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April 11 2012 Tee Shirt Slogans

The last time I went to an Iwi meeting, we were asked to present our ideas for tribal business advancement.

I said, let’s create celebrity rehab centres in New Zealand as a part of the medical tourism industry. Upmarket, with an entire range of health products our Iwi (Maori tribe) makes and creates, in conjunction with the spiritual side of healing and psychology too.

It went down like a … like a… like a… ?! (more…)


True celebrity is about the art of restoration–Horiwood 2012.

At the moment in New Zealand with current policies in effect that only benefit the top 1% who hold 60% of New Zealand’s wealth and don’t particularly fancy sharing it ( they want more), it has to be said that in the poverty divide left in their blind-eyed wake, that often non-government people are making a huge difference to majorities in communities.

One such figure I admire on the social justice front is Nicky Gumbel. Nicky would never get three days of news coverage for brewing himself a pot of tea, but he should! His model for impacting communities in the UK is admirable. Here’s why:

1.Nicky Gumble can both read and design policy for community impact: WebTruth website writes: “Ex-Barrister Nicky Gumble is now an Anglican Curate.

2. Gumbel is in 170 of the 180 prisons of the UK, with his weekly Alpha programs.

3.Gumbel openly admits that he was inspired by William Booth - the great social justice reformer who also founded the Salvation Army, alongwith his wife Catherine Booth, who incidentally was 20 times more popular as a public speaker than William was. In fact, Gumbel pretty much adopted all of the Salvation Army’s policy, community missions focus and strategy in his own, globally successful Alpha programs.

4. Gumbel’s research is often more current than what the UK government can provide on the UK’s prison populations, though he does not claim to be a politician. He just does the right thing anyway for members of society that have been largely forgotten by the wealthy.

5.Nicky’s organisation says that 75% of people aged between the age of 18 and 39 who have served their prison term for a crime, will go straight back into prison, within 3 months. His research indicates that moving from institutionalization into a community is more difficult for a person, than most government agencies care to admit or devote resources to help solving.

6. There are three things Nicky Gumbel says break this recividist pattern. A) Safe Housing for all ex prisoners. B) A Team of people who work to place every ex-prisoner into a paid job straight away. C) A team of people that can support the spiritual rebuilding of an ex-prisoner, if they indicate they need it.

7.Gumbel’s organization is practical. More on do. Less on talk. (more…)


The last time I communicated with an Iwi (Maori Tribal) person we were brainstorming innovation for the tribe. One of the ideas discussed were “celebrity rehab centers” and “old folks homes by the sea” as a part of tribal development. being rich in manaakitanga, Maori hold a real key, towards rehabilitating people the world over, into lives more based on love than addiction.

Similarly, when I went to men’s group at the local church, one of the lads had a great idea, that also involves a community-based rehab component to his awesome thinking.

With its scenic view, could Aotearoa New Zealand be the rehab center of the world, for healing and the rebuilding of broken and shattered lives on the mend? I reckon! Why not!

Although a Maori approach to rehab would look nothing like most celebrity rehab centers, Gawker has provided: A Guide to Celebrity Rehab Centers at this link.

I see a future where Maori and New Zealand people of non-judgemental good folk (in real life, not online) host an epic rehabilitation program for nation’s addicted to pharmaceutical drugs paralyzing effects when too much are consumed like lollies. These types of issues are what we’re discussing in a country whose environment provides views that give us a natural high. Against this backdrop and coupled with manaakitanga – are two of the best ingredients to rebuild lives in Asia-Pacific.

So much to develop and do! I see elderly citizens of New Zealand playing a restorative role here, with their wisdom too. Yay! Jobs ahead!

[Image - The restorative healing properties of Totara Berries (an indigenous fruit of Aotearoa New Zealand are rich in vitamins with their distinctive pine tree flavor].

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This morning I was awaken to the news on the Kiwi TV, that young rugby football star, Zachary Guilford, had gone to a friend’s wedding on the tropical paradise of Rarotonga, where he’d had a bit too much to drink. In his state of revelry, Zach had punched a man who looked similar to his former rugby football coach.

Broadcaster Peter Williams described Zach as entering a bar, “drunk, naked, wet and bleeding.”

Media commentators have weighed in on the fact that binge drinking plagues rugby football. Can Guilford survive this scandal? The words Peter Williams use, paint the story of a good Samaritan comeback.

Of course this kid can. Only a self-righteous person, would say a flat “no.” :)

Questions like: Were Zac’s team’s football jerseys designed a bit too snug this year? A delayed reaction perhaps?! could be asked. Does Zac still think he’s still under contractual obligations to the alcohol sponsors of Rugby World Cup? Has he read, “Tropical Heat – How to adjust if planning on drinking?”and other such celebrity rehab questions for big time sports stars.

It’s very Prince Harry. Sorta. Kinda.?! :)

Media commentary also focuses on, “Growing up in the fame game.” and “Guilford’s dad, sadly died three years ago.” Who are the mentors Zac has within his own family and circle of friends to help rehab this lad? I’d also look at “sexual abuse” – getting on the level, while controlling your drink.

In any event, I look forward to what he has to offer the world, both on and off the field with what this lad gets through, with or without a rugby career.

I write this from a country where men in their forties drink while watching rugby at their mates house and miraculously, still wake up in the bath tub the next day, laughing over the greasiest bacon and egg brekkies they can fry up, while they down a hair of a dog, too! So, I’m sure Zac will be more than fine.

Everyone loves a rehabbed star in Kiwiland. Can Zach do it?!

Poor Rarotonga! :)

Sports commentator Dylan Cleaver, weighs in with a very pious view to date.

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Charlie Sheen is holding market share in twitter and Google trends, and one site drawing in Sheen searches is owned by a Microsoft employee.

One website owner who set up a Chaarlie Sheen fan club says that 48 hours after Sheen was sacked from his stint for Warner Bros that he’s still trending well on his website.

“On average I was getting about 10,000 pings a month, now it’s about 5,000 pings a day,” says Microsoft employee Emmanuel Athans who also owns the Charlie S website.

Athans says he bought the charliesheenfanclub.com url in October of 2007.

The site features a classy black and white image of Charlie Sheen with a “I [heart] Charlie” decal. American loves its bad boys. Period. What more can be said about this. :)

Perhaps Sheen should just start his own Cable TV channel is what these trends are indicating. Something like Adult Swim, with plenty of cartoon comedies, with reruns of Married With Children and similar shows like that. Moguls have been created in the world under worser circumstances than Sheen’s current messy press of late and his pink slip exit from a show he didn’t want to be on any more.

In all of this, let’s hope THE DUDE is okay. Fame means nothing. Longevity is more.

Sadly, rocker Michael Starr was reported dead today, aged 44. Like Sheen Michael has battled drug addiction, yet it got him before his time to go. There’s a lesson in that for Sheen fans perhaps and us all.

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“I was dealing with issues that I know not only girls just my age but of all ages are dealing with… The journey that I have been on had been very, very difficult over the past few months,’ said Demi Lovato breaking her silence on admitting herself into rehab over physical violence and emotional issues after a fight with a dancer, Alex Welch, on The Jonas Brothers World Tour, in which she was the support act.

“People right now are [maybe] dealing with the issues that I had to and I hope to one day raise awareness of everything.’

Lovato thanks her fans: “I can’t tell you how much light you guys brought into my life in probably the darkest time of my life. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be here today.”

The Disney spun teens show, Sonny Without A Chance, was renamed So Random while she was getting treatment.

Aw! Demi Lovato is “not perfect” either, like all of us. What a cheeky smile! It’s nice to see Demi on a good of recovery.

[Photo via Cambio.Com]

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Crossword girl sits opposite me in the cafe, her feet in a cross-legged position on her chair as she scribbles, like it’s yoga class over coffee. It’s good to see someone writing in this day and age. Like, with a pen. I jump on Facebook and see my friend Dale from Wellington, Aotearoa-New Zealand wants to head to New Orleans for the Jazz & Heritage Festival this year. How cultured of her.

Dale must already be over racking up ten out of ten tans in Hawaii. Dale did that twice last year and loved it, but perhaps New Orleans would be more fun. She reads books anyway, so how’s that going to mesh with our spicy crawfish gumbo, serious paella palate research and sarsaparilla vodka martini sessions, with all the beaut music that dance-loving Maoris will instantly want to do, if I go with her? The world’s hottest books list, might feel a bit neglected, this US trip of Dale’s.

Then there’s all those vampire movie sets we’ll have to visit in New Orleans too, like where the Twilight Saga kids (Kristen Stewart, Alex Meraz, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson) all are filming, or where Oscar winner Anna Paquin‘s True Blood cast film too, or even where Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunce and Tom Cruise filmed the Anne Rice novel adaptation too, of that film, Interview with a Politician Vampire we’ll have to get photographs of at – as well, if we do New Orleans with a Hollywood Maori twist. I don’t know if I can cope without my new Orthodox Jewish friends nearby for too long these days in such political-economic climates of the world; or when you pick up any newspaper. But I think I just might manage.

Of course we should as Dale and I always had movie dates in the nation’s capitol of Wellington when we both worked in government in New Zealand on Sundays, so we should keep our tradition going as US movie loving hori film buffs. Already the possibilities of fun in New Orleans are sounding tres exciting, and that’s months away. I know Dale already has friends there, so that could be rivetingly wild as Dale does biz too. She’s a bright spark with a fine sense of Nati humor, I have always been proud of to have as my friend.

Knowing Dale though, while I’m running around vampire set locations, she’ll be more green thinking conscience, like wanting to go and meet the real people of New Orleans who live in the lakes and inlet areas, to talk to them about how they managed to clean up the environment after the gulf oil spill crises with BP. Remember that? 



Jason Davis is being held under arrest at Newport Beach, where dude was caught with an illegal substance.

All that TV time, for that result?

Rehab is a process. Even the WSJ made the new Rehab Album front page news today. Dr. Drew, host of “Celebrity Rehab,” reality TV show says, “Jason was honest about his struggles with his sobriety on the reunion show. Hopefully, now that there are legal conquesces, further treatment will be mandated, which he so desperately needs. As I said when I saw him Wednesday, we care for him very deeply and we are here for him.”

The arrest happens a day after the show’s reunion, where Davis said he was ‘sober.’

I met Jason once in Hollywood, when I was the publicist for TAG+ Jeans denim fashion show at Area night club. I had no idea who he was, who his family was, neither did I care. Yet, Jason manage to convince me that he was a celebrity of Hollywood and should be allowed to see the fashion show, even though his name wasn’t on the list.

I can’t believe how skinny dude is now. Let’s hope the staying sober part can follow the health and fitness and dieting regime he’s kept up. It’s weird putting Jason’s mug shot online today.

I guess Kiwi-Aussie Keith Urban is a good guy for Jason to think about. Keith goes to rehab meetings each week still in The Valley to remain sober. Nicole Kidman goes with him. It takes a lot of support to live life without props and find strength in being okay with yourself. Let’s just call this a ‘hiccup’ for Davis to overcome, then. Go here to read more about rehabbed American superstars once like young Jason today with the same challenges. Temptation never goes away for an addict. Diverting energy into better things with a paradigm shift of focus is what helps anyone overcome drugs, booze or any other addiction too.

I can’t judge Jason. I am totally 200% Starbucks coffee addicted. At least three venti cups a day. Shocking! :)

And certainly, don’t talk to me about loving New Zealand butter. Heck yeah!

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