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Kapa Haka


I find it interesting how opposites attract, yet we were complementary in every way: she was the melody, I was the words and together we were the song. The values they lived by – humility, love, hardwork, loyalty, pride in the things that make Maori, Maori. Kapa Haka (Maori performing arts and community spirit of team) is something about entertainment yet more than that, kapa haka is about family. It’s a way to teach good family values to the next generation as well as teaching them Maoritanga (the values embedded in the linguistic properties of the Maori language), popped open in the cultural atmosphere, every time the language is spoken, expressed and uncontained.

Brad Haami reflects on Kapa Haka’s enthusiasts in a tradition that is centuries strong in New Zealand.

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Ngati Whatua o Kaipara 2011 Helensville Peoples

Helensville Tamariki Ngati Whatua o Kaipara Day September 2011Helensville Iwi (Ngati Whatua o Kaipara) perform together a cultural song of New Zealand.

And tamariki (children) of the Helensville and Kaipara community have fun together.

A rare view of peaceful, fun, New Zealand life. :)

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Maori culture is dynamic and infuses cultural life into the atmos of NZ’s spiritual and cultural blend. It is very important. Darren Apanui is a guru administrator visionary man, who helps encourage this artform along. He’s totally, a Te Aute college graduate, winner.

So, what has Darren got going on in NZ for us? Well, Te Karere News reports: “Kapa haka regionals have been won in the regions of NZ. Next month the line-up of all haka groups will be drawn for the nationals in Rotorua next year.” It is the Oscars nominees of our most talented kapa haka, Maori Cultural performing arts exponents and teams.

“The Wellington Kapa Haka Regionals were held over the weekend. The results are as follows:

1                st place: Nga Taonga Mai Tawhiti

2                nd place: Tu Te Maungaroa

3                rd place: Nga Uri o Tamarau”

Go there above to be re-energized as a Kiwi. Kaha Tumeke is the vibe – in strong gifts of unity and performance and discipline of teamwork, for us all to learn from – on show. Thanks Darren, TK News and these dynamic crews for their combined efforts. Nice flow!

Congratulations to the winners and the many hours of time that went into this new effort of our Kiwi culture. Love it!

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Northland is a fun region of North Island, New Zealand known for its beach life, farming, education, agriculture, innovation in machinary design, art - as well as being an entrepreneurial sanctuary haven with picturesque properties. Billionaires have homes in the beaut North.

Northland is also set to be a converging destination of the wealthy and famous, when Orion’s Larry Ellison and the America’s Cup yachting team begin practice-training on Northland’s ocean waters in the near future in their preparation to The America’s Cup.

What Northland may benefit from though is a new streamlined road. A proposed blue highway to the north’s coasts – that opens up the region, so that guests will appreciate with ease, the place that was the first capitol of New Zealand in history. As mentioned a lot on this blog, it is also the place where our founding document was inked too in good faith, as a nation of one people under Fun.

Te Tai Tokerau Northland  is what our founding fathers and mothers of NZ, christenedthe birthplace of a nation.

The highway’s cost is $2 billion. In Beverly Hills, a figure like $2b can be described as being like a year of wrangling on the stock market. For example watching the markets, from 7am to 10am, Mon-Fri – with the rest of the days free -  are all in a billionaire’s mornings of trading. They have it sweet. That was when the markets were in more trustworthy days.

So with billionaire earning caps on then, a 2 billi road is totz achievable. A doddle. Needless to say our elite rising sports stars and their audiences would appreciate this enhanced road to get to the significant sights of cultural importance. in the birthplace of the nation region.

I wonder what oil wells in the South of New Zealand could pay for this important road? Just kidding. :)

[Photo caption: American billionaire Larry Ellison and St. Russell Coutts on BMW Oracle Racing's America's Cup yacht.--Northern Advocate File Photo]

Like all builds, the benefits vs disadvantages of a floated spend when investing in vital infrastructure projects of all kinds in New Zealand – need to be discussed as a normal process in a democratic nation’s dealings and planning efforts. The discussion is taking place at the moment. It should alway start with the minerals map, really! And a region’s agricultural potential and lay out. These two factors always determines the shape of a road if a road is designed smartly. If we get this right, the region’s growth is more robust, and people can enjoy the weekends with a better roading system created too.

TVNZ’s Bernadine Oliver-Kirby and Rene Graham brought an exciting story for  Te Tai Tokerau Northland’s future on the topic.

It’s also a New Zealand story, as instead of going to Aussie all the time, on vacations; Kiwis should just spend a week in Northland bonding with family at the beaches instead during summer. Our domestic tourism would love the thoughtfulness of Kiwis as we seek to rebuild our economy.

Northland is a playground for too much ocean fun, as epitomized in the smiles of our bronzed blonde Maori hockey babes, the Harrisons, for example, at London’s Olympics this year. It is these athletes home hood and playground. Ye-ah!

MP Gerry Brownlee of Ilam, Otautahi, South Island (aka Christchurch), gives the highway a nod in the news. So: Kia ora. Life be to you and our hardy hearty people in the South’s mainland too.

Click on the holiday destination road signs to watch the news rheel excitement.

Hollywood Northlanders travel story time: (It is Sunday): Once upon a time, a young lad grew up playing the guitar in church in a town called Memphis.

He sung gospel tunes. His hero was his momma.

Observing the talent of his African-American neighbors, he went on to borrow their sound, put his own spin on the music, present it in a sexy way as a white small town boy, American music artist. As we know, his name was Elvis. His legend: from gospel roots Tennessee to the King of Rock N’ Roll.

Today in Hollywood, his image is used in niche supermarket stores like Trader Joes, to make even rice and water blended drinks, more appealing. The power of good art and marketing as something Elvis helped add to as an artist of pop art’s legacy. It is still on show today.

Summary of Elvis highways in NZ: It would be really cool to listen to some classic Elvis anthems, sunnies on in a convertable - heading to the beach on the new blue highway of Northland. Groovy summer fun, without the snooze fest of compulsory patience testing with roadway congestion on Northland roads at peak times.

- – -

Updated: Good News for Christchurch peoples too: Q+A: Gerry Brownlee (11:59) - Rebuild should get underway before year’s end.

[Photo snap while shopping, Hollywood California - Blogger's own].

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Like still water’s life giving depths, Top Maori Sir Jerry Mateparae, looks spiffing in his hori chic, bow tie at a hui about: laughter, heaps of sweat, show pony sports-voyeurism, the art of best sports commentating and - max socializing, magic golden-moments memories. Petra Bagust has the live interview cross Aotearoa New Zealand-London.

Barbara Kendall gives a lesson in what it means to be a flag bearer for one’s home tribe.

The glistening ‘superlative natural phenomena’ waters of Piopiotahi, Fiordland Te Waipounamu. Photo: Ian Skipworth.

Young Nick Willis carries the flag for the New Zealand Olympics team. He is the middle-distance runner athlete, known for “quiet modesty, humour and generosity” of spirit who tweeted these words on twitter from Monaco recently:

Whatever is noble, right pure. Think on these things.-Phil 4:8.

The vibe of New Zealand and our team of athletes, coaches and supporters in London is:

We symbolize the Mana Mauri and wick of “Amazing honour” as a torch of liberty, excellence, innovation, sustainable living and noble human rights furtherance in Aoteroa New Zealand – as a provider of bright hope for the children of the world’s best future horizons of Peace’s rule and reign.

NZ’s PM John Key who is pictured below attending the Kapa Haka Maori Performing Arts High School competition at Kensington Stadium, Whangarei City, Te Tai Tokerau Northland, tweeted:

“Congratulations to @nickwillis who has just been named our flag bearer for the Olympics opening ceremony – what an honour.”

School girl, Tayla Young added youthful Kiwi smiles and the best wishes of a nation’s joy in London too.-Source: Yahoo.Com.

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Alright - In elite sports: “Always gotta go for the doctor!” :)

PM John Key attends Kapa Haka in Whangarei City – Photo: Northern Advocate.

Rangatahi perform the timeless and lively art of otherwordly Kapa Haka of New Zealand.

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Watching Breakfast television in New Zealand this weekend a few books were promo-ed on the show. One was Owen Glenn‘s rags-to-riches biographical life story, titled Making a Difference. Blogger and book critic Graeme Beattie‘s review of the book can be read here. Glenn is also the owner of The Warriors rugby league club in New Zealand. His work in India is vital in West Bengali.

Also on Breakfast was Stacey Morrison talking about a new book that is pivotal to New Zealand’s future. Her husband wrote the book. For people who would like to learn the Maori language and teach their children the language, Scotty Morrison‘s brand new book titled The Raupo Phrasebook of Modern Maori: The User-friendly Guide for All New Zealanders is an essential Kiwi book we all must own a copy of.

Together, Stacey and Scotty’s combined contributions to enrich New Zealand culture as broadcasters is a massive legacy they have consistently given to instill a strength of spirit and Maori culture into the fabric of New Zealand’s ever-changing society. I love what they do. I get it. There are no words to explain what they have given over the years. They always give in fun ways, so you never know you’re really conscious you’re learning from them when they are on the air as entertainers and broadcasters. Thank you.

About the book. Fishpond book website writes:

The Raupo Phrasebook of Modern Maori is an up-to-date, versatile and highly relevant resource and guide for utilizing Maori language in everyday life. Whether you’re a novice or emergent speaker of te reo Maori, or a complete beginner, you’ll learn useful phrases for: The home, the marae, the workplace, and social settings etiquette. The book also gives advice about appropriate observations of time in correct address for the days, months, seasons and weather. Key phrases are taught for mathematical discourse in Maori too.

For the person who is on the go, The Raupo Phrasebook of Modern Maori offers instructional knowledge for travel and directions, playing sports, having fun, and so much more!

The phrasebook also covers dialects, grammar and pronunciation; answers to key questions you’ll use the most in life; outlines favorite idioms and slang used every day in New Zealand society’s Maori conscious world; shares the wisdom of the ancients through proverbs and speeches; and provides information on the ever-changing history of te reo Maori – an active, evolving, living, satisfying and vibrant culture that’s on the rise.

The useful vocabulary lists are a big hit and are offered for each book section to make reading easy. The tone of the book is written in a user-friendly manner with everyday New Zealanders in mind. With a focus on modern-day language, The Raupo Phrasebook of Modern Maori is the guide that no home should be without.

About the Author: Scotty Morrison (Ngati Whakaue) is the well-known presenter of the Maori current affairs programme Te Karere. He holds a Diploma of Teaching, Bachelor of Education and a Masters degree (Education) from Waikato University.

Scotty is also the Director of Maori Student and Community Engagement at Auckland’s Unitec Institute of Technology Te Whare Wananga o Wairaka, where he promotes te reo Maori through awareness, administration and specialised courses.


[Note: Must get both books].

Rawdon Christie of TVNZ interviews Stacey on integrating Maori into daily life. I think of how important Sir Apirana Ngata‘s books were to New Zealand society back in the day. This book has the ability to be just as profound to NZ culture and to the world that loves Indigenous Peoples knowledge too. How practical, valuable and useful. Rock on.

[Photo: Chris Skelton - Fairfax Media NZ]

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In the Maori language, New Zealand’s mother of a nation for Maori broadcasting, Tini Molyneux has a korero (chat).

Her kaupapa (topic of conservation): ika & wai.

Or in Maori tweet language on twitter: iKA WAi.

Profound thoughts towards forward change ahead for the economy to grow and advance.

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So, international singer, Hinewehi Mohi of Oceania sweetness hits up the Kapa Haka Super 12. Twelve teams, twelve performers per team and twelve minutes on the stage. Sounds like a Hobbit film set just set to high energy, kapa haka action. Watch above.

- – -

We also need to renovate river banks, build affordable housing and vineyards for first time home owners, and make sure that Auckland City development allows first time home buying Kiwis to even get a look in. Maybe “Kapa Kainga” could help bring the spirit of haka more into the sphere of building, architectural design and city planning development for Maori and all Kiwis who are struggling to own first homes, in the future. There’s also all of the Kiwis in Aussie, buying homes back in NZ too. Heaps of first homes in the North are bought that way in Maori communities with Aussie family buying in NZ for family here.

Obviously, North of Auckland and South of Auckland could do with some new cities developments if NZ’s population is to branch out as home-owners more.

Congratulations to the teams this year competing in the kapa haka.

Sporty girl Bernadine Oliver Kirby serves up the story. News producer, Anzac Pikia reporting. Go Whangarei! Chur!

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Celebrating Matariki (Maori New Year celebrations), Nga mana whakairo a Toi ki Tamaki join us in the lead up to the Kapa haka Super 12. Matai Rangi Smith introduces some Maori culture.

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The brightest stars in (and settling into) New Zealand have always referenced the Iwi-Maori Star System. It sits at the center of New Zealand culture of anyone who ever touched down here or within our ocean-flanked borders and now too our e-commerce governed – sovereign state as New Zealand citizens. Organically grown, Iwi-Maori culture remains one of the most spiritual cultures in the world, a living symbol of what is right for humanity and who our citizens care enough to help.  

Kiwi socialite and fashion icon in New Zealand Judith Baragwanath‘s name is rating on the website today.

Here’s a Kiwi story: At 16, I used to work with Judith many years ago at a cafe on Summer Street, Auckland where I lived while studying and working at Ricks Ca[g]e Americain as a chef and at Summer Street restaurant as a waiter part time. Always returning home each night covered in garlic and cooking grease, I worked six days a week back then.

Looking back, I knew nothing, yet there I was doing the mahi with a Northland rural Kiwi smile in ‘the bright lights, big smoke’ of NZ’s largest city. To me, it was another surreal world to what I was used to. As a country farm-raised kid, back then, I was actually quite terrified by all of the sophisticated adults around me. Then along came a real character in Judith. In her I saw how Kiwis made getting over cultural-cringe a statement. She always worked at that, to make New Zealand feel more likeourhome, our place, our part of the world. That gig, she perpetually rocked it!

Always swilling a glass of champagne on the job and dining litely on fresh Pacific oysters and caviar, Judith paid tribute to Iwi Maori women (who wear moko on their lips) by making her own fashion statement her trademark “black lips.” She was different, as she was a fashion model who referenced one aspect of Maori culture as her own fashion statement of being a Pakeha Kiwi. With attitude galore, she did it in a postmodern Parnell-urban way.

In this manner as an artist, she showed her respect to the wahine (women) who had walked before her in the great land called Aotearoa New Zealand. She had cheeky Pakeha chutzpah.

Baragwanath makes me think of those who wear the art of black caviar pearl nail polish and lippy to fashion and Kiwi sports matches around the world. A rising trend worldwide, now incorporating moko culture. The rise of Maori affection is perhaps becoming more evident on a trends tracking level of global consciousness. Perhaps a hint of Russia in Ciaté Caviar fashion and salty textured style is what the trend reveals too.

[Music interlude - The crazy awesome kids earning Kapa Haka degrees in the art of Kiwi fierce, freedom of expression, live performance in ‘Haka Theatre’ that has branched out now to become an official degree of study. The students perform in a bachelors programme created for youth to excel in haka. The course is called Nga Mana Whakairo a Toi. The idea for the course came from the huge success of the Arohanui (Love as limitless as the ocean wide and deep) theatre production. View at their pic above. (more…)


The artform of kapa haka involves choreographing performers in harmony and unison. It is a co-ordinated performance of culture.

It’s very different to manipulation, because all of the performers know up front, what kapa haka theater is about, when they sign up to it.

Their audience does too, before the performers step out onto their stage and open their gates.

In New Zealand, we love it! It’s healthy, demonstrates discipline in teamwork, inspires a living symbol of hope and it is good for us. :)

[Te Tai Ihu O Te Waka Kapa Haka Regionals. For an honest performance - Click on their pic to view their natural form of grace].

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Te Karere Maori news had some groovy footage of Kapa Haka (Maori cultural performance arts) today.

Footage coming soon.

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Grace Dickison (pictured above) loves learning Te Reo Maori (the Maori language) in New Zealand at Northcross Intermediate school in Auckland City. However it appears that only the extremely privileged and wealthiest families’ children (in private schools like Kings College) are the only New Zealand citizens who are guaranteed the funding in their schools to afford a kapa haka tutor and Maori language teacher too - as a given.

Grace says that kapa haka at Northcross and feels it boosts her confidence and motivates her to go to school. But her mother, Kirsten Dickison, says that if the funding is cut and a teacher is laid off, it would be “devastating”.

“Grace loves it and it would be a shame to see others not be able to do it.”

The Mairangi Bay mother has already had two children go through intermediate, one of whom thrived because of dance classes.

“Those intermediate years are all about the kids trying things that they wouldn’t normally try because they wouldn’t have that opportunity unless [parents] are actively involved in putting them into dance or music outside of school.”

Mrs Dickison was also concerned about the increased class sizes proposed by schools [in budget freezing moves] to keep the specialist subjects, saying teachers were already stretched to their limits.

“It doesn’t fill me with confidence, really. Life for teachers is hard enough as it is … How are they going to meet the demands of more students?”

90% of schools will lose between one and six teachers. One school as much as ten. The government aims to bump up class sizes to save money.

Parents are outraged. Teachers too. Meanwhile, a little girl waits…. in Kenya… to be fed… with an apple app that teaches her about nutrition and science technology… while waiting for a real apple that her folks can afford. (Very Snow White that fairy tale… but totally doable too. Children in remote Pacific Islands could also learn this way with solar powered energy powering computers in their schools).   (more…)


Recently Maori cultural performers of the Te Arawa Iwi (Maori tribe of Rotorua) were invited to perform in London at a certain royal performance, leading into the London Olympic Games.

Weirdly, I can’t seem to find a photo of these Kiwi stars representing the country on a global stage – in New Zealand’s print media. Can you? That one must of slipped on past, or flown over the cuckoo’s nest of the New Zealand print-media’s attention. There must be far more important news items on the radar at this minute instead.

If you can find a picture of Te Arawa performers live at a royal shing-ding recently, leave a comment on the blog with a link. Thanks.

The talented tribe have given birth to some of Hollywood’s most well known movie stars from New Zealand.

To see what else other than performing arts that the tribe is up to, click here.

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Q. What is something New Zealand offers you that living Hollywood doesn’t?

A. Hanging out with Maori cousins like Waratah Taogaga – who is half Aboriginal from the oldest culture Australia knows, as well as being Maori (Ngati Whatua and Ngapuhi Tribes). Waratah is also blessed with Samoan lineage. She loves kapa haka (Maori cultural performance). Waratah lives in Helensville, the New Zealand PM’s designated electorate – quite happily.

Like her Maori-Polynesian momma, Eileen, Waratah’s sweet humble spirit and her respect for her elders knowledge, always makes me smile.

She’s a little bubbly star, just trekking a bright future for our tribes and all New Zelanders.

Waratah is A Maobo (Maori Abbo) original of Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia. Though, she’s just Warratah really. A person her Kiwi family loves. Living her young life and loving it in NZ.  :)

- – -

Watching young people like Waratah grow in her Maoritanga (Maori culture) is just one groovy thing I can think of asap about being back in NZ, that I wouldn’t get to see in Hollywood – yet.

[Photographs - Archives]

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Good News in turning the tide towards Maori Kiwis ability to grow New Zeland substantially with substance in the future,  particular in fostering healthy culture for all New Zealand youth that encourages a team spirit.

Hot off the press from the New Zealand Herald website: “The acceptance of Maori culture as an important part of New Zealand society will only increase further in the future, history professor Paul Moon says.

According to the Roy Morgan State of the Nation March 2012 report, there has been an upsurge in the number of New Zealanders who consider Maori culture to be an “essential component” of New Zealand society.

In December 2001, 52 per cent of respondents said it was essential, compared to 61 per cent a decade later, although in the past three years the figure has remained steady around the 60 per cent mark. Dr Moon, professor of history at the AUT’s Faculty of Maori Development, said the figure is “bound to” get higher in the future. It’s a demographic fact, a cultural fact and a social maturity fact that increasingly we will begin to see that aspect of the culture as integral to New Zealand society.

Dr Moon said the increase was down to two components – long-term factors such as programmes teaching Te Reo and tikanga Maori, and events which put New Zealand on the world stage, such as the Rugby World Cup.

“The more we are in the international spotlight for an event like the Rugby World Cup, the more the indigenous culture tends to fall under the spotlight.”

Performers and artists such as [the incomparable] singer Tiki Taane who combine traditional Maori culture with contemporary elements also boost acceptance.

“I think that is where the biggest advances are taking place, because there are almost two strands of Maori culture running side by side. When most people think of [Maori culture] they might think of a haka performance, or a hangi, or an event at a marae, that’s the sort we tend to put on for tourists. But there is a whole other dimension of Maori culture, such as Tiki Taane who are mixing traditional elements with more contemporary ones, there are artists, writers, poets, dancers, that whole modern aspect of culture that tends to get sidelined popularly, but are still very important and is gradually making more penetration.”

Paul added: “But certainly if you were to look at New Zealand from an overseas perspective… I think the results would be very high that it is an essential part of the culture. The fact that Maori culture is the indigenous culture and does not appear anywhere else in the world, that adds to its importance.”

Special thanks to the NZH’s Paul Harper who penned this report.

[Demonstrating 'the art of fierce', discipline, teamwork, unity in choreography and the unique expression of the mana, ihi and wehi of our ancestors of New Zealand's legacy of resilient spirit... here's Waiorea with their whakaeke performance item... at the Secondary Schools Nationals 2010- Kapa Haka - Maori Cultural performing arts festival. Their energy makes our identity as Kiwis stronger.].

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HEKIA & JERRY + TEN BLOG POSTS @ 7.35PM – 19.2.12

[Photo Hekia & Jerry-Zimbio]

Some blog posts this 50% American audience is peeping right now online at 7.35pm are:

1. Hekia Parata

2. Kevin Costner

3. Ryan Gosling

4. Roustam Tariko

5. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

6. Datalight, China & Iwi

7. Benjamin Netanyahu

8. Brooke Fraser

9. Undefeated

10. The Rock

[Live Music: Gisborne Primary School singing Paikea].

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Te Piringa - a Maori cultural group of performing artists have had some fantastic crowning moments as performers of kapa haka – the Indigenous Performing Arts Traditions of New Zealand.

Let’s take a look back today at a cultural group many Kiwis love, admire, respect, follow.

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Summer Schools in New Zealand are diverse and varied. According to News.Tangatawhenua.Com’s website:

“Explore new heights in Maori cultural performing arts with Kura Raumati – Summer School programme at the Takitimu Performing Arts School, starting on the 9th January to the 21st January 2012.

Participants will learn about the fundamentals of Maori Performing arts [or kapa haka] in a two week programme, from stage production, through to vocal musicianship, professional performance and arts administration; with a strong focus on Maori traditional and contemporary song and dance.

Stunning stuff. To learn more about the cultural opportunity of a lfietime, jet here. It’s the stuff New Zealanders are very proud of.

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Part Two of the artists bringing you traditional Maori culture, adapted in the form of a stage show, Arohanui, can be viewed above.

So creative, unique and awesome! There’s no other culture quite like it.

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Annette Wehi shines in this stage production of Arohanui.

Take a look at the wonders of traditional Maori theater, adapted to the stage.

Totally otherworldy!

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I have to say that the new tee shirt artwork for Fonterra with the slogan Dairy for Life, reminds me of a Wellywood-Bollywood co-production movie musical idea in the making. I wonder if Taranaki can be the filmmaking location. Y not?!

The artwork was designed by a team member on Fonterra’s team of talented staff. How cool are they?! Love the Maori figure on top of the world in this depiction of a United Nations mecca. Very Kiwi.

Anyway, the ten most searched for subjects/ topics/ people today on Horiwood.Com are:

1. Julia Gillard

2. Wissam Al Manna

3. Ryan Gosling

4. Christina Hendricks

5.“buying islands”

6.“toned celebrities”

7.Angelina Jolie

8.“Maori haka”

9.“first Maori prime minister”

10. “taj mahal india”

Music –

Readers comment of the day: **: “You could certainly see your expertise in the paintings you write. The arena hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. All the time go after your heart.”

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A nation is strong when children in communities are strong. When this occurs, we have a culture and a society that is well knit with strong young people. That’s why I like this story.

Four days ago my mom called. She was buzzing from attending a kapa haka event where 2000 young people in Northland were gathered to perform Maori culture. The pulse showed a resurgence amongst Maori youth to grow authentic Kiwi culture in exciting ways. All mom could say on the phone was “Fabulous. These kids are fabulous! “

Here’s a clip from Te Karere Maori news today, showing the primary schools competition winners 2011.

Seeing young people rise up and live Maori culture – given all that Maori have been through in a resilient history of survival and self determination in New Zealand, is always so inspiring.

Mauri Ora Tatou – Life be to Us.:)

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Fonterra allegedly has an exciting corporate Kapa Haka team, comprised of the dairy giants talented and capable team of employees.

They are said to be quite awesome, when they perform.

Love it!

Are corporate kapa haka teams, the new look of New Zealand’s best, leading-edge and trend-setting companies?I think so. What a cool lead!

[Here's the Patea Maori Club, with their classic hit, Poi E]

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