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Crowded House


now it's the same room but everything's different
do I lie like a loungeroom lizard
or do I sing like a bird released
there's a small boat made of china
going nowhere on the mantlepiece
everywhere you go...

Neil Finn & Crowded House retro song lyrics of fun.

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… old school Crowded House.

Love it.

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People say anything to win elections. When you are observing it from outside the fish bowl, it’s a little bit silly.Politicians often promise ‘security’ to win initial popularity. However, what if ‘security’ was the luxury of entitlement – one doesn’t always need and certainly can’t afford?

“On Day One,” [Mitt Romney] thunders, “I will declare China a currency manipulator, allowing me to put tariffs on products where they are stealing American jobs unfairly. We can compete when there’s a level playing field and we’d win.”–Zachary Karabell explains how the dude with a Swiss bank account is going to address currency manipulation in the future for America in article titled: China’s Not the Big Trade Cheat Harming America’s Domestic Economy.

Instead, Karabell tries to point out to the biggest consumer nation (per person) on earth that China’s only beating the US at the capitalism game because:

“Anyone willing to pay a few hundred more dollars for that washing machine, cell phone or iPad?” No.

And that: “The belief that China’s economic ascension is due primarily to cheating is even more wrong. That view allows Americans to maintain the illusion that our form of capitalism is unequivocally superior and has unquestionable competitive advantages, which would be readily apparent were it not for the fact that China’s government has secret subsidies, steals American intellectual property, keeps its currency undervalued and props up housing and industry.”

Basically Karabell posits that China is more efficient and less wasteful at the capitalism game and that is how the advantage has been achieved. (eg: USA’s system has reached an impasse? And China does “crony capitalism” way better.

Finally Zachary ends on infrastructure investment achieving the big gains over time. More specifically – “Much of American government spending goes to consumption, safety nets, and the military; much of Chinese spending goes to investment in infrastructure and urbanization, which is the very investment spending that the United States has been so unable to manifest. Even with waste, the new transportation networks, power grids, alternate energy, urban infrastructure and housing will yield long-term benefits for the Chinese economy for decades to come. It is impossible to make the same claims for the nearly $4 trillion that the U.S. government spends each year.”

What do you think of Zachary’s thoughts? Do you agree? It’s good to see a problem solver approach at work here. As in ‘maybe China is the USA’s teacher on capitalism now?’ That’s a basic rule of business. Be humble enough to learn. As in, learn from your competitors.

I do think though that China underpaying many workers across several sectors is a form of economic bullying of many of China’s people and also the USA too. What to do about that?! However, Zachary’s approach helps America by addressing the wastage. Let’s focus on that.

Artwork – Los Angeles Artist: Guillermo Bert’s piece. Archives.

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Here’s Crowded House with Fall at Your Feet. Let’s go South-Pacific! :)

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Today I visited the Bay where Henry Williams was welcomed in Paihia by 600 Maori of the Ngapuhi Iwi (Maori tribe).

In terms of founding fathers of New Zealand and who they devoted their lives to work with for the greater spiritual good of the nation, the moment was meaningful. What a beautiful bay, aye?!

Later, Crowded House anthems flooded my thoughts, while I sat seaside in Paihia enjoying this tasty lunch of fresh fish n’ chips, polished off with lite slivers of Kiwi berry ice cream served in a bowl. Too yummy!

Incidentally this lunch cost NZ$8. Or about US$6.50.

That’s insanely good…and enjoyed with this view too. Wowsa! :)


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日本. Today on Horiwood.Com we have an audience of readers who care about cancer awareness more than politicians, politics, money, global economies, lifestyles or Hollywood celebrities. Excellent!

We also have a community of people voting today who care more about helping the Japanese people in crises, about brave new heroes solving Japan’s nuclear reactors meltdown crises, than any other issue in the world. Also excellent! I’m with you all.

So heartening to see your votes today. Priorities are in the right place – with Nippon.

The Horiwood Top Ten as voted by 50 nations of the world today, looks as follows in the Hollywood news posts you think are most important. Let’s go!

Kiwi cultural anthems for Japan sound like this today. Check it. In addition Japan Relief via Unicef is a beauty to click on as well.

1. Timely – Gerard Butler for cancer awareness

2. Steven Brooking is a New Zealand English Teacher, missing in Nippon

3. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

4. Chiba Japan takes a hit – 6.0 quake off Pacific Coast

5. Plato, Atlantis & the concept of underwater societies

6. Gerard Butler for cancer awareness – original post

7. Teenaged moms reality tv stars still rate in crises

8. Snow falling on Sendai Japan

9. Evacuation nation – Fukushima Iwaki Japan

10. CNN reports Japan is officially like Chernobylcue Nuclear Waste Chernobyl news story angles, again.

Some news agencies actively helping Japan’s people with news coverage (with important charities in between) in this moment are - UnicefFox NewsFinancial TimesGlobe and MailGlobalPost.comGlobalVoicesMercy CorpsGoogle NewsGuardianThe HillIndependentKCRW’s Left, Right and CenterLos Angeles TimesJAPAN TODAY; McClatchyMediaiteMosaicMother JonesMSNBCNew York Daily NewsNew York ObserverBuzzMachineYahoo! NewsYouth RadioAltercation (Media Matters)AmericablogAndrew SullivanBAGnewsNotesBloggingheadsB Boing Boing.

[Images - Front page New York TImes Today. That kid is soooooooooooo cute! And Gerard Butler of Scotland's photo is via Miz Posh ].

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~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 3.16.11~


There’s nothing like good Crowded House guitaring and soulful vocals from the 80′s era for easy listening music. Here’s the lads of New Zealand and Aussie with When You Come.

Press play on songwriter Neil Finn‘s pic to hear this love song. Enjoy.

Lyrics follow at the leap.

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When You Come by Neil Mullane & Tim Finn

When you come across the sea
Me like a beacon guiding you to safety
The sooner the better now
And when you come the hills
Will breathe like a baby
Pulled up heaving from the bottom of the ocean
The sooner the better now
When you come to cover me with your kisses
Fresh like a daisy chained up in a lion’s den
I’ll know you by the thunderclap
Pouring like a rain of blood to my emotions



Growing up playing rugby football, I never thought I’d see the day where somehow I’d get to blog in Hollywood (woot!) about rugby football coaching legend Graeme Henry hanging out at a cricket match with The Gladiator/ Robin Hood Oscar winner guy (Russell Crowe). Yet today is that surreal collision of Kiwi childhood dreams converging into this one photograph by Mark Mitchell. For more photos of Russell, Graeme and friends, go here to view these lads in action for Charity cricket for Christchurch City’s rebuilding effort post the quake in Wellywood. A nice gesture.

Graeme Henry is the current coach of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, a football team most people in the world have heard of and like. Graeme’s always as laid back as a Tararua cheese TVC. He’s a dude.

Voted in Hollywood today, here’s our top ten trending celebrity, entertainment and news posts on a day where we are all conscious of earthquake survivors in Japan, Christchurch and Tsunami survivors too. Peace!

1. 80′s music commentary – Herbs with Maori anthem of Nuclear Waste wisdom

2. Fukushima Iwaki Japan vacate 170,000 people in nucler meltdown precaution

3. Amber Rose before the storm

4. Tsunami & Quake Watch – Japan in 3 pics – 3.11.11

5. No waste – fashion recycling keeps it real – Michelle Obama is measured

6. The Bush family have a budding writer via Christchurch

7. Hollywood Vegas cellulite bikini confessions by Holly Madison & Kim Kardashian

8. Virginia bootleggers movies are a new theme in Hollywood reflecting the times

9. Friday by unknown artist Rebecca Black

10. Best Sports People of 2010 – Social Media votes via Twitter results

Writes Reuters of this Satellite image of Japan post the quake and tsunami – This one-meter resolution satellite image of Fukushima Daiichii Nuclear Power Plant in Japan, right, was taken one day after an 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck the Oshika Peninsula on March 11, 2011. According to news reports, this is the largest earthquake to hit Japan in recorded history. Analysts believe the powerful earthquake moved Japan’s main island eight feet, shifted the Earth on its axis four inches and unleashed a devastating tsunami. The image shows extensive destruction to buildings, vehicles and infrastructure. Entire regions have been flooded, swept away or reduced to ruin. The image was taken by GeoEye’s IKONOS satellite at 10:36 a.m. (local time) on March 12, 2011 from 423 miles in space. The image on the left is a satellite images of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant taken by the GeoEye-1 satellite on November 15, 2009. - Washington Post for REUTERS.

People on a rooftop await rescue in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture -Reuters

Cricket spectators support Christchurch’s earthquake relief fund by attending a charity cricket match in the nation’s capitol. That’s the humanitarian spirit! LOVING IT!!! Go Kiwis. Pic via NZH.

With 10,000 people missing in Japan’s hour of need, we can help by acting with faith and hope. Go here to make a difference if you’d like to. :)

Music today – Commonwealth Anthems from Kiwiland, backstage with Crowded House performing at Live Earth Day Australia. There’s a new star on our watch older than us all…. it’s the Earth. The more aware of the earth we are, the better we will all be. This rousing performance reminds us of that. Much love from the City of Angels today. Kia ora Russell and Graeme! Mauri ‘Ola…. Life to US!

USA Media outlets raising awareness about the people of Japan too in this moment our earth’s watch are: AmericablogAndrew SullivanBAGnewsNotesBloggingheadsBoing BoingBrave New FilmsBuzzFeedPeek (Alternet)Political AnimalPolitical Capital (CNBC)Political WireRaw StoryRedstate.orgSeeing The ForestThe Swamp (Chicago Tribune)Swampland (Time)TalkLeftTalking Points MemoTapped (American Prospect)Taylor MarshThat Minority ThingTruthdigThink ProgressThis Modern WorldWashington Whispers (US News & World Report)WonketteThe Young TurksRoger E. HernándezChristopher HitchensRich LowryDick MeyerJohn NicholsJack ShaferRobert ScheerLynn SweetBrian TillGeorge WillMichael WolffPBS NewsHour. Nice one!

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Two songs worth sharing today are Getting Somewhere & Saturday Sun via Crowded House.

What I get from these songs is live in the present. This moment is ours. :)

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 3.3.11~


[Martin Hunter photographs Christchurch for Getty Images, as seen in the New York Times.]

Aotearoa New Zealand has found itself in our darkest hour reports many news sources from around the globe today. This is being taken from a report from the nation’s leader, John Key.

“We could be facing New Zealand’s darkest hour,” Key said after arriving in the devastated area of Christchurch City’s business district following an emergency meeting of cabinet ministers. This story has been reported on via Saudi News, The Hindu, Trend AZ Oceania Nations, Horseracing MSG News, Earthtimes, Weather Bug News, Malaysia Sun, All Voices, 24 Dunia, New York Times – Asia.

[Photograph - Mark Mitchell, AP]

Reports The Telegraph, Australia – “New Zealanders are among the most resourceful people on earth. Separated from major global capitals by even greater distances than is Australia, and limited in international market opportunities by its tiny population, New Zealanders were forced to become do-it-yourself nation-makers. The same enterprising mechanical skills that kept old Vauxhalls and Fords on New Zealand roads long after they’d been abandoned in other countries were applied across the board. New Zealand is a hands-on, can-do place. We saw that spirit come to the fore yesterday in stunning news footage depicting office workers quickly forming an emergency response unit, obtaining a ladder, and commencing the rescue of a fellow worker.” As a Maori-Kiwi living in Hollywood I can’t argue with that, Maori New Zealanders kept cars on roads for decades. It’s what we did as a part of Kiwi brotherhood and nationhood in years past.

[John Key is pictured here with wife, Bronagh Key depicting Kiwi life in happier times].

At a time in the USA, where Rahm Emanuel calls victory as Chicago mayor humbling, Yahoo News reports that 75 have been reported dead to date, at the time of writing in Los Angeles at 8.30pm on Tuesday, 22nd January (USA).

Christchurch will be rebuilt, but it will be a very different city. Heritage buildings will have to be destroyed,” said Mr Key.

New Zealand is fortunate to have Mr Key leading at this time with such amazing politicians too, standing with him from all political parties at this time in New Zealand history, as well as Mayor Bob Parker leading resilient Christchurch people with stability and trademark Kiwi strength.

For the 176 of you who have donated to the rebuilding effort today via Horiwood.Com, thank you. You humble us with your acts of goodness. To do so, if you have not yet, go here–>Donate to Christchurch Earthquake rebuilding effort. Again, many thanks for loving and supporting my people. They are good people in Christchurch City!

He kotahitanga tatou. Kia Kaha katoa, Aotearoa New Zealand at this time.


Strength Inspiring Music Today via Hollywood thanks to Crowded House

May strength within stand strong and assuage all fear  in a time of devastation and grief. Crowded House Poetic Lyrics follow:

There is freedom within, there is freedom without
Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
There’s a battle ahead, many battles are lost
But you’ll never see the end of the road
While you’re traveling with me



Have you heard of the simplicity of Springville Hill living? A panoply of song yet? Then get with the program, because it’s a vibe we’re totally feeling in L.A: Hollywood was dominated with rehab/ recovery news today. Charlie Sheen is the latest star to check into rehab for treatment. Egypt’s unrest is analyzed too, in light of coffee and smartphone culture of the Hollywood hood. Big news in the Middle East causes the stock market to rest a little uneasy as to be expected.

Here’s how our top ten stacked up today. Thanks people.

1. Justin Bieber teams up with The Osbournes for Super Bowl football presence

2. Supply & Demand – Olivia Wilde does all the stuff Megan Fox won’t do

3. Hori Potter Hobbit Humor – Switching up one’s pop culture in Hollywood

4. Jason Davis & Keith Urban – at two different continuums of the cult of rehabbed celebs

5. Johnny Depp‘s Forbes Magazine profile

6. Singer Natalie Portman started young to pursue her dream

7. Reaching 2.9 million – Hebrew Maori spirit words for Peace – Thank you!

8. Egypt News Analysis. California’s love of Smartphone culture, coffee & tee shirts

9. Hugh Jackman @ Oscars 2011 & Rugby Football News

10. Kristen Stewart may think about playing Snow White

Springvlle Hill are the lyrics of a band I’ve been enjoying this week. Music today is June Hymn, played across 3 different Starbucks of Los Angeles this week, as music for the American masses. A pretty song – as recorded in shaky real cam by a fan at a concert. Let’s go with that realness. Lyrics follow after journalists links. The Decemberists have top billing by corporate America at the minute. Their music is interesting being segued into retro Crowded House music too. Wow! Kiwis and Aussies in the USA coffee house is kinda hot too. Coffee Bean & Tealeaf play Crowded House a lot too. I share my coffee buck around. You know it. That equals better and better coffee in a strong robust competing environment. I’m all for that too, like our daily top ten, as a sign of democracy. Woot!

I’ve been a bit slack on blogging politics news lately, here’s some hard working bloggers and media outlets who brought the politics today: George’s Bottom Line (George Stephanopoulos)(more…)


Blizzards may not be fun for many Americans who are not in Hawaiian tropics at this minute, but The Weather Channel isn’t complaining as its ratings go through the roof. 45 million freezing Americans (and family and friends of the freezing) tuned in over holiday weekend. 3.8 million views happened via iPad app. 82 million page views went the way of TWC mobile and over 117 million page views were chalked up on weather.com.

Gosh, what a ratings blitz all round for WC and IT companies. The Weather Channel are the hottest news channel in the US right now. Congratulations! Pay day happens when you’re least expecting it in media circles.

No person can control the weather – that’s why the weather channel exists. Yet we can move water from below the ground and bring it up to the surface, all around the world to people who need to drink clean water daily. About a sixth of US don’t yet have this norm going on. Congrats to the Weather Channel people at this time.

[Music by the Finn Brothers & Crowded House friends, Hollywood California USA. 12.29.10~


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