckland (65)

Loose forwards

Jerome Kaino, Auckland (41)

Richie McCaw, (capt) Canterbury (97)

Kieran Read, Canterbury (31)

Adam Thomson, Otago (21)

Victor Vito, Wellington (7)



Jimmy Cowan, Southland (47)

Andy Ellis, Canterbury (20)

Piri Weepu, Wellington (48)

First five-eighths

Daniel Carter, Canterbury (82)

Colin Slade, Canterbury (5)


Richard Kahui, Waikato (12)

Ma’a Nonu, Wellington (58)

Conrad Smith, Wellington (48)

Sonny Bill Williams, Canterbury (7)

Outside backs

Israel Dagg, Hawke’s Bay (7)

Zac Guildford, Hawke’s Bay (6)

Cory Jane, Wellington (24)

Mils Muliaina, Waikato (97)

Isaia Toeava, Auckland (31)

Congratulations to every player who made the team. For more, go here. These lads make history by being the first Rugby World Cup team for New Zealand, to be telecast in America this year by Comcast/ Universal. Kia kaha – Let’s turn on a show then!

[Top Photo - Tumatauenga whakairo art, carved by Ngapuhi artist Mt Eden Stadium - Horiwood.Com, Archives]


Born this way – I believe that all children of the world were born to have access to clean drinking water whenever they need it.

BTW: At the moment 1 billion people don’t. 2 million children die through not having access to clean drinking water each year.

Born this way to drink clean water – is these kids and their parents’ dream day. We can make it a dream day everyday for them. Let’s make it happen fun people, by clicking on UNICEF’S TAP PROJECT link. Let’s FLOW! Thanks groovy people.

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No. These two are not discussing the latest funnies on the ICanHasCheeseburger Blog! This is an official ambassador visit photo. Prince Harry shares a smile with German actress Sophia Thomalla at the charity gala ‘Ein Herz fuer Kinder’ in Berlin, Germany. Amongst chatting up hot blondes, Harry was on his first official visit to Germany where The Bernauer Strasse Wall Memorial was a place where the Prince laid a wreath on a restored section of Berlin’s former East-West border, including the Wall and the area behind it known as the ‘death strip’ where many died trying to escape back in the day before U2 sung and the wall came tumbling down. In hot Kiwi news, rugby football stars, Andrew Ellis says he’s heading to Aussie for Christmas holidays; Kieran Reed is looking forward to becoming a new dad real soon, and Stephen Donald says “Mate. The Coromandel is the only place to be this Christmas.” 

Today we hit 2.8 million on ze blog. Japan and Iran both got hit by massive earthquakes. Let’s be mindful of Iran and Japan today. Sudan could have 2.8 million people displaced real soon. Christmas carols from West Hollywood beat all other news. We are Grinch free on this blog. And I still think these bloggers are all better than this blog, they just need to get a bit more fun, so let’s share the love with them too: Al JazeeraAOL NewsAssociated PressBBCBloombergBoston GlobeC-SPANCBSChicago Sun-TimesChicago TribuneForbesFortuneFox NewsFinancial TimesGlobe and MailGlobalPost.comGlobalVoicesNPRNewsweekPeoplePoliticoProPublicaRadarReutersRolling StoneThe RootSalonSan Francisco ChronicleSlate. See what I mean? So much work goes into news websites sharing info daily, yet only Julian Assange makes a Time Magazine cover. Go figure.

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news posts voted by you the people, statewide, nationwide and worldwide here in Hollywood, California. Here’s the most voted posts to share this festive season. Thanks people. We look like this today:

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10. Allegedly, Horiwood.Com is read daily in these US States – all of them. As if! Hi America!

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