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Daren Kamali poetCoconut tree,
its flesh scraped and squeezed 
into a dish of vakalolo fish.
Coconut tree
in the middle of the sea, 
swaying to the rhythm 
of the island sea breeze. 
all  wrapped in rourou leaves 
placed in lovo pits to make palusami.

Into the vast ocean 
a coconut swam
floating from island to island 
replanting itself on every isle. 

In Niue's shell, serves kava for us.

Leaves of sasa brooms, woven mats
on clay floors, its juice quench's
thirst, breaking waves under
the tropical sun.


–poetic prose words:  dk.

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Fiji Islands JLS Photo

Coral reefs are the focus of a BBC reports shedding light on the ocean (nature’s lungs of earth’s oxygen).

It’s not a cool watch. What can we do of the most sought after terrains on earth. Islands and the ocean scope and surrounding marine footprint. Read.

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Cloud break, Fiji

important in the world are academics (and scientists) helping to shed light on climate change. It’s been a year of crazy weather, the last 12 months.

who’s involved? The Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) will provide an update of knowledge on the scientific, technical and socio-economic aspects of climate change. It will be composed of three working group reports and a Synthesis Report (SYR). The outline and content can be found in the AR5 reference document and SYR Scoping document.

WG1:  The Physical Science Basis 23-26 September 2013. WG2: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability 25-29 March 2014. WG3: Mitigation of Climate Change 7-11 and 13 April 2014. Next stage: AR5 Synthesis Report (SYR) 27-31 October 2014. (more…)


Elijah The Samoan Doing The Mahi

Elijah “The Samoan” is on clean up mahi duties in Alafua, Samoa post Cyclone Evan.

20 schools in the North of Samoa have been destroyed. Five people are reported dead, two have been reported missing, nine fisherfolk are also unaccounted for. 5500 people remain in temporary shelters. Heavy damage has occurred to water supplies, electricty infrastructure, public infrastructure. Thousands of displaced people need to be fed and debris cleared. 28 x 1000 litre water tanks are being installed around Upolu Island. Extra generators are also being organized to help in the crises. The end of next week should see power improvements.

In Fiji, 11,700 people are in evacuation centres, FijiVillage.com reports.

Elijah joins this team who are also helping in Samoa:  The New Zealand Red Cross. Oxfam.The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA). Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand. ShelterBox. Auckland Indian radio station Radio Tarana 1385am. All links to help can be linked to at the wing it. To help Fiji, click on Elijah’s pic too.

Photo: Vanessa.

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Fiji December 2012

Fiji News: Tropical Cyclone Evan lashed the Republic of Fiji with peak sustained winds the equivalent of a category-four storm Monday, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

(INTERACTIVE MAP:  Tropical Cyclone Evan)

The Republic of Fiji (population estimate:  890,000) is a group of islands in the south Pacific about 1265 miles northeast of New Zealand.

- – -

Source: Weather.com. More news at: New Zealand Herald  & News.Com.Au & BBC.

Additional News: RadioNZ & Radio Australia. Photo: Trade Aarabia. Satellite image: NASA

Support Link

Satellite Image Fiji Dec18 2012

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Samoa Devastation

News: Fiji under fire with a cyclone, Samoa in recovery at $300 million damage as one survivor tells a miracle story to Barbara Dreaver, President Obama asks the US to value children in community – admits to US failing to keep citizens safe, child sex abuse is never cool, a journalist’s murder trial happens, five years on South Africa questions PM’s promises, drones being used by normal people look fun – yet what are the air space rules, if any, Rotorua Island is a wild life sanctuary, Kate Middleton attends a night out, Syria’s news is featured, Italy’s PM goes for a young model cheerleader. In sports: racism in soccer needs a critique in NZ and Australia, Zara Phillips sees cyclist Bradley Wiggins win a top sports prize… and much more. For NZ, our hearts are with Fiji, Samoa, New Zealand families and are also thinking of USA’s citizens too, especially the young. Click on Gregory Nees photo of Samoa and press play to view a news show. (more…)


Fiji Thumping via Storm

Fiji is experiencing a thumping via Cyclone Evan.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Fiji & Samoa’s families, citizens, residents and guests.

[Photo: Fiji Information]

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Fiji Cyclone Evan Satellite Image

One image: Fiji by sky satellite image. Photo - JMA.

17th December 2012.

WeatherWatch.co.nz has weather updates for a hunker down testing time.

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resolute means admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.

–a good word.

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Fiji December 2012

Unless by some miracle the serious storm is averted, Fiji is preparing for Cyclone Evan’s arrival after Samoa was hit by the storm.

Monday evening or early Tuesday morning is when the storm’s effects are set to hit the Island archipelago nation. To be caught up in that reality requires patience, strength, lots of prayer, community uniting and fortitude.

Photo: Duatravel. Peace!

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Samoa’s recovery from Cyclone Evan is going to need support. Fiji prepares to get a “thumping” when the cyclone hits.

[Support Link: Samoa] + [Support Link: Fiji].

Pray for Fiji.

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Samoa December 14th 2012Cyclone Evan hit Samoa’s capital of Apia. 3,000 refugees are taking shelter away from their homes in temporary shelters in a storm that took three lives. Seven people are also unaccouted for, 200 injured. Samoa is managing the situation strongly, considering.

The cyclone is now tracking southwest towards Fiji and gathering strength where Fiji has urged its people to be prepared.

Our thoughts are with Samoa, Fiji - New Zealand’s outrigger nation family of nations of the South Pacific.

[Support link]

Photo: Samoa News.

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Tonga + Fiji are readying for a storm. (more…)


New York Superstorm Concert 2012

The Rolling Stones, Alicia Keys, Chris Martin, Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Kanye West and Bon Jovi combined talents to turn on a 12.12.12 show for New York City. So much fun.  View clip to see.

In NZ news: The law is the lead story that has Wellington divided on a case. Greymouth families of Pike River finally get an apology from waiting since 2010 from NZ’s PM to re-enter a mine to look for their families bodies. NZ signs a marine surveillance partnership with South Korea. Madiba, father of South Africa and anti-apartheid law, gets a shout out. (more…)


“That sort of welcome still humbles me and I guess what makes it even more special is that we are in Fiji and when you are talking sevens, you can’t go past Fiji,” Lomu said.

“There are no doubts at all that Fiji is the home of sevens. When you look at who has won the World Cup sevens and also win-loss ratios, there are not many teams that come near Fiji. They lose so many players each year because they go off-shore to make a living, but they just seem to replace them without any problem.

–the living legend Jonah Lomu responds to overwhelming adulation from Fiji’s people in being welcomed to Sigatoki, Fiji as the tournament ambassador of the Coral Coast Sevens Tournament.

Rugby Sevens History a la Jonah Lomu:

“It is like a factory here turning out sevens players.”

Lomu’s plaque is the third to be laid on the Sevens Walk of Fame in Sigatoka, beside Waisale Serevi and David Campese, who was the tournament ambassador last year.

“For me, it is quite humbling to be put up with those two greats. In my first year playing sevens in Hong Kong in 1994, I went to meet Serevi in his room and couldn’t believe it.

“The previous year I was sitting in my school dormitory lounge watching him play sevens, so to get to rub shoulders with him now and call him my friend is a dream come true in a lot of ways.

“With me and Campo, we had a battle over who owns the No11, so it is a great honour and privilege to be recognised and honoured in this way.”

–To read more of Peter White‘s report in how the Rugby Sevens is close to Lomu’s heart in presenting opportunity to the world’s rugby talent pool, read on.

Photo: Jonah Lomu unveils the special commemorative plaque in his honour in Sigatoka, Fiji, with help from sons Dyreille, left, and Braydley. PhotoPeter White. Top Photo: Jonah, a Tim Hale photograph. Home of 7s–Fiji’s News.

“the isles shall look to me, and on mine arm shall they trust.”

–mauri ora.

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Star. Moon.

Catherine Milne-King‘s words New Zealand. 9th November 2012

Sunrise. Sunlight. Sunset.


Audience – Who read’s Horiwoodblog website?

According to the stats report via the USA, audiences are made up of people from the following nations:

North America: 87.4% – USA. 9.1% – Canada. 1.9% – Mexico. 0.2% – Puerto Rico. 0.2% – Jamaica

Europe: 28.6% – The United Kingdom, 11.6% – France, 6.2% – Germany, 5.5% – Italy, 4.2% – Netherlands

Oceania: 62.5% – New Zealand, 35.8% – Australia, 0.6% – Fiji, 0.3% – French Polynesia, 0.3% – New Caledonia

Asia: 20.3% – India, 12.2% – Phillipines, 9.3% – Indonesia, 9.0% – Malaysia, 5.1% – Pakistan

South America: 45.1% Brazil, 21.9% Argentina, 9.2% Chile, 8% – Colombia, 5.1% – Venezuela

Africa: 34.4% South Africa, 23.4% Egypt, 6.6% Algeria, 5.7% Morocco, 4.4% Nigeria

Peace!   (more…)


Poignant song lyrics of New Zealand as penned by poetic-prophet: Brooke Fraser in the song Arithmetic.

I've been staring at the sky tonight
Marvelling and passing time
Wondering what to do with daylight
Until I can make you mine
You are the one I want, you are the one I want



“Samoa, Tonga and Fiji have way more potential than Scotland or Argentina.”

Chris Rattue reckons rugby development circles should invest more into South Pacific talent pools more.

[Photo: In 2008 Keven Mealamu talked to Mac Henderson. Mac was 101 at the time and had captained Scotland's side at Murrayfield in 1938. Fancy that! Photo - ESPN Scrum].

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Rihanna is up for five awards at the MTV Music Video Awards in LA this evening. She is tied for the most nominations.–NYDailyNews.

The Horiwood Top Ten are:

1. World News – 5.9.12

2. Dwayne Johnson – 3rd A-Listed Hollywood actor 2012

3. Nicole Kidman & The Horiwood Top Ten – 5.8.12

4. Miley Cyrus in The Valley

5. About Horiwood–> 50 Top Voted Stars 2011

6. Brooke Fraser & Scott Ligertwood

7. Chris Hemsworth

8. Maori Men – Artistic Strength – Ta Moko courage

9. Bruce Willis star, Hollywood Walk of Fame

10.  Disconnect ensemble cast, Venice Film Festival 2012

Cloudbreak, Fiji–Surfer Mag.

Some news bites:

Reflections: POTUS 4 Years Later: Scarred but Still Confident.

Islands: Japan Is Said to Reach Deal to Buy East China Sea Islands

Medical Science: Mystery DNA, Play Crucial Role

Andrew Sullivan: Bill’s Direct Hit

Howard Kurtz: Bill Brings It

Michelle Cottle: The Star Limbaugh Made

Michael Tomasky: Clinton Totally Killed It

Peter Beinart: Hurricane Jerusalem Hits Charlotte

Gail Sheehy: The Rise and Rise of Bill and Hill

David Frum: Obama ‘Committed’ on Jerusalem?

Andrew Romano: The Most Unpopular Nominee Ever

Dan Gross: Not So Fast, Dems

Was it enough: Four more years? Crunch time for Obama.

Judges Gossip: New Agent Thrills

Tennis: Briton’s chances soar as Federer exits US Open

Global: China’s wine thirst bails out Europe

Genome: A detailed map of genome function

Diet: Fish oils are totally all good

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On crazy creative days, I have visions of people worldwide watching 3D action movies having world premieres live online from New Zealand. In my even crazier creative Maori dreams, I see Iwi (Maori tribes) making a mix of action movies with global actors cast in such films. The stories are mythological, introducing a spanking new cast of superheroes to the world, yet the heroes are very meaningful to the children of the world’s bright and sustainable future.

We’re allowed to keep on keeping on dreaming. NZ is in dreamtime. Majorly. We have nothing to lose. All to gain. We are dreaming big.

A mega-cable would really help that future no end.

Here’s one:  “New Pacific cable link plan unveiled: “An Auckland-based company appears to be planning another internet link out of New Zealand, just a month after Pacific Fibre abandoned its cable project. (more…)


Barbara Dreaver is a journalist who works all year round in often sweltering tropical heat to report on breaking news stories in the South Pacific region. A mediator of Pacific Peoples realities in her news coverage, Dreaver is a gem.

U.S Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton is a leader the world respects for her experience, wisdom, servant hearted ability to travel the globe and apply the long hours to making a difference in the world. Clinton represents with a spirit of wisdom based on empathy, a skilled team that keeps her up to speed with accurate facts processing. Combined with a honed sense of fair, she is America’s best on display in a foreign ambassador’s role. Love her!

I also appreciated what Vice Foreign Minister of China Cui Tiankai had to say, when he refuted the scare mongering talk of China wanting more influence than America can negotiate with the South Pacific in equal trade deal partnerships.

Tiankai said “China is interested in sustainable development of countries in the South Pacific region.” He also confirmed China has no “military designs for Fiji” thus assuaging the rumor mill that has dominated much of talks in Rarotonga this August 2012′s Pacific Forum.

Back to the ladies, in the news story of the evening that celebrates two hard working women, who slog it out all year round that we must doff our hats to.

So, what does happens when you combine Dreaver and Clinton together in one press conference? Magic in Rarotonga on the South Pacific’s sustainable and secure future. Greg Boyed and Bernadine Oliver Kirby present Dreaver’s story. Watch. :)

For contrast too, ABC Net Australia also has audio of Clinton’s words.

Photo 3: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, center, waves with Cook Island’s PM Henry Puna, New Zealand’s PM John Key and other Pacific Forum leaders while posing for the group photo during the Pacific Island Forum  Post-Forum Dialogue in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Friday, Aug. 31, 2012. Photo: Jim Watson, Pool / AP: Stamford Advocate.

In reality in order for the South Pacific to win. It needs a blend of China, Japan, USA, Russian investment, maybe even UK-Germany too and even Saudi Arabia as well. If those six strands of direct foreign investment were seen more of in the South Pacific, we’d be rocking! :)

[Thanks for the news. Go ladies & Pacific Forum ambassadors of the world! Woot!].

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You can’t decide where you are born, often a nation decides you. I was born in Fiji, a tropical Islands nation with fields of sugar cane.

Like many of us in the world, Fiji too, has borrowed Chinese money to float our countries through what was dubbed the ‘GFC’ construct years. The Australian boom has been due in part to accepting Chinese money for minerals going from Australia to China. Australians are living on the benefits of Chinese money. At the time of writing the average Australian’s take home pay is $30k-$35k higher per Australian per year, than a New Zealander’s take home pay (on average each year) largely in part, to Chinese trading money. Never bite the hand that feeds you is a basic reminder to manners in the South Pacific. The American hand hasn’t caused this in Australia, so we should be more respectful perhaps (to China) for feeding the South Pacific’s economy with paper money. The disturbing thing is that it is just paper a lot of this ‘struggle’ is over. Ironically both China and the U.S are looking to NZ & the South Pacific to feed them, and the people of the two superpower nations in the future, hence Fiji being of extreme interest as a symbol in the South Pacific to both big countries.

We are all a part of Asia-Pacific, if we believe how that concept is actually geographically laid out (how it’s telecommunications footprint has also been wired) and how this region is also being funded with incoming trade income. Japan is another big player in that regard. Often Japan gets little cred in presss headlines of Western media, over Chinese love-hate headlines. If anything, we need to segue Japan more into the SouthPac mix, a very sophisticated society with good design aesthetic.

The USA has sold $1 trillion of foreign debt to China and continues to welcome Chinese investment into the U.S at the time of writing. (Japan has also invested almot $1trillion into the same revenue stream. France has bought a lot of US foreign debt too). Indeed at the time of writing America’s trade ambassador Ron Kirk is in Mainland China, on a mission to wrangle even more Chinese Investments dosh. This is America’s position as the no.2 nation on earth in relation to China on a trading level at this time.

If you have a set of eyes that work, read up. It’s all there to read. Break out of your box and try. :)

When Fiji welcomes Chinese foreign investment though in the South Pacific, it ruffles a few feathers. Namely, the USA’s. There are fears that if Fiji gets too palsy with China, Fiji may allow China to set up a Chinese military base in the South Pacific. If this was the case, then it would alter marine surveillance in the South Pacific quite a lot, from the USA’s perspective. Marine surveillance in the South Pacific should be South Pacific nations determined anyway. Yet we appreciate the USA’s views on the topic. However, you see at this point many people just want China’s money, we are not too sure whether we actually want more of China or the Chinese per se. (more…)


On top of the world is Kiwi athlete Nathan Smith and friends at the Paralympic Games, London 2012. Photo: Zimbio.

Audiences are reading today from:

World News by audience views are:

the vibe: oil, fisheries, food and safe water flows planning are determining all global games of politics (thus news) right now in the world. If the truth is told, islands and Island Peoples with fish marine haven reserves and oil ocean supplies are the biggest celebrities right now. Combined with agricultural rich nations, adequate safe water supply countries and ensuring air quality for future generations breathing needs are the pressing topics for planners of the world’s children’s bright futures. True security is ensuring these things. The rest is all ‘greed-fear’ grandstanding and pretense.

On that note, here’ some news links:

Syria: President Assad blames Turkey for Syria bloodshed.

Fiji is not the enemy. Only coveteous people would think that of the South Pacific. Fiji’s foreign debt needs to be shared by friends of Fiji. The USA has sold over $1 trillion US foreign debt bonds to China, and China is heavily investing into the USA. U.S can’t say China is the enemy via Fiji accepting Chinese money, as the U.S does this themselves.

Global Warming & greed and inequality -is the enemy of us all.

South Pacific is now recruiting more noble trading partners and friends: Although US & Britain & China are much worse with illegal ocean trafficking culture, NZ news reports: Concern Pacific being used as illegal activity highway.

USA: Tropical storm updates: Storm Watch: Isaac (a tropical storm) lashes New Orleans, Storm water levels, Call for Evacuations, What to do, Cam watch radar satellite + cams, NY Times on Louisiana‏, News rheel video: New Orleans passes post-Katrina hurricane test.Wall junkies mood: Stocks flat, US oil falls as Isaac damage limited‎‏. Fuel mood: Gasoline To Hit Labor Day Record Price, Media-CIA scandals & privacy breaches: Correspondence and collusion between the New York Times and the CIA, Always trading: U.S. trade official Ron Kirk in Southeast Asia. Health News California: 101-year-old driver injuries 8 children outside school, Tech news: Yahoo chief fired for storm gaffe. California rail news affordability report. Baltimore hopes to repopulate: Baltimore invites immigrants – no questions asked. US Open tennis: Robson stuns Clijsters at US Open, Clint Eastwood, Agriculture: Some Farmers ‘Will Make More Money’ in Drought. Education Big Apple: NYC Softens Public School ‘Discipline Code’, Earthquake alert: Aftershocks keep Yorba Linda shaking, 2nd-Quarter Growth Is Revised Up, Diet: California admit Calorie limits might keep you healthier, but don’t extend life (wow!), Chicago Education: Chicago Teachers Union Gives 10-Day Strike Notice, Coach watch Miami: Joe Philbun, Chicago kids and Abductions, Cali: Granting 450,000 young illegal immigrants drivers licenses garners support. Nutrition Tours are a growing trend. Romney‘s ‘Dry Land’ Comment causes offense. Wisconsin sluggers news: Paul Ryan accepts Republican nomination & Ryan Speech to Focus on the Economy, With Shots at Obama‎‏,  Legal: A Reprieve for New York Fed in Libor Case, Creative economists writing: Edward Allen does his best. Colorado news: Colorado e-book buyers to get back $1.5M from Hachette Book Group. US economy, lack of jobs creation costing US still & Sluggish US growth expected to continue (+graphic). Romney‘s make-or-break chance to lead US, Kitchen Entrepreneurs California bill would allow home cooks to sell goods, Alec Ross shares his social media tips, Music balladeer icons of the working class, news: Video premiere: Bob Dylan.

Guest commentary: Friedman‘s: Egypt’s Morsi in Iran.

New Zealand: June Mariu is made a Dame. Maori delegats impress at the Pacific Leaders forum (watch clips below). Although NZ’ child poverty level is not only racist, discrimatory, illegal and of more pressing priority, Gay adoption bill drawn, NZ’s PM on gay marriage bill changes & parliamentary majority has voted + more PM, A need to look up more & outward: NZ incest rate disturbing, Not pretty: Afghanistan explosion: Kiwi loses both legs, Colin Craig‘s views on gay marriage, What NZ Catholic Schools think. Fair partnerships and the First Time Home Owners scheme, West Coast’s hills are alive with the sounds of conservation, due to coal prices dip. Huntly folllows suit, 120 jobs lost. Dame Malvina Major+ buds pat on the back. Kiwiana staples: Quiz scruples & Bohemian Kiwi fashion chic’s Trelise Cooper. NZ airlines tahi & rua news. Sports: Athletics: Adams sends records tumbling. Too honest: Rugby: Thomson considering overseas move, Landscape & Photographs: The Sounds of Visuals. Tabloid-Hollywood: Teacher quits over alleged affair with student, The local fashion scene for the young – retail. Conclusion of NZ news: More sustainable jobs creation is where NZ is majorly at in our current climate of gross inequality and NZ’s racial and human rights history too. Watch NZ News Bulletins in Full: TV3 & TVOne (my fav).

United Kingdom: Paralympians opening ceremony, London is the UK’s big story. The symbol the UK likes the most is not a crown per se, it’s an umbrella,Comfortable fashion on bad hair days: Regina dons a hoodie, Like the French: ‘Emergency’ Tax on the Rich Roils Britain’s spoiled brats. The next generation Harry ‘has palace support’, Air traffic HQ: David Cameron pressured to rethink Heathrow, Two British writers: Sir Andrew Motion poetry reads,  a poem and Chris Cleavebook. Justine Greening ‘acted unlawfully’, Strauss exits cricket.The men who documented Vietnam.

France: Hollande extends euro zone olive branch to Berlin.

Sports photo: The kids of rugby: Three rugby football players: Adam Thomson (L) Richard Kahui and Sitiveni Sivivatu (R) at Harrow school sports centre in 2008, photo: United Kingdom. Photographer: Ross Land, Getty Images.

Australia: Water & Australia: Australia’s lower rainfall unusual: study,Calls for Federal Law to curtail racial abuse should be required in Aussie. Economy: Warning: after boom it’ll be Dutch and go, Breaking: Rescuers save six, fears for scores more as latest asylum tragedy, Managing global food crises: Australia, Nauru sign detention deal, Breaking 2: Tragedy unfolds: illegal asylum seeekers dead in rough seas, Cricket: Resolute Australia trounce Pakistan in series opener, Airlines news: Qantas upgrades, Mining soldiers news:‎‏ Fears three Diggers slain in Afghanistan, Looking after Aussie’s national smile - Gillard tackles gender inequality. Rugby News: Robbie Deans has no intention of resigning, Melburne Australian citizens: Angry workers ‘ready to rumble’Party-smart news:Canberra are Aussie’s smartest party city. Gina Rinehart as the voice of Australian entitlement loses relevancy cred. Off the wall news: Market cops a season’s beatings. Health spend: Brisbane hospital delay costing $100k a day. Cricket: Strauss walks away from cricket. Sun Capitol’s next economic moves: Victoria’s Secret: coconut oil. Humor: Clive Palmer orders tyrannosaurus rex.

Canada: Arctic sea ice levels hit record low‎‏, Rattler news alerts: Earthquake shakes Victoria area‎‏, Like the USA, Canada to Press China on Sale. Is Nathan Cullen being censored on evironmental concerns advocacy with the Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline proposal? He says he is. As Canada’s obesity rates rise to 65%, the move is on to bring it back to the middle: Bachelor Canada: First five contestants, Banking buy ups: Scotiabank purchases ING Bank of Canada for #3.13B cash, Surprise, surprise: Ontario is Canada’s worst province, Good news in the employment sector: Canadians more optimistic about job security, poll finds‎‏ – Canada still has careers. Ducky economy perceptions – what is the BigPharma over-consumption rates of Canadians, link here? Federal environmental assessments cuts worry scientists. ‎‏

Italy: So, Angela Merkel now speaks for Italy apparently.–still, so German.

Brazil: Indigenous Peoples Watch: ‘Deadly attack’ on Amazon tribe, Sports: Julio Cesar agrees to move to QPR – BBC, Brazil will not be bullied: Brazil judges uphold Chevron, Transocean operating ban – oil, Growing a Portugese speaking eonomy, language teachers sought – Now hiring: Brazil wants Ten times more foreign professionals, As Brazil’s economy contracts due to not mining so much oil, Brazil actively looks to buy foreign assets: Itaú Asset says Brazilians eyeing more foreign assets – Silobreaker.  Wine of the week 2009 Bodegas A. Fernández Tinto Pesquera.

Germany: Germany and Italy voice optimism, Cleaning up dark human rights history: Germany explodes huge WWII bomb in Munich (PHOTOS, VIDEO), Geale in Germany, Offshore windparks and Germany’s Green energy plans: cabinet passes draft law, Energy prices push up German inflation in August. Taxes and the economy: Germany’s governing Christian Democrats call for gay couple tax equality, Green
energy to hit Germans’ bills: Vattenfall

Sophie Pascoe is competing in London. Photo: Stuff.Co.NZ. Go kid! :)

India: Fossil fuels extraction: 53 coal blocks face axe for delay, Bollywood gossip: Shah Rukh and Shirish will never be best friends: Farah KhanIndian-American’s anti-Obama film is a bit rich, BJP MLA among 32 guilty in Naroda Patiya massacre, ‘Chinese city official escapes to US with millions of dollars’NDTV Mid-Term poll 2012: Should Indians be friends with Pakistan?‎‏, And: What Indian American is at a Republican convention.

Ann Romney makes a splash at Tampa Florida’s GOP Convention. Kia ora.‎‏

Spain: Sports: Real Madrid win Spanish Super Cup, Sports Trades News: Javi Martinez signs for Bayern in record deal, ‘Bad bank’ framework agreed on, Espana headlines: tahi: La Audiencia investiga si Interior reveló secretos sobre Cordón‎‏, rua: España dice que no discrepa con Bruselas sobre el “banco malo”‎‏, toru: Leves caídas en el Ibex por la cautela de operadores ante el BCE. News: Spanish Super Cup as it happened. Photos: Spanish Gazpacho.

Netherlands: Dutch F16s jets. Geert Wilders is accused by an Israeli rabbi of being anti-semitic, Kees van der Staaij is a big yawn. Politics: Dutch Liberals lead in polls ahead of September 12 vote. Austerity anger is trending. Economic flows: Finns, Dutch cast first doubt on euro zone deal.     

Argentina: Turns out Argentina is in oil wrangler’s sights: Exxon, Apache to Discuss Argentina Shale Partnerships, YPF Says. Video games: Angry Birds: Argentina to shoot seagulls to save whales. More on fuel wars: Argentina, Indonesia Threatened With EU Biodiesel Tariffs. Argentina, a geographical look.

Foreign correspondent, Ngahuia Wade of Ngai Tuhoe Maori Tribe is reporting from Rarotonga.

Maldives: tensions reported.

Iran: U.N. chief to visit Iran in defiance of U.S., Israel

Norway: Norway urges Brazil, Indonesia to Continue Forest Protection.

Myanmar: US paves way for Myanmar president visit.

Taiwan: Contested islands games

Israeli News: Airline, miners, Israel generous.

Hong Kong: Ernst & Young regulator secrecy scandals

China: Becoming more like the USA – Drones & Mainland China, China to deploy drones to conduct maritime surveillance. Still building: Chinese plan $250m high-rise.

Russia: Pumped up by wealthy oily friends: Vladimir Putin‘s lavish Russian lifestyle.

Japan & North Korea News: Japan and North Korea in rare meeting. Japan: Japan’s Daikin in $3.7bn US deal. Rock estates for the environment: Yoko Ono & Son Inc launch environmental coalition.

South Korea tech watch: Sony announces new touchscreens, Samsung unveils mobile devices.

She has been defined by New Zealand journalists as being a Rosa Parks styled character. Sporty girl politician, Louisa Wall -photograph – New Zealand Listener.

[For all the journalists, news camera crews, photographers, writers who contributed links to this post, thank you for your combined efforts of bringing the world the news].

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Regaining humaneness
mid double-dip recession
requires patience
reigniting passion
choosing freedom
to achieve anyway.

~That’s where the majority of New Zealand citizens are at today, I reckon. So, that’s our thought for the day. Posted by Horiwoodblog, Aotearoa New Zealand, Polynesia Asia-Pacific. Photo: Fiji, Surfer – National Geographic. 23.8.12~


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