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do to others

what you want

done to you.

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sustainability practices global

via twitter I read writings of rebecca kamm :

rk writes via her link:  the world is hot. we’re busy hoovering up natural resources. rk blames usa uber-consumerism in tone. however let’s perserveere: the UN estimates a 9.6b pop by 2050. a fear report link follows. better agricultural practices technology can help. solutions towards smarter energy can too. recognizing equality in brainpower of all people can help. there are more ladies in nz than men, so it makes sense equality is smart on all levels. not so in india, china though. more guys than girls by 60+ millions.    (more…)


Poutou Point Light Houseextreme economic exclusivity that excludes youth and young adults into a stable future and dream… is not the New Zealand spirit. A word on the effects of that in society.

“like a pack of animals circling a wounded antelope,”

we have realized that more needs to be done to create futures for youth.

the world’s bankers have circled youth’s futures

all around the world. Business networks preferencing a few over majorites

too have disrupted many communities economic pathways of regneration.

with banking driven acquistions games that were driven by panic in a fear of

lack of future resources supply to consume, a pack mentality drunk on greed

was the agenda that has bullied young adults economically.

youth no longer trust authority as they should. (more…)


Red Carpet Ideas

It would be a really good idea to redistribute wealth more evenly. As an idea, that could maintain peace in a more civilized and peaceful way.

Also recycling good ideas should happen more with fusion. That way you get an ROI on expensive infrastructure that already exists.

Those two thoughts help in “the good ideas” department, perhaps. :)

A response to: “red carpet of good ideas, please.”

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Ferris Wheel at SunsetWe shall press towards the mark of higher ground as the labourer is always worthy of their hire. We will not muzzle our citizens’ voices as in their combined efforts we are made strong when we listen to our majorities voices and our children.

CleverEve's Gold Wheel Cross NecklaceThere are always wheels within wheels of a dream we will turn. Creativity helps us to create and activate new wheels that are productive, useful, just and resourceful. Equality is a crown of thorns to be proud of, made up of the twisted slain dragons of greed’s selfish machinations. Where a cross of kindness intersects between sky and earth, greed is always crucified and justice shines as our gold with the law of freedom reigning over oppression, greed and fear. Where the spirit of freedom is and is upheld, true liberty abounds.

We delight in equality, justice, truth and a just weight that is noble and not too heavy worn on the hearts and smiles of all of our people.

–what New Zealand has to attain to, navigating through greedy designs on our country in Aotearoa, a land of plenty and abundance. New Zealand citizens must self-determine our own just liberty, known in New Zealand as our Tino Rangatiratanga. A beautiful concept to advance, when upheld.

[Photos: Clever Eve, gold wheel cross pendant piece: Amazon. Top image: Ferris Wheel - AFP pic].

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to know the height, the depth, the width, the total expanse of Love 
of whom there is no end.

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“It’s a huge jump,” said spokeswoman Angela McLeod of the Pay Equity Challenge Coalition, when describing how the gender pay gap is the biggest it has been in 10 years in New Zealand. Men’s takings have risen, while women are ending up with less. The disturbing rate has escalated from 12.85% to 14.18% in the last year.

Basically the White Older Rich Man is ruling the roost in New Zealand. Everything is being tilted the worm’s way. It’s a recipe for a huge mollywhopping backlash. That’s what the figures show.

What I think: What are the statistics of population demographics. (more…)


Julia Gillard laid down the gauntlet of where Australia is headed to 2025 in The Asian-Century.

Of note is the leadership aspect Australia is showing, where the country clearly wants to self determine their own terms of engagement with Asia’s growth. Or, if you plan it, you are leading.

A valuable insight into vision, leadership with clear objectives outlined openly.

Speech at the launch of the White Paper on Australia in the Asian Century. Sydney 28 October 2012. History asks great nations great questions.

History asks great nations great questions. Australia is no exception.

Through generations, our great nation has been asked great questions – and we have answered them.

Could we feed a people on this driest of lands?

Could we unite a nation on a continent without the pressures of revolution or war?

Could we carry our weight in the world and fight for the freedom of our friends?

Could we defend ourselves in our greatest hour of need?

Could we rebuild after decades of Depression and War?

Could we embrace change and find new sources of wealth in demanding new times?

Could we say Sorry?

 You see the answer in the nation around you:  We got it done.

This is a hard place and we’re not angels or saints: the big things are never easy and we don’t get everything right.

But we stand today, a proud people in a free land. 51st in global population – 12th in global wealth – one of the most equal economies and mobile societies in the world.

Respected by our oldest friends in the world – welcomed by our newest friends in the region.

But history is calling to us again – today, history asks us another great question.

 Can Australia be a winner in this Asian Century of change and growth? (more…)


As a New Zealand leader Rangi Kuini Wikitoria Topeora had a name the same as Prince Charles‘ great grandma, Queen Victoria.

The two ladies’ signed agreement with each other, 172 years prior, would form the foundation and the spirit of an agreement of economic development that still needs to be recognized and developed more into fruition of shared equality regarding New Zealand’s abundant resources.

I love this painting as a witness of the true spirit of Aotearoa New Zealand. It’s also a symbol of women leaders in New Zealand and Britain being principled and strong leaders.

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Always have a dream.

Here’s all amazing vintage American TV.

The footage is almost 50 years old.

From NZ I ask the question: Are we going up or down?

I am going Up! New Zealand is going to be 200% less racist, more equitable and is going to go Up with me. :)

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I was watching Moana Jackson today on the Maori news, highlighting how the New Zealand’s constitution has not looked after Maori economic interests much. So, perhaps a lot needs to be done on that. What does NZ think?

Maori are NZ’s no.1 differientiator in branding that sets NZ apart from all nations in the world. Though Brisbane’s getting up there with Maori bros and broettes these days in Queensland. Wales has a few too.

We can do a lot more to improve our respect and value of Maori’s boosting power to NZ prosperity in the future and our economic growth. Get the wealth creation and distribution flows also flowing more fairly Maori citizens way. It’s gotta be fair. :)

Exciting growth ahead. Let’s all get wealthier through being more creative, entrepreneurial and showing a spirit of inclusion.

Te Karere writes: “The Māori Party wants a constitution and one of Te Arawa’s leaders, Toby Curtis wants any constitution to guarantee Māori rights to own and develop natural resources. Activist lawyer Moana Jackson will meet with Te Arawa to discuss New Zealand’s constitution.”

[Moana is always so angsty earnest. He changes not over the years, yet his message is right on, at the moment].

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For the record: when it comes to TPP or PPP trade negotiations talks between New Zealand and any other nation, or the concept of just Zealand governance, it has to be made known very clearly that:

Aotearoa (or New Zealand) is NOT a pineapple plantation.

Alright?! That concept is billionaire Larry Ellison buying his own Hawaiian Island a ways away from NZ.



equality means:

1. a situation in which people have the same rights, advantages etc

equality of (more…)


Tonights news and sports news with Jessica Mutch, Simon, Wendy, Jenny-May & Jim from New Zealand happened. The vibe is emotive. Press to see.

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Reading the paper today, I couldn’t help but think, should a group of Maori visit Israel together with NZ’s PM & his family?–couldn’t hurt to improve cultural awareness in New Zealand. Read up as to wai.

A trip of that nature would be fun for everyone in Israel. Visit the historic sites and stuff.

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”We live in a world where equality is pretty important,” especially when it comes to matters of fair partnership, like more equal wealth distribution and equal access to growth and economic development opportunity as the Treaty of Waitangi symbolizes, in New Zealand for example as a founding document agreement.

Equality as a concept is also very important to ensure that women earn the same pay for doing the same jobs as men. If not more!

How do we make people more happy in New Zealand by being less greedy, more inclusive and more equal? is what media are focusing on today.

If we can get these two areas right, equality occurs as a norm and then across the board we stand a higher chance of achieving equality across other important issues in ensuring justice in basic human rights. I love the word equality, it cuts right across class, it grows a culture and an ecomomy and it rocks!

[Image: Eucalyptus Robusta leaf. Plant a tree, just add water and nature and sunlight pretty much does the rest. Music: Creedance Clearwater Revival's Born on the Bayou classic rock hit].

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In New Zealand I’m still learning me some English and learning me some math too.

Surfing PhotographicDictionary.Com, I get a lesson from the letter H and the word Half.

This glass of water is half-full (some people would say half-empty). 
If you took two half-glasses of water and poured them together, you would get a full glass. 
A half is what you get when you cut something into two equal sized pieces.

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Question – What do you think of gay marriage debate for New Zealand?

On the table in New Zealand is the topic of gay marriage. A bill that was drafted by MP Louisa Wall, could allow gay people to marry and adopt children. Currently New Zealand has a Civil Union that recognizes gay partnerships. Wall says that this is not enough and gay marriage would ensure equality in recogition of partnership at a legal level (reflected on a societal level) for gay people, as now being sought through the legal draft of a marriage bill.

The following thoughts map some of the tensions in New Zealand on the topic at this moment in history. I will meander my way through them like an angsty nerd (yawn!), so you can navigate the thinking of the kinds of thoughts people may be thinking at this time in New Zealand. The commentary is a snap shot of this moment.

- – -

Around the world in Scotland, a bill has been passed that allows gay people to marry. Churches are given the option of marrying a gay couple, or not.

A conservative Christian view point in New Zealand is arguing that gay marriage is a no go.

A debate is raging in the US at the time of writing too that is opposed to gay marriage, where conservative business owners say, allowing gay marriage will bring “judgement” on America if this would occur.

Having looked at the weather patterns in the US lately, those words if living in the USA are being mulled over. A strong comment about “judgement” is not something Americans are laughing at and dismissing easily, when the topic of gay marriage is being raised.

When a statement like “America could come under judgement” is said, people actually stop and think about that.

What does “judgement over a nation mean, or look like?” Does sexual preference bring judgement or not? is a question conservative types are asking at this time in the USA and also presenting to the USA as a part of the same debate.

On the topic of gay marriage I also think of the book of Corinthians that Paul The Apostle (once a murderer and General of Empire who slaughtered Christians as a job once, due to his government’s view of discriminating against Christians in his day) who after he became a Christian, wrote for a Roman City specifically who had a culture of public orgie worship in the City of Corinth at the city’s main temple.

This was their commonplace culture. (more…)


In 1840, Maori Chieftainess Rangi Kuini Wikitoria Topeora was one of several Maori women who signed a Treaty with Queen Victoria forming the founding document of our fathers and mothers in New Zealand.

The Auckland City Art Gallery has this portrait by artist Gottfried Lindauer currently on show.

She wore shark’s teeth in her ears as her earrings from the Ocean. They were the fashion of the day. Cute. :)

People of Ngati Toa and Ngati Raukawa Maori tribes in New Zealand descend from Rangi to this day.  Always an achiever, as a young woman she was a famous composer of waiata, and many of her songs are still sung today.  Waiata were like Television, radio and the internet in those days, they conveyed important messages of Kiwis to others.

Over a thousand years on since they were composed in New Zealand, today, waiata - still do. :)

Happy Matariki! :)

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Black market wages news – New Zealand: $140 million dollars is what it’s going to take to ensure that caregivers in New Zealand’s retirement home villages, need in wages increases to recieve their worth in comparison to caregivers in District Health Board funded structures. Being paid $3-4 less an hour is simply not valuing our workers or the grey power set of citizens such workers serve.

Also: there are reports of immigrants to New Zealand exploiting other immigrants paying workers beneath minimuum wage in New Zealand of $5-6 an hour. It’s amazing how people forget once they get New Zealand citizenship (or in particular, are on their path to achieving one) just what a New Zealand citizenship means…. equality and equal opportunity!

If we don’t get this right, we are involved in slavery and human trafficking. That’s not what NZ should be about. To underpay people is abuse and is not good workplace health and safety. When workers are being underpaid, there’s a high likelihood health and safety issues are being breached too in such work conditions by employers.

Also check out BestJobsBoard.Com too. Or for more on human rights issues in New Zealand for workers, click on Judy McGregor‘s photo above.

Judy writes a beaut story of being an undercover crusader in the health care industry. Her research findings note: “It offends against human decency.” And “to know is to get angry.”

- – -

Also – how is the pay rates rises scale going right across the board in New Zealand too… as a rule of thumb right now? Is that growing on a humane par too? CEOs and upper level management are all getting their hefty pay rises. Are their team growing their prosperity too?

Also what could be looked at is Trans-National companies. For example the Australian-UK owned companies who have catering contracts for example in almost every city of New Zealand. They appoint South African ‘remote managers’ in some cases and their Kiwi workers are on minimum wages, delivering the contract. Some of their businesses could be reviewed too, in regards to profit from the contracts and what actually is going back to New Zealand citizens and what profit margins levels… are going off shore.

You know… NZ’s grown up… Papatuanuku’s motherland is i tenei wahi. And people over profit is a New Zealand cultural proverb we try and uphold here.

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In unity, the blessings flow.

In New Zealand we do Nelson Mandela emancipation numbers! On very racist issues. It’s a Treaty of Waitangi thing (our culture) – as well as a Kiwi thing too.

Here’s a story: Nelson City Council conducted a poll, they came to the conclusion that 80% of people don’t want Maori councillors to have council seats enshrined in law. Nelson say they are more of a multi-cultural society with only 8% of Nelson’s population being Maori. Wairoa Council also don’t want Maori councillors in their wards as law.

Talking to Petra Bagurst and Roydon ? today on TV One’s Breakfast Show (our equivalent to a daily show like Good Morning America), the race relations man in New Zealand Joris de Bres (New Zealand Human Rights Commisioner) says:

“Maori should be on councils. This should be ensured in law at national level. If this isn’t provided for, you have a situation where the majority population (presumably the Pakeha or ‘white’ New Zealander population in some areas) are voting against the minority that is Maori.”

What do I think of this?I appreciate that Nelson and Wairoa are giving one particular view. That shows one aspect of democracy. However, I agree with Joris de Bres 100%. The issue is ‘a no-brainer.’ Of course Maori should be on councils as a norm, let alone with laws being passed to curtail the racism, or tease it out with a good afro comb to air the germs – when such attitudes do not want to allow Maori to lead on councils.

Perhaps what Nelson reveals the most as a city, is that many New Zealanders greed is on display here. Maori as Tangata Whenua (people of the land) have been incredibly generous to all New Zealanders over the years with resources sharing. Many people living in New Zealand (perhaps acting out of fear in difficult times) have appeared to have forgotten all that Maori have given New Zealand as a people and continue to give. The racists are racist without always knowing how they are marginalizing Maori. They are like babies wanting control of all of the toys. The grip of racism is so tight on some people in NZ’s baby rattles, it’s a cause of national shame.

The Nelson and Wairoa opinions of councils also appear to not be acknowledging that Maori are equal Treaty Partners with The Crown. Why is this so difficult to reflect through at council level?

These rather selfish and childish attitudes (being played out in the media with Nelson and Wairoa) on this ugly issue of our own greed, perhaps reflect behaviors where Maori are being played off against majorities. The ‘divide and conquer’ gang bash against Maori is childish and needs to stop. It equates to major economic bullying that is not a wise reflection of New Zealand’s generosity as a humanitarian nation to be very proud of, in the world. We have more heart than this.

Yet, to be cast as ‘people being marginalized in councils like Nelson and Wairoa’ – this is not the legal position of Maori in New Zealand as tangata whenua. So Nelson and Wairoa perhaps need to grow up to this fact and start living more within the law. The racism is criminal. How can the divide of bullying and racism (that equates to economic bullying towards Maori) be tweaked… again?

What is needed in New Zealand is Cultural Economic Access Tests, not only across councils (as demonstrated in these two council’s case on one issue) but also across all businesses doing business in New Zealand. Especially, when in the last year unemployment has increased 52% and 1,000 Kiwis are leaving for Australia each week (including many Maori). Tackling racism within oursleves, is one way we can help stop the vacuum – where more Maori are being lost in New Zealand each week or shut out of employment opportunities too, by a few – yet influential racists. (more…)


The “old boys” approach to hiring senior management needs to be overhauled according to one of Oceania’s former top bankers.

Sir Ralph Norris has given a speech to Global Women, a  network of 150 top Kiwi business women aimed at getting more females in business  leadership roles.

The former Commonwealth Bank of Australia chief executive is  a member of a group seeking gender equality – Male Champions of Change – and  says females are graduating in large numbers, so hiring more female leaders is commonsense.

“The stats are showing that in Australia in particular, 62% of the graduates coming out of universities now are women, and  only 38% men. At the same time you’re seeing that those women have higher  educational attainment,” he told Firstline this morning.

Norris says women can offer something unique to the  workplace.

“I think women bring a different perspective. Women generally are very good communicators on an inter-personal basis, certainly from  a point of view of leadership,” he says.

Norris says pay equality and the glass ceiling remain  large issues for women in the workplace, but believes companies must realise women may not have the same career-path as men, but it is down to these  businesses to work around women.

“If they are given that flexibility, [women] do tend to give it to you in spades,” he says, “They do have the babies, they do go into maternity leave, organisations can very quickly forget women in the pipeline when they’re on maternity leave.

“The chief executive has to take a very strong interest in the whole programme to make sure that it’s going to work.”

News Source – TV3 News.Com

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In New Zealand equality news: The Crown is still struggling to see Maori as their legal and legitimate Treaty partner, in the approach the NZ government is taking with the process of: the suggestion of New Zealand energy assets sales.

A good marriage is when one party wants to talk, the other party will listen. This is what equality and fairness in a legal marriage and fair partnership looks like. If this tone is not set from the outset of any suggested share float, no other third party investors should ever think there’s going to be integrity in the management of these same companies on offer.

All investors want a win-win guilt free share float. That way everyone gets blessed in the harmonious flow of a good marriage.

In Kiwi news: “The Government will not delay the passage of the bill allowing share floats of state-owned enterprises until after the Waitangi Tribunal has held its urgent hearings on the matter.

Ministers are insisting such sales would not affect the rights and interests of iwi and will not set aside any shares for future settlement.

But SOE Minister Tony Ryall says the Government could be prepared at a later stage to “stand in the market” and buy shares for some iwi as part of Treaty of Waitangi settlements.

The Government’s refusal to budge on its timetable means the tribunal will be under pressure to hold its hearings before the law is passed.

Submissions must be in by June, the hearing will be in July and the tribunal plans an interim report in July.

The hearings follow a claim by the Maori Council and 11 others that the sales breach the Treaty and a more general claim that the Crown has denied or violated rights over freshwater and geothermal resources.

Mr Ryall told the Weekend Herald the Mixed Ownership Model Bill would be back from select committee by July 16 and passed soon after that.

It needed to be passed no later than August to enable the first partial float, of Mighty River Power, to be conducted in the third quarter of the year, as set out in the sales timetable.

“We’re not considering delaying progress on the bill,” he said. “We have a timeline we have to stick to.”

Mr Ryall said any decisions from the tribunal would not affect the legislation but could affect government actions after the law was passed.

“We don’t think the sales affect Maori rights and interests and we think that is supported by current case law.”

He cited the Ika Whenua case in the 1990s when the Government planned to transfer dams to several energy companies and the Court of Appeal declined an application to stop that transfer, saying Maori rights would not be diminished by it.

The Government would be putting that position very strongly in the tribunal hearings, Mr Ryall said.

He said the history of the Government had been to address such issues on an iwi-by-iwi basis rather than a pan Maori basis.”

- – -

Um… what’s the rush here? We are in a GFC. The UK for example is officially in recession. They’re not moving anywhere fast. It’s not like we don’t have time to talk about it some more – here in New Zealand. The world’s population is increasing, not diminishing – therefore energy will always be in demand. Food needs are increasing too in the world, so energy powered hot houses could garner good growth for New Zealand’s economy in areas with land but colder climes to produce more, for the days ahead. Maori should be in on all levels of such expansion plans ahead, fairly and justly with the resources they signed in good faith to develop with The Crown as equal Treaty partners and… equals. It’s all about unlocking Iwi potential fairly to grow the New Zealand economy in ways Iwi may not have been invited to, before due to conceited oversights.

There’s so much scope here, to get this right.

At the moment, the tone of the news story (in the “quote marks”) reads as if others hidden in the bedroom are being preferenced by The Crown before Maori. It looks sneaky. If Maori took the same stance, we’d sell The Beehive first (also a state asset) without much prior notice, and erect an oil rig on the front lawn as a museum monument of long-standing pig-headed arrogance, gross conceit, racism, sneaky snatch and grab manouevers for elitists and the illegality of greed - if this approach keeps up.

So, that needs a complete rethink on this assets sales process so far.

Shocking! And why is The Waitangi Tribunal always so behind the eight-ball on timetabling? Is The Crown not giving earlier and more transparent notice in the course of timelines and process? If so, that’s totally sketchy too and needs to change.

[Reporting by Audrey Young].

[Note - At the time of writing, Maori men live ten years less than white New Zealanders. Maori are currently locked within a partial poverty divide (doubly compounded by a GFC-fueled bubble). Many Maori are paid 20-30% less for doing the exact same jobs as non-Maori... so the The Crown needs to cut the crap here - on this issue and recognise Maori's legal equality status more. (more…)


Kim Seabrooks is a women equality champion and blogger. Kim also also reads Horiwood.Com.

I read and follow Kim’s blog. She shares this quote on her blog:

What is Hope?

Hope itself is a species of happiness, and, perhaps, the chief happiness which this world affords; but, like all other pleasures immoderately enjoyed, the excesses of hope must be expiated by pain.  ~Samuel Johnson

Keep Hope Alive!!!!

–Ironically, I went to school with a Sam Johnson. He was da man!

- Nice one Kim. Let’s Keep Hope Alive! :)

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