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Child Support


Hats: Kinda liking this cap 2day. Sums up a vibe where New Zealand’s kids are at. In NZ we’re told China’s slow down could hit Aussie hard.

This in turn could hit NZ hard too. Well, I reckon that green tech electric cars are kinda a key for Kiwis to hunt out a way to be sorta more norris rich in our McKenzie country, creative funny shandy andy amish Northland Auckland ways. We could make the engine components with Japan staff as new corporate whanau, USA too, if we felt like that, right here in NZ. Eat sushi 4eva in cool vineyard like pubs after work each week with heaps of avocado (apparently! more so than the fish).

Maybe we should set up a high-tech electronic plant that does that? Somehwere nice, by the sea maybe. You could take your surfboard to work, or canoe. Then after really geeking out at the day job, creating electronic green powered technology all day, working alongside robots we made too, you could just leave work and hit the waves or take a dip. (more…)


Press Release: New Zealand Maori All Blacks News: “The New Zealand Maori rugby team will head to the northern hemisphere in November to take on the Leicester Tigers, Canada and a RFU Championship select XV.

Hosted by the Rugby Football Union, the Maori side, who will again be coached by Jamie Joseph, will arrive in England on November 7, before facing nine-time English champions Leicester on Tuesday, November 13.

The squad will then travel further north to Castle Park where they will take on a RFU Championship select XV on Saturday, November 17. (more…)


Because science, innovation, education are New Zealand peoples spirit - of our strong outrigger canoe culture of navigatable adventurous and creative discoveries into new horizons of destiny and change too:

In investing R&D capital into our future innovative inventors of sustainability and peace news:

In my mind I see, children all throughout the South Pacific, even up to the Marshall Islands into even the island of Guam, maybe Vietnam too. They each have a laptop and tablet each. On the internet they are taught curriculum subjects from New Zealand.

Their learning is accelerated and a generation of Polynesian (and Asian?) children arise, supported by their New Zealand friends nearby and afar, to allow the potential of Polynesia’s youth to be all they will be, for the gifts in their lives the world will need to be stronger, smarter, more creative – in the years to come. If we all do this for them that’s so going to happen.

This is the burden that sits very strongly on me today. I really want to see our groovy and unique white, Pakeha New Zealanders do it, just to teach the world what cool New Zealand citizens look like as architects of the world – and to push back the powers of greed, on our Island dwelling Polynesian friends.

Although we admire the braun of Polynesian peoples natural dna (Jonah Lomu storms to mind) - it is their Peaceful spirit (most days), their respect for their elderly, their creativity so rich yet largely untapped, their spiritual gifts, the notable and noble warmth of heart, a trusting innocence in the good of the wider world and their unique thoughts that dwell within their minds; that we will need to see more of in the world, twenty years out from this point. We need to invest more in it.

Photo: Namua Island, Aleipata Upolu, SamoaReal Adventures.   (more…)


Best TV: Close Up:Cody Everson was just 15 when he suffered a spinal cord injury last year during a rubgy football match.

The Shirley Boys High School student of Otautahi, didn’t know at the time that the accident would change his life in ways he never imagined.

Jehan Casinader reported his family’s story of Cody’s rehabilitation process this evening.

I was inspired with Cody’s new goal-setting plan, his hopes of achievement in life and his winning ‘tude. Go kid!

A long time ago, while living overseas, I posted a haka from Cody’s school.

The school is known to raise fine leaders, just like Cody.

School Motto: Interest Omnium Recte Facere. In everyone's interest to act rightly.

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According to the “Hollywood Life” website: “A Brooklyn child has a complete stranger to thank for saving her life. Keyla McCree, 7, crawled out of her three-story window in Coney Island Houses.”

Dancing on an air conditioner, the child fell three floors from a brick apartment block.

A man had positioned himself to catch the child’s fall. Lucky child.

The New Post News chimes in with: “I just prayed (more…)


Because child abuse is really about a nation’s future generations of youth citizens rights, child abuse will always be about ‘economic molestation’ that occurs through budget preferencing and design. Here’s a korero kinda, about some issues that pertain to this fact in Aotearoa New Zealand.

TVNZ reports today: “Philanthropist Owen Glenn has committed $80 million to tackling family violence and child abuse in New Zealand. It should begin with a commission designed to address communities concerned.

Glenn, says he is back to raise attention to New Zealand’s family violence and child abuse statistics and his commitment to reverse them.

He says the cost of domestic violence and child abuse to the New Zealand economy is the equivalent of rebuilding earthquake-damaged Christchurch every four years. “It’s a national embarrassment.” Wow!

His Glenn Family Foundation will put $8 million into projects in the South Auckland suburb of Otara, such as supporting Otara Health to develop a Families Centre and to provide positive programmes and services for young people, parents and families.” (more…)


Taming the Sun to make sustainable energy: DAY 5: MILLION STILL WITHOUT POWER…

A website that can help all homes across the USA save America’s sustainability as a nation is this one:

If every home in the USA had a solar roof – think of how much more sustainable and happier the USA and the world will be.

[Photo: from the book, The Sun, TT Design website].

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[Max Page and Els Page - a Jennifer Page photo].

In celebrity news, USA, via People Magazine here’s a brave story about kids, medicine and second chances for young people.

Liz Raftery and Stephen M. Silverman write:  “Max Page, the boy who played Darth Vader in a popular Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial, successfully came through open-heart surgery Thursday and is on the road to recovery.

“He’s doing fine. He’s stable and improving,” David Epstein, the attending physician in the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, said in a statement midday Friday. “He’s smiling and talking.”

Epstein also said the 7-year-old may be able to move out of the ICU Saturday. “

More at the jump.

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Pepper Spray is defined as a self-defense protection mechanism.

Genie.Co make it for $9.99. Click here to order the product for your teenagers as a learning tool when teaching your young people of the importance of teenagers self-defense.

Ingredients: Condensed Pepper. 3-6 sprays per serving.

[If you send the link to your work colleagues for their teenagers, you get rewarded too with savings].

nb: this is not an advertisement.

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In todays newspaper is the story: “A perfect present greeted young Hineraukatauri Mohi at her 16th birthday party yesterday. Hayley Westernra dropped in to sing with the teenager, who is fellow singger Hinewehi Mohi‘s (of Oceania) daugther at the Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre. The Centre in Grey Lynn, offers music therapy to more than 100 physically and mentally disadvantaged chidren. Hinewehi and her husband George Bradfield set up the centre to help disadvantaged children such as Hineraukatauri, who has cerebal palsy.

To learn more about the center named after the Sweet 16 Birthday girl, click on the pic above.

[Hari huri tau kotiro reka].

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Everyone wants a piece of New Zealand’s future. Yet in unity of our cultural principles and foundations (our kaupapa and cultural lore), it remains ours. This is the meaning of tangata whenua and tangata moana (people intrinsically belonging to the land and sea). With this blueprint in mind, outlined by New Zealand’s founding fathers and mothers, our potential as a nation to produce abundance, means age or youth should not be a factor to be feared.

Anything else presented to us in written form, is not as real as the potential of the land to produce more and our unique location’s abundance our ancestors fortuitously were destined to discover and signed an agreement to tend, care for, develop equally together and to keep for future generations for the people who belong to this land. Our identity therefore is found in our unity. Or, unity is our courage in a GFC economic war of harsh trade winds coming at us on all sides. They are winds that have been created by others, yet our whenua and moana have the potential to withstand them all. As the strongest legitimate voices in this land, what will Iwi and Kiwis choose?    

The phone rings and a family is off to Australia. They have some furniture to offload to people who need it. The family is cousins of a member of parliament on a sabbatical. They are Maori with five beautiful children. Dad has got work in an Australian mining town at three times what he would get paid here in New Zealand. Having left his job of twelve years, he’s already there and wants his wife and babies by his side. The house is all packed. Just where to give the furniture to.

That was yesterday. Today, I read in the newspaper an article by Brian Fallow. It’s a long winded one, about a really important topic of how New Zealand values its youth and elderly populations. Finding the balance between value of both is where New Zealand is at.

Fallow writes: “Long-term, New Zealand has one of the most daunting fiscal challenges going, according to two recent international reports.

For 14 straight years New Zealand’s governments were in surplus. The global financial crises hit and New Zealand even had a very low level of net public debt. Yet, superannuation is something New Zealand needs to plan better for.

The International Monetary Fund in its Fiscal Monitor report last month maps increased pension spending in advanced economies between now and 2050.

The IMF found that New Zealand will spend the equivalent of 66% of gross domestic product on our superannuation needs, or $140 billion in today’s dollars. This is also not the entire cost of Super. New Zealand also has more than twice the average of 31% of GDP for advanced economies.

The IMF also estimates that by 2030 the share of GDP for super will increase by 2.3 percentage points, or twice the average pension-related increase in the fiscal burden for advanced economies.

At the same time, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has calculated the “fiscal gap” for New Zealand and 25 other developed countries.

Fallow notes, ‘the fiscal gap is the immediate and permanent rise in the primary balance (that is before debt servicing costs) needed to achieve sustainable levels of gross government debt, which the OECD defines as 50% of GDP by 2050.

The OECD economists calculate that our fiscal gap is just under 10% of GDP. Or New Zealand has the second highest, after Japan’s, and slightly higher than that of the United States - both nations not exactly stellar examples of fiscal providence – either.

New Zealand starts with the fifth lowest level of gross debt, relative to GDP, in the OECD, but on the other hand the deterioration in the fiscal bottom line was among the highest.

The impact of the global financial crisis has been substantial, the OECD economists say, but it often represents a relatively small part of the overall fiscal challenge, which for many countries is driven by future pension and health care spending pressures. (more…)


You really know French billionaires want a change of government when you read former Canadian supermodel, Linda Evangelista‘s news press.

According to the New York Daily News, Evanglista’s lawyer testified in court today that when dating French billionaire, fashion empire mogul, Francois Henri-Penault, he told her to “terminate” when the supermodel fell pregnant. The key words are “terminate” and “child support” in this French-Canadian tale.

Evangelista is suing for $46k a month in child support. It was nice of Linda to turn up in court today to deliver a message for Henri.

Photo -Kevin Hagen.

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So, I look at the news today. It’s all about “baby bashing.” What do I think? This one’s for Misty.

I think bashing one’s own baby (or someone else’s) is not cool.

I also think “baby bashing” is emblematic of a wider problem. That problem being that many children (existing and future children) have been factored out of many nations’ budgets (current and future budgets) in times of GFC and major economic restructuring occurring in the world.

“Baby bashing” per se, preferences some babies over others. It’s an invisible kind of baby bashing. Many people in nations of unrest or uncertainty are opting not to have babies. The invisibility of these choices taken away from parents of such communities is perhaps one of the greatest “baby bashing” acts occurring at the moment in the world.

That’s what I think of “baby bashing.”

People who bash a child need help themselves. People who structure some babies out of a world’s future over other babies, they allow through – really need to talk about “sharing,” “wealth distribution,” “child murders,” “genocidal addiction tendancies,” “infanticide” etc. etc. I believe that if you don’t look after babies, children and the nation’s elderly with dignity, curses come upon a nation who isn’t. It’s not wise to harm children of the world. If you do, a greater judge than us all, judges you. Simply because all children belong to that judge. They are loaned to us all as gifts, we either appreciate or not as our teachers of the present and future. So, it’s not wise to mess with that concept. Period.

Wherever we turn a blind eye to a ‘poverty divide’ or ‘child poverty’ we condone child abuse to happen. It’s just a mathematical equation increasing in the world right now. What will we do to change it?

Anyway, cute baby photo of the day: Harper Seven and Victoria Beckham at LAX. Photo courtesy of In Case You Didn’t Know.

Cheers Misty.

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#MissWisconsin - Laura Kaeppeler won Miss America 2012. She performed operatic vocal, and her platform is “Circles of Support – Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents,” reports MN. LK tells People: she was a carhop, her dad went to prison for white collar crimes, her great grandma was a Julliard grad, she’s a canine fan owning a Shih Tzu Maltese named Smokey, she’s stoked to be attending Super Bowl 2012 … and the big one: “I don’t have time for a relationship this year.” Gosh, she sounds like a handful.

The fact that LK is an opera singing prison child advocating for other prison children, is enough to make LK’s press in 2012 completely relevant in the US for a year. Wow! I wonder if she minds if Maori ‘borrow’ her ‘Circles of Support’ strategy – to adequately support Kiwi kids in a different yet similar boat.

Laura Kaeppeler reminds me a bit of a Kate Middleton brunette but with camera-ready unnaturally huge massive teeth. I wonder if she’ll do any numerology planets press PSA’s for NASA this year?

Seriously though, what the Koch Bros tried to do to unions a year ago in Wisconsin, equated to incarcerating every earning parent of the region – just for profit for the top cats. So, already I like Miss Wisconsin’s sense of humor with a charity, she created that perhaps also references ‘economic imprisoning’ of American people in these times.

[Photo via Hollywood Life]

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MILKY MOUSTACHES TO RETURN: Fonterra Chief Executive Theo Spierings drinking milk with a group of children after the announcement of Fonterra's Milk For Schools programme. Free milk will be rolling out to children in schools around the country soon.

MILKY MOUSTACHES TO RETURN: Fonterra’s Flying Dutch, Chief Executive Theo Spierings drinking milk with a group of children after the announcement of Fonterra’s Milk For Schools programme. Free milk will be rolling out to children in schools around the country soon.

Fonterra (owned by a collective of people who own farms in New Zealand) is trialling free milk to all school children who live in the Northland region first, before rolling out a nationwide strategy for the same deal.

Given the OECD’s reports that New Zealand’s poverty divide is the largest out of developed country’s in the world and that the IMF has announced the world GFC recession is as bad as the 1930′s from her expert opinion, and not to mention the fact that all New Zealand children own the water farmers enjoy and utilize to produce milk… I think Theo and his farmers collective are playing their cards very wisely. Why starve your future leaders, when their strength is needed while growing, long after other leaders pass on.

A nice story. Kids need healthy bones to play rugby well and other sports Kiwi children are mad about. These are the basic ideals of New Zealand society. Free milk will help.

Farming in New Zealand is always about a family effort. It’s good to see Kiwi farmings strengthening families in community with this move.

News links - Northern Advocate & Kerre Woodham.

Kerre Woodham has also written a column on this in today’s paper.

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People Magazine reports that Paris Jackson is “following her father into show business.

The 13-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson will star in the upcoming Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys, a mixed live-action and animation movie, as a girl who survives being brainwashed by a jellyfish queen in the ocean.

Filming begins in January. Three Keys is first in a series of five Lundon O’Malley movies to which she’s committed, producer Stephen Sobisky tells PEOPLE.

“She wants to be an actress,” says Sobisky. “She wants to take on her dad’s legacy and do something good for the world and our product does that.”

He says that half the profits from the movie and book versions of the story, featuring Paris on the cover, will be donated to schools.”

Born a humanitarian, what a courageous young leader in the making. With a fine sense of humor, this kid is doing all the right things, so far.

[Words by Mike Fleeman. Photograph - VegasNews.Com]

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Watching Simon Dallow last night say on Kiwi TV that only 70% of voters had turned out to vote, made me quite proud of my niece, Crystal Rachel, casting her crucial vote.

She structured her vote around supporting New Zealand’s domestic tourism industry. She’d arranged a hair cut appointment expedition as Shannon, the girl who styles her hair also styles Rachel Hunter‘s sometimes.

As the niece was traveling outside of her own electorate, she cast a special vote. Here she is in this photograph, being ‘all democratic’ grown up in casting her crucial vote, election day 2011.  Too cute!

Later in the day we went to Rainbow’s End family theme park (like a small wing of Disneyland California or Universal City), where we rode the Gold Rush ride at Fonterra‘s massive Christmas Party for Fonterra team players. I was hoping that the experience, would squash my niece’s young family’s plans to move to Aussie temporarily-permanently.

Her family’s logic is to be rewarded for her beau’s engineering skills on the Aussie wages market, so a house deposit can be gathered more quickly for their first home.

No millionaires in our Iwi have offered to loan her the money yet, or gifted her first home deposit, neither do we have an Iwi Bank Housing Corp unit yet, to assist either. So, because she’s always been a go-getter and make it happen girl from the day she was born, I can understand why Crystal Rachek has got Aussie floating through her talented and creative brain at this minute on election day, New Zealand 2011.

[Kiwi retro classic music in both New Zealand and Aussie - Th' Dudes with Be Mine Tonight].

Ignoring the fact, I spent five years in the USA and 4 months in Melbourne Australia once too – I instantly get into defensive “Uncle Mode.” Well, “all that glitters, isn’t gold” and other such whanau discussions followed from my waha. The words were like… bounce! It’s fair to say when it comes to persuasive Uncle Samming– that so far, no luck there!

However, at the Christmas Party, Santa was maybe a bit more persuasive. In fact, Santa was not mean at all this year. There’s something to be said about New Zealand farmers. Really, there is. One of the prize winners pulled from the hat’s name was Anna Key. Santa had a real sense of humor, this year! Although, I didn’t get it?! I was just 100% moved by Te Roopu Kotahitanga in full Maori cultural sway. They’re amazing. And a brand new Maori culture group.

Anyway, headlines buzzing about in the New Zealand Herald are:

So blue is the accelerator to assets sales. Red-Green are the ‘brakes’ so the car doesn’t crash too much along the way. That’s sort of how it went down, last night.

Turia: Iwi want to be ‘major players’ in asset sales

Deborah Coddington: Key and Goff no pushovers.

Key pushes asset sales, Goff not giving up

Shane Jones unlikely to fight for Labour leadership

Matt McCarten: Labour’s love lost to Green.

Parker, Cunliffe or Shearer? Labour looks for next leader



People I admire who are community-minded, would have to be people like the team at the Salvation Army.

Teenagers and families in communities are on their mind 24-7. In these times where the greed of a few is like rust, that never sleeps – you have to respect what The Salvation Army do. They’re about helping people. I like that.

Click on the shield above, if you would like to make a difference.

If in the USA, click here.

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Today Yvonne Tahana looks at the strange occurrence happening in New Zealand, when a child discovers that New Zealand babies are actually “shrinking.” The story also examines the same phenomenon occurring with child teachers are found to be shrinking too. It’s rather scary how this has even allowed to have happened. Yet it is, and it has.

For the rather quirky, yet true story, go here to read.

Former Rugby League star, Awen Guttenbeil closes out the story with the comment, “”I’m not a perfect parent at all but they get to see someone being loving to a baby, not getting mad at them when they cry.” Feedback from schools included children being more focused, being able to resolve their differences by themselves, increased self-confidence and reduced bullying.”

The biggest form of bullying of all children is economic bullying of children with budget cuts that affect children all to readily happening in all of the wrong places, so I like this story. Awen’s last press was being photographed with Vodafone Warrior’s owner, Eric Watson and taking an “icy dip” in Mission Bay.

I like the concept of children being perceived as teachers. That’s wise. A little child shall lead is a famous proverb, the world over.

[Photo caption Awen Guttenbeil and Niko with the baby's school buddy, 10-year-old Robbie Turner. Photographer's credit - Sarah Ivey]

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Once upon a time, an American black brother went to the famed Abbey Road studios in London, UK to record music with a child choir, to raise awareness about the importance of children’s voices being heard in our time. Here’s that song, for the 3rd time on this blog.

A just king, considers the well-being of the world’s children. All children. Not just a privileged few.

It is always spiritual to honor children’s strong futures, boundless potential and lives.

I don’t want to be a part of a world where ‘leaders’ value a buck over a child’s life. Do you?


[This one goes up for all of the Churches and community workers in the world, who not only pay taxes, and 10% of all they earn to invest into communities and lives of real people - but also give over and above that to support children, that governments and many wealthy all to conveniently exploit and forget in their budget allocations. Let's go Christians!]

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Put simply, people who turn a blind eye to children’s welfare in poverty divides they create with budgets that preference a few over all childrens’ basic and fair needs are child abusers.

According to Stuff.Co.NZ, “Child Matters spokeswoman Rachel McGuire said by pairing up the buddies (cardboard cutouts of children) with politicians, business owners and other high profile members of the community it was hoped the inaugural event would open up more discussion about child abuse.

Given the issue of child abuse, dominating headlines in the USA the past week like a storm in a tea cup across US media outlets as played out in the Penn State story, I think this strategy is brilliant. If you don’t talk about child abuse it increases. Talking about it, flushes it out.

I think the greatest form of child abuse occurring today, is in factoring middle-to-poor children, out of economic budgets. It creates an environment where children are exploited already at the expense of a few selfish wealthy people, which than manifests itself in gross acts against children, because this example of child exploitation was already pre-set from the top.

We need to watch those who balance the books, on this issue.

Scoop’s full Buddy Day story can be read here. The Breakfast TV show, has video news coverage of the story here.

Stop child abuse, allocate enough resources to children. All children, not just a few.

[Images - Breaking News Abroad & Associated Content]

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What’s more important? 1). The Green party putting “Mine it, sell it, drill it” on an opposition parties campaign billboards? or 2) Phil Goff saying New Zealand children should be learning or earning?

I’d have to go with 2. Children learning about green technology science or being allowed to earn in that area, does sound greener and stronger long term for New Zealand’s future while being more humane in the present too.

We have to move right away from heartless political strategies of Mining Selling Drilling the lives (or the unfortunate circumstances) of the poor caught in an unprecedented poverty divide (affecting child poverty rates at alarming levels) just to win ‘election campaigns’ that only appeal to a minority of elitists who are living on a tiny Island, in their own delusional spacey heads.

To punish the poor, or manipulate stastistics of the lesser fortunate to ‘win’ and election, is not top shelf thinking enough. Top shelf thinking is lifting the poor up, (especially youth) on a more equal playing field. If you can’t do this, you shouldn’t be in politics.

Children are a country’s new energy. Our future, always. Let’s not lose the plot. That’s economic child abuse to value giving control a piece of coal to one’s Wall Street mates or a drop of oil too, over a child’s life or future.

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Tamariki (or chidlren) are always gifts, as a nation’s future.

Reading the local rag in New Zealand this weekend (one of them) I noticed that Maori babies make up one in 4 of all Kiwi babies being born today. This news is exciting.

I also notice that 4000 or so, teen moms have babies each year in a nation that has more cows (5.9 million) than people (4.5 million). Fancy that! Only in New Zealand.

The news article I was reading, was hard hitting and informed New Zealand readers that half of teen parent moms are Maori. It reminds me of America, where 1 in 4 children in American kindergartens are Latino or Hispanic American. This dynamic educationalist have embraced with a passion for America’s future and the youthful energy of it moving the US forward.

Maintaining a Hollywood blog occasinally (now writing it from New Zealand), I know first hand, that American teen moms are media staples in America. On some days, these young ladies can outdo Angelina Jolie (a mother of six and a big star of US culture worldwide) with their latest magazine cover stories. Teen parents and their struggles are big news in a nation of 308 million people.On a democratic level, teen moms are big big news as voted by the American people.

If teen parents are so important in the world (based on these statistics alone in the science and art of blogging stats rating well), then perhaps we need to GIVE WAY in New Zealand and make room on the media landscapes for such citizens to have a presence that is of them, for them, and even created by teen parents and their enthusiastic, non-judgemental supporters as a nation’s parents too.

[Rachel is pictured above enjoying quality bonding time with her first grandchild, Ezra Hōri. Rachel was once a teen mother herself and today works for Fonterra, marketing New Zealand's finest dairy produce to the world. Her greatest joy is enjoying spending time with her children and this little guy].

Here’s my suggestions towards making a world that actually gives teen parents a voice and their own media to participate in and share their parenting successes.

We need to create a culture of successful parenting being shared, acknowledged and celebrated for such young parents I think. This will help stop child abuse as well as share and celebrate good parenting skills amongst an emerging generation of vital New Zealanders. Some suggestions are:

Regular media profiles of leaders who were once teen parents themselves please.

A reality TV series (like the US has) for teen parents celebrating their triumphs, struggles and achievements as parents raising children and educating themselves too. A name like Pepi Pai Street would do. (more…)


After an evening of stellar performances and excited bidding where broadcasters Carol Hirschfeld and John Campbell (pictured above) were joined by the brightest lights in Oceania music, the Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust is proud to announce that an impressive $130,000 has been raised during its seventh annual gala dinner and auction.

The innovative trust helps children with special needs get their creative groove on utilizing the stimulating power of music. Many children are able to create for themselves in such an uplifting environment.

The charity dinner was hosted at “Langham Hotel. It featured a range of unique musical collaborations including Don McGlashan and Anika Moa, Nesian Mystik (Awanui R)and Jason Kerrison, and a thrilling performance by Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre patron Hayley Westenra.” Artist Otis Frizzell managed to strum up a live painting of music legend Tim Finn for the evening’s kaupapa (purpose).

For more, go to Gig Guide.

Nice one!

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