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V formation flight leadership aesthetic unity of motion

Tracking @5,288,716 audience peak. On February 7th 2008, this website began in Hollywood, California, USA. For two years it was created in the US and in 2013 it will be two years even that the website has been published online in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Together we’ve attained the 5,288,716 viewing audience peak. It is a team effort of everyone who colllaborates, of people with content in the site and of you… the reading audience’s Wowsa! (more…)


Larry King's Star

The 15th Most Voted Stars of 2012 were the combined efforts of The 50 Top Voted Stars 2011.

What this tells us? As a trend it means that people are loyal to their favorite celebrities even if some stars did wane in a rough year that resembled “a washing machine” effect in the world.

Congratulations to all the stars of 2011 who shone through again in 2012. No.1 last year was Serena Williams. It was a tennis tantrum that got the much loved American sports star to the top of the list. A few hours later she Serena was presenting an award at a Los Angeles entertainment event. Her humanness on show, propelled the tennis champion to no.1. Go figure…

It’s good to see you supporting your favorite stars. Stay shiny…

[Hollywood Star pic: Larry King Music: New Zealand's break out stars, the boy band group Titanium with the pop jingle Come on Home].

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Director, producer, a patriarch of young filmmakers in New Zealand and film festival collaborator, Roger Horrocks appears with Anthony Timpson in a TV interview, highlighting the International Film Festival 2012. View it above. Also check out the line up this year of a film festival 100,000 people are supporters of.

Venues of the festival are as follows: Auckland Jul 19 – Aug 05, Christchurch Aug 09 – Aug 26, Dunedin Jul 27 – Aug 19, Hamilton Aug 23 – Sep 09, Hawke’s Bay Sep 13 – Sep 30, Masterton Oct 17 – Oct 31, Nelson Aug 29 – Sep 16, New Plymouth  – Dates TBC, Palmerston North Aug 16 – Sep 02, Tauranga Sep 06 – Sep 23, Wellington Jul 27 – Aug 12.

To link via social media to the International Film Festival: Like IFF on Facebook, Follow IFF on Twitter, Watch IFF on Youtube. 

The Cultural Icon Interview with Roger Horrocks from The Big Idea – can also be viewed here too.

To this man in NZ, we say “thank you” for all he has done to further film and filmmakers work, their skills, ideas - with his trademark passion of sincerity and his brand of encouragement. There are many teachers, few fathers. In the film world, Roger Horrocks is known as both. Mauri Ora. Rock on!

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Lucy Lawless is going on tour. I watched her on the Saturday Breakfast show this morning. She’s looking very Lisa Marie Presley. Gorgeous.

Checking out her website, Lawless has written an open letter to her New Zealand fans to join her for a night out. Lucy is about to rock as a local rock star in New Zealand. Her letters says:

“I want to party with people who celebrate life.  I reckon we are all so busy doing good, our kids, jobs, pets, friends, charities etc.  Sometimes a girl needs to bust out.

I know the women in my community are bugging to break out.  This is their chance to rediscover their inner wild child.

I go out in LA and all the young people are cultivating their jadedness.  It looks so effortful.  They’d be cooler people if they didn’t worry so much what others think about them.  Fortunately we don’t have that problem. When I get together with fans, it’s a judgement-free zone.  There’s a lot of love in the room and we know how to cut loose.  It’s the most fun you can have without getting arrested.  (Which I’m duty bound to say is no fun at all.)

Anyhoo, I invite all my good friends (This means You!) to come join the party. I am thrilled to have two mighty Amazons of NZ music royalty come out to play.  Anika Moa and Julia Deans are joining me, Joe LoDuca, Ben Jurisich, Scott Wotherspoon & Jason Sonic Smith (aka. Eurostalker).

I’ve made it R18 because it’s in a pub and I hate seeing kids at my shows.  You never know what’s going to come out of our mouths.  Adult themes, definitely.

You were warned.

Big Love, Arohanui, Lucy

- – -

On the telly, Lawless looks forward to playing Los Angeles, New York, Chicago in the future too. There you have it! One of New Zealand’s local superheroes is going on an impromptu rocking tour. Sounds fun! We’ll have to hurry up and develop a biodiesil fuelled jet for Lucy, so New Zealand’s pop cultural action Princess can get to where she needs to go to, more guilt-free and fast. You know… performers need these things to get to their gigs.

You’d think one of Lawless’ many fans would have invented one for her by now! Geez!

Are you getting ready, Chicago?!

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Just saw Tiki Taane of Ngati Maniapoto at Revel cafe in Auckland City.

I was absolutely completely star struck. Didn’t even manage to say “hello.”

What an authentic music artist this brotha is.

Here’s Tiki in live performance with Tangaroa where Taane sings of Maori peoples long standing relationship and Kiwi kinship with the oceans of the world and the sea as guardians and legendary star navigators.


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Big budget 3D films that are Maori produced, Maori directed, Maori written… when will they begin to happen in New Zealand, against the backdrop of New Zealand’s whenua (landscapes) exactly?

It is 2012.

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Box office heavy-weights and action stars Zoe Saldana and Angelina Jolie were a picture of Hollywood star eveningwear glamour at the SAG Awards Show 2012. While Angelina went with black in Jenny Packham, Zoe Saldana stepped out in a white Givenchy gown.

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Seeking a taste of home, I go in search of a piece of my emotionally invested heart in the city. Its pulse spans the Pacific Ocean of limitless and gracious Amazng Grace love.

God smiles on me in acts of great generosity. Crimson red velvet like a svelt necklaced-smile winks at me, capturing my attention and cinematic imagination, deep in the heart of Tamaki Makaurau. Underneath a korowai galaxy of Southern Cross Ranginui Walker stars my eyes flicker seeing a piece of home.

Red Velvet Strings across my guitar… I can’t believe I’m really this shallow! But yes… sometimes I am. :)

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De ja vu Hollywood moment of the day: Just Jared website reported that a press junket was held for the Moneyball film today. Writes Jared:

Brad Pitt walks with a cane as he arrives for a question and answer session for his film Moneyball on Monday (January 16) in Los Angeles. The night before, the 48-year-old actor attended the 2012 Golden Globe Awards with his partner Angelina Jolie. They both looked stunning!

Of the Awards show Pitt said, “It’s nice to see people come together.”

[Why does the little old lady in the above picture, look so familiarly similar to someone so famous in Beverly Hills?! Her likeness in this photograph makes me miss aspects of California.]

Photo below - Angelina Jolie wears Versace, Golden Globes 2011 – Photo DHG, courtesy of AltFilm.Org

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Imagine if North Korea invaded South Korea’s borders resulting in war?

Actually don’t imagine that, because the trailer of the movie The Front Line, has already done that already.

Incidentally the film is South Korea’s Foreign Language Film Entry for consideration at the Oscars this year. What a premise! Click on pic above to view trailer at Nikki Finke‘s Deadline Hollywood website. The film was written by Sang-yeon Park and directed by Hun JangStars of the film include Ha-kyun Shin, Soo Go and Seung-su Ryu.

Gospel rocker Larry Norman‘s famous ballad I Wish We’d All Been Ready is worthy of a listen too. Peace!

Or, I kinda shared a dream post on the weekend on… the topic. If worried about this reality, just pray about it more.

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Beverly Hills, CA – The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences today announced that eight scientific and technical achievements represented by 28 individual award recipients will be honored at its annual Scientific and Technical Awards Presentation at the Beverly Wilshire on Saturday, February 11, 2012.

Unlike other Academy Awards to be presented this year, achievements receiving Scientific and Technical Awards need not have been developed and introduced during 2011. Rather, the achievements must demonstrate a proven record of contributing significant value to the process of making motion pictures.

The Academy Awards for scientific and technical achievements are:

Technical Achievement Award (Academy Certificate)

To Andrew Clinton and Mark Elendt for the invention and integration of micro-voxels in the Mantra software. (more…)


Zephyr writes in today: “It’s almost 2012. An updated pic plez?”

Photo Dec 2011: Attending a newphew’s1st Birthday party a week ago, I marveled at the fact that he was so perfect and full of life.

He is a true bundle of happiness and joy. A gift.

This Christmas, what I’ve learned is that life is about a feeling of gratitude in teamwork.

The heart is overwhelmed at the many gifts a plethora of eclectic people have given me as my teachers. Thank you.

(Thnx Zephyr. Have a very happy holiday season.)

The Horiwood Top 10 today are:

1. Kim Kardashian 4th most voted star 2011

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3. Rihanna - A Young Hollywood Tweet

4. Hillsong Australia – Christmas Community Production 2011

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6. Petra Ecclestone – 4th most voted star 2011

7. Even wealthy families need an economic rocket

8. Ashton Kutcher

9. Dan Carter & Honor Dillon wedding photos

10. Forbes Billionaires 2011 – Who is no.1?

One for the Troops – NZ Army shout out

One for Beverly Hills Mentors – Humor – Sitte Rocky, 87

[Vintage Hollywood photo - Archives - Marlon Brando on the set of Missouri Breaks 1976].

New Zealand News

Quake-city pay rise angers residents

Quake-city pay rise angers residents – Christchurch ratepayers struggling to cope in a earthquake-ravaged city have vented their anger over a pay rise

Shag Hansen is the AB’s new head coach

Ian Foster is the new All Black assistant coach

Rugby: Grant Fox mystery All Black selector

Or, TVNZ – Foster and Fox get leading All Blacks roles

TVNZ Video – John Key’s Christmas message (0:40)

Shearer: Poverty ‘no issue to play politics over’

SAS must never go back, says Goff

Key and ministers off to Oz

Shearer’s Home Improvements Methodology – listen, learn & act

TV3 – Top 10 NZ sporting moments of 2011

'The Black List' - Read Hollywood's hottest unproduced scripts

‘The Black List’ – Read Hollywood’s hottest unproduced scripts

Travel writing: Peaks and pavements

Travel writing: Peaks and pavements

NZ dollar gains on upbeat US data

Whose who in the Muslim world 2011? Why are women so marginalized on this list?

Australian News

TV3 – NZ introduced thongs to Australia says expert

Sydney rentals strangling tenants

Supplying uranium – Yet fear over India’s nuclear embrace

Sydney: a city of cultures

Sydney’s west tipped as prime airport site

Africa News

Soccer: Yaya Toure scoops top African player award

Asia Pacific News

Asia Photos of the Year 2011 – From a Hindu celebration in Thailand to Aung San Suu Kyi’s increasing freedom in Myanmar, take a look back at the best images from Asia in 2011.

Kristof: North Korea

Sydney Morning Herald – Top spy casts doubts over Kim’s train death

Pyongyang’s Quasi-Deification of Kin Jun’s son is a bit WTF!

South Korean President to Visit China

Italy News

Italy Passes $40 Billion Austerity Plan

Pakistan News

U.S. Erred in Deadly Pakistan Strike

Mid East News

Blasts Rock Iraq Amid Political Crisis

Bombing wave in Baghdad kills dozens

Turkey Freezes Ties With France Over Genocide Bill

Observers Head to Syria

Palestinians vow cooperation in Cairo unity talks

Egypt’s PM calls for national dialogue

Yahoo Weighs Plan To Cut Alibaba Stake - Yahoo is discussing a plan to cut its stake in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan as part of a transaction valued at up to $18 billion.

Adoption order keeps Muslim love child safe

Russia News

Russia’s president offers reforms in final speech

UK News

Prince William gets his swagger on for London’s homeless youth.

USA News

Ordinary Americans – The Lives They Lived

For Sale: Sandy Weill’s Yacht

Metals Bets Hit Barclays

Federal Judge Blocks Portions of SC Immigration Law

Another Downgrade?

Fire sweeps through San Francisco apartments

Economic growth revised lower in third quarter

Hundreds of nurses strike at Long Beach hospital

$4 million in fake designer goods seized at L.A.-Long Beach ports

Hearing in Soldier’s WikiLeaks Case Ends

Robinson exit to cost NYT more than $15 million

Featured – Family Intrigue Shadows North Korea’s Dynasty

Cleverest List of Theatrical Moments

Southwest winter storm: 2 rescues, 1 new baby

Featured – Chinese grandmother’s touch gives Christmas dinner its zest

Adam Lambert — Arrested After Fighting Boyfriend in Finland

Live at X Factor: Who Thinks Melanie Amaro Will Win?

Movie Box Office Buzz – Batman and The Hobbit

George H.W. Bush calls Mitt Romney ‘best choice’ for GOP

USA: Where to stay in New York

USA: Where to stay in New York

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Click above, to view, Angelina Jolie‘s directorial movie debut, that deals with the topic of rape.

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We are the dream that we think, sense, imagine and attain for. If we see it, then we can be it.

It takes an entire village to raise a child

There’s an ancient Maori proverb that describes humility in attainment. It is a proverb that Maori live by in having respect for the landscape and natural surroundings of New Zealand. The wisdom of our ancients ensured that we were never limited by people in our aspirations of imagination, discipline and achievements. That proverb goes like this:

Whaia e koe ki te iti kahurangi; ki te tuohu koe, me maunga teitei

Seek the treasure you value most dearly: if you bow your head, let it be to a lofty mountain

In Brainy Maoris in Film News: In the opening shots of documentary, Maori Boy Genius, 17-year-old Ngaa Rauuira is shown in the two worlds that have dominated his life. In one, he is getting ready for a kapa haka performance, having a tattoo drawn on to his skin. In the other, he is walking through the library at Yale University, sitting in class as a succession of ideas are thrown at him: separation, integration, ethnic homogeneity, partition.

Ngaa Rauuira has been a student at Yale University’s summer programmes twice. The first time he went, he was 15.

His story has been filmed in this inspiring documentary. It’s not so much a story about his achievements, as the story of how his whanau and community supported him and nurtured him, and have invested in him. More than once, the idea that Ngaa Rauuira might become prime minister of New Zealand is mentioned in the film, and when you talk to him, it’s easy to see why.

“I come from a culture where the application of what you learn is what defines you,” he says. “The piece of paper doesn’t make you great. It’s what you do with it.” Asked if he wants to be a lawyer, a politician or prime minister, he says “of course”.

Ngaa Rauuira is the eldest of six children. Since the age of seven, he has lived with his grandparents, learning traditional knowledge. His first language is te reo Maori. His entire schooling has been in te reo, although his teachers praise the way he straddles both the Maori and non-Maori worlds.”

The thing is, Maori don’t have to wait until Ngaa Rauuira grows up, we have more than capable leaders right now, leading with perceptive vision that Ngaa Rauuira needs for a strong New Zealand future, to help navigate his trajectory. Their job is to clear the clutter and put young New Zealanders like Ngaa Rauuira on the super highways of achievement.

His story provides good reflection and motivation for such leaders to keep on keeping on.

For more in this young leader-in-the-mix’s fun story, go here.

To watch the documentary trailer by the award winning Pietra Brettkelly jet here.

Kia kaha! :)

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There’s always gonna be another mountain… keep the faith–Miley Cyrus

I met her when she was 15, just before she became a mega, mega star-teen. I said to her, “What I like about you is that you are 1) both humble and talented; and 2) that you love God.”

She said, “let’s get Sharky’s pizza.”

I said, “okay.”

Gotta love Smilers! 2nd generation Hollywood star and the Queen of American teens. You voted Miley Cyrus our 22nd most voted star for 2011.

Go kid! ;)

[BTW: I'd love to see The Climb performed in the Maori language. That would be inspirational].

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In the center of our top 50 most voted stars this year is Mr Cliff Curtis.

He is as comfortable walking into a packed Hollywood restaurant (being instantly recognized by everyone) as he is walking barefoot with his kids on Ohope Beach.

He’s a skilled practitioner on a blockbuster action movie set, or, wielding a taiaha in the ancient martial arts traditions of Maori mau rakau on Mokoia Island, Rotorua.

He is every inch a true star of Aotearoa, New Zealand that is globally loved.

Cliff Curtis started out from humble beginnings. He was adopted by family members as a whangai child. Many times the beach fed him and his family. Not a bad life at all, despite the many hardships he had to endure. Curtis soon grew up to become New Zealand’s ballroom dancing champion. Cliff Curtis was dancing with the stars long before many of us ever were in Aotearoa New Zealand.

An avid theater actor schooled in Poneke Wellington, Cliff became a household movie star name, playing a man who pretended to be another man’s good mate. Instead, against an alcohol-fueled backdrop of domestic violence, the character Cliff played was raping (and killing) the other man’s child. Though this got Cliff recognized worldwide, it was a role that Cliff spent 15 years trying to shake.

The movie Once Were Warriors was judged at Cannes International film festival and it made a hard-bitten Hollywood veteran film judge, like Clint Eastwood, weep. Cliff went on to play many roles in his career that can all be studied here. Any Maori actor must study Cliff Curtis, a man who excelled at playing Mid-Eastern characters from Iraqis to Israelis and Colombians to Mexicans. Cliff Curtis is so talented.

The choices of roles he’s played demonstrate Cliff’s ability to shape shift. He is now deemed to be an actor of Hollywood that will grow into a Morgan Freeman styled character actor and Hollywood legend in time. Like good wine, Cliff Curtis is a humanitarian, global warrior activist actor we look forward to seeing more from as an artist.

Cliff’s latest two roles have seen him star in Colombiana with Hollywood’s 9th highest earning box office star of 2010, Zoe Saldanas. Cliff plays Zoe’s mentor, with Zoe cast in the role of a woman who lost her parents through the drug trade, as can be seen in the film Colombiana.

Other roles include starring opposite Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) for the second time in the film Crossing Over where Cliff and Harrison are cast in a film having to solve problems of tension and conflict that can arise when tackling immigration issues.

I like Cliff because he’s always a happy hori. When you’re Maori, that’s as good as it gets.

In Hollywood, he is.

As an actor, Cliff’s ‘hero’ has never been a person in the industry. His hero is Maui – the mythological character he grew up learning about as a New Zealand school kid all those years ago. Maui, the adventurer fished up the North Island, tamed the sun and withstood the heat of jealousiesof his stronger siblings. Cliff to me, is the original Hollywood Maui.

Because of his connection with Maori and Polynesian storytelling – when you watch Cliff on screen as an artist, he always takes with him the Maui character and reinterprets this adventurer onscreen, in many forms – no matter what ethnicity of character – Hollywood has cast him in.

If you want an Oscar nomination, it’s also known in Hollywood that Cliff is one of the main contenders to star alongside. He brings an element of authenticity to any film project. He adds the depth to Hollywood film texts. Curtis is of Ngati Hauiti and Te Arawa (Maori tribal) lineage. His beautiful wife is from Myanmar. I like their family a lot. :)

Cliff is the first Maori in the world to star in a blockbuster 3D film that has excelled in Asia and Asia-Pacific territories. He is the world’s 1st Hollywood Maori King, the 25th most voted star this year. Chur!

I like Cliff because not only is he an award winning producer these days, but he can be just so darn funny. He’s straight up and most times incredibly humble. A Kiwi we are all very proud of. Go Bro!

[Photo courtesy of Star Pulse]

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10 POPULAR POSTS – 18.11.11

Ricky Gervais, the rude and sometimes funny talk show host will be hosting The Golden Globes again for 2012. Here’s what Johnny Depp has to say about that. Prim and proper with a cool demeanor, butter wouldn’t melt in Ricky’s mouth during this interview with Johnny.

For a hoot, here’s 10 Top Rating Posts in this moment:

1. Homepage: Ezra Hōri’s Rugby World Cup Day Build Up

2. Retro Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher

3. Janet Jackson, Wissam Al Mana & Lenny Kravitz

4. Olivia Wilde

5. Poetry - Dinner with The Cannibal by Witi Ihimaera

6. Retro Jacob Black 

7. Beyonce ‘s pregnancy

8. Dark, weird & manipulative – US Publicity Humor by Ryan Gosling & Kirsten Dunst

9. Disrespectful Muslim actors in the UK – how to start a revolution

10. Serial Pirate – Johnny Depp

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Movie trailer,Roseanne Liang with My Wedding & Other Secrets, a film that opened the Chinese Oscars this year.

Guest Commentary, Lincoln Tan: “Shogo Tomiyama is one of Japan’s top film makers and producer of blockbuster movies like Godzilla: Final Wars, Ring and Seven Samurai.

But the studio veteran of 35 years wants to send budding Japanese producers to the land of the Hobbit to learn the art of film making.

Top producers from the Asia Pacific region gathered in Auckland over the weekend to network and discuss co-production opportunities.

Organisers of the Asia-Pacific Producers Network symposium, being hosted in New Zealand for the first time by Film Auckland, said the event was also an opportunity to showcase New Zealand as a film location and promote its wealth of creative talent. (more…)


In Hollywood News Today, EW.Com dishes the latest on Oscars pre-production news:

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that Brian Grazer (Cowboys & Aliens, The Da Vinci Code) will be the new producer of the Academy Awards, the latest development in a wild 48 hours that saw previous producer Brett Ratner resign amid a firestorm of controversy and Eddie Murphy subsequently withdraw from hosting the show this morning. Ironically, Grazer also produced Ratner and Murphy’s latest film, Tower Heist. He joins veteran TV producer Don Mischer, who remained on as an Oscar producer after Ratner stepped down.

“It’s very gratifying to be part of a show that honors excellence in the medium to which I have devoted so much of my career,” said Grazer in a statement. “Don is a legend, and I am excited to work with him.”

“Brian Grazer is a renowned filmmaker who over the past 25 years has produced a diverse and extraordinary body of work,” added Academy president Tom Sherak. “He will certainly bring his tremendous talent, creativity and relationships to the Oscars.” Added Mischer, ”I am thrilled to welcome Brian Grazer as my partner and that we will be  collaborating to produce an outstanding show.”

Ratner resigned his position yesterday after coming under harsh criticism for his use of an anti-gay slur at a post-screening Q&A for Tower Heist, and a ribald interview on The Howard Stern Show. Murphy bowed out from the show this morning, saying, “I completely understand and support each party’s decision with regard to a change of producers for this year’s Academy Awards ceremony.”

As I’m posting this from New Zealand, I can’t help but wonder why Brian reminds me of a Canterbury corn-fed pet sheep from Kumeu ways, now running a ponzi scheme racket in a golden tower. Weird.

About Tower Heist (trailer above): “When a group of hard working guys find out they’ve fallen victim to a wealthy business man’s Ponzi scheme, they conspire to rob his high-rise residence.”

Favorite lines so far. “So what are they buying?”

“White neighbors?!”

“No. Us, the staff.”

Okay then!

[Photo courtesy of ShockYa.Com]

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Rugby Humor – Fans of Richard Kahui give their favorite football player a shout out in a recent parade in Poneke.

Alrighty then! Had a few requests for the top ten on RWC final day. Here it is. Peace!

1.North Auckland - Sharon Davis & baby Ezra Hōri’s Rugby World Cup final build up.

2. Jerome Kaino is a rugby football star of the world

3. From Hollywood – T.E.A.M – 10 Rugby Football Stars 2009

4. Israel Dagg

5. Black by Daniel Carter

6. Stephen Donald

7. Baby Taylor Weepu shines via Twitter

8. Richie McCaw

9. Mr Ma’a Nonu

10. Tie A: Orlando Bloom

10. Tie B: Beyonce & Jay-Z

Top Post today is: Girls of Country Music

Footage – Christchurch City gets an AB victory strut. Ha! [Footage via RugbyNZ]

As does Wellywood.

My favorite clips of the whole 8 week tournament are these. A good sport that’s community based is always about family achievement. Together everyone achieves more.

Piri Weepu led the All Blacks' haka on the steps of Parliament

All Blacks’ haka at Parliament – full footage

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Horiwood’s Top Ten Today (it takes too long, too wait for this weekend’s rugby decider results) are:

1. Best Kiwi “Sir” – Zinzan Brooke: This is Your Life TV Show

2. Home page -

3. Olivia Wilde leaves nothing to the imagination

4. Jerome Kaino just is 

5. Country hotties stay in shape

6. From Hollywood – 10 Rugby Football Stars – NZ All Blacks -2009

7. Israel Dagg always rates well

8. Kiwi babies keep getting cuter – Taylor Weepu

9. Rihanna in Hawaii

10. Global Sports Marketing Football Endorsements – Maori & The French

Bonus 11. The Jackson Kids shop in Beverly Hills

12. Ten Things about Obama‘s speechwriter


13. Nick Cannon talks social workers posing as paparazzi


Click on Zin Zan’s pic for more news. Or Click here to view one of the best characters New Zealand has ever produced.

[Photo - Baby Eden cleans up on the Kiwi cutie pie stakes with Kiwi icon, Alison Brooke and dad Zinny - NZWW]

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[Movie trailer - Crossing Over starring Hollywood legends Harrison Ford and Cliff Curtis]

A blogger is only a blogger because a blog audience supports them. Today, together, we reached the 4 million summit of blogging.

What began as an experiment in California during the recession years, as the first Hollywood-Maori blog, has proven to be successful, thanks to you – the global audience. Horiwood is a wordpress blog, part of the wordpress community of bloggers.

Let’s celebrate this moment with remembering the life of a Kiwi icon and legendary figure, Te Kooti, whose legacy of Peace lives on. At the 4 million summit, I share this moment with the people of Rongowhakaata, Te Kooti’s descendants.

Author Judith Binney‘s outstanding book, Redemption Songs reminds us: “Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki was one of the best-known Maori leaders of the 19th century. Today he is remembered mostly as a guerrilla fighter: a feared opponent of colonial forces with a price on his head. The stereotype does him little justice. Throughout his adult life, in both war and peace, he sought to redeem his people and the land. He founded the Ringatu church, which continues to this day. The causes of Te Kooti’s struggles are larger than personal injustice: he fought a war against land confiscation and illegal land purchases. Though frequently described as a murderer, he limited his attacks—even the most notorious, at Matawhero, Poverty Bay in 1868—to specific targets for precise reasons. Judith Binney has drawn on numerous sources in writing this book. Traces of Te Kooti’s many journeys remain throughout the North Island, and he left records of his remarkable life not only in government files but in personal letters and diaries, as well as in songs, stories and sayings among his own people in many places. This biography conveys the Ringatu perspectives alongside a fresh account of major events in New Zealand’s 19th-century history.

Front Cover
People like Te Kooti make us proud to be called Kiwis. Thanks for reading our blog. Peace! (more…)


Alright, here in Aotearoa New Zealand, the nation’s sweetheart of the silver screen is Keisha Castle-Hughes - a working mom and past Oscars nominee.

What’s Keisha up to? Like Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame, Keisha is currently treading Theater’s boards in a play, End of The Golden Weather. According to, an NZ.Govt website:

Young Geoff is a daydreamer with a burning ambition to be a famous writer. Through his eyes we see the wonder of life on a perfect beach, in a perfect 1930s New Zealand, during a perfect summer. It’s a world of magic and transformation, where anything can happen and miracles seem possible.

Firpo is a social outcast who dreams of winning an Olympic medal. When Geoff sets out to help Firpo make his dream a reality, ignoring his father’s rebukes and community ridicule, a battle rages between the eternal optimism of the child and the harsh pragmatism of adulthood.

Gliding effortlessly between flights of poetic fancy and blunt everyday speech, The End of the Golden Weather is iconic New Zealand storytelling at its very best, a poignant theatrical gem that everyone can relate to.”

I just might go to this. To see a Hollywood-Maori living legend perform live doesn’t get much better in theater than that in NZ, that’s for sure. Go Auckland Theatre Company! :)

Keisha stars with actor Nic Samson - from the comedy band Guns N Moses.

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