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Alecia Keys


“We must out-compete and out-build the world”–President Barack Obama to the American people, SoU address, 2011.

You can’t really have favorites in America. Everyone expressing ‘art’ and creating ‘pop culture’ to help Corporate America (Apple, Google and Facebook) out to ‘out-compete the world,’ via I.T and mobile telephony culture, has their own unique expressions of American-ness as they generate media-sharing connection points.

Four favorite ladies of celebrity news currently are always: Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Stefani Germanotta (or Lady Gaga) and Alecia Keyspictured. Here’s a quick snap-shot of news (entertainment and celebrity news with a dash of politics) being created and sent out via America today.

The generous soul shall themselves be watered is an old proverb that’s so true. With that thought in mind, not only has she just announced that her breasts are 100% real but Kim Kardashian shocks Hollywood by announcing that she gives 10% or what she earns to charity. In particular, The Dream Foundation. Nice one! Kim also gives to her mom’s church out in Calabasas. That was new news.

Sir Anthony Hopkins new film, The Rite, about demonic exorcism premiered at Grauman’s Chinois Theater last night.

Five feuds not involving Glee or The Kings of Leon can be read here.

Ugandan Gay Rights Activist Is Beaten to Death – Terrible!

Jay Carney To Replace Robert Gibbs As WH Press Secretary

Madonna plans to debut her parallel love stories film W.E that stars Abbie Cornish at Cannes. It’s early 20th Century, England baby.

Molecular Gastronomy News: Waiter, There’s a Physicist In My Soup

Top Chef‘s Padma Lakshmi‘s discovers that having had a bun in the oven, to a computer mogul’s brother, Adam Dell, is a living nightmare when working out custody battles over their 11-month tot Khrishna Thea. But are the Dell’s really that ungentlemanly though?  I’m expecting Padma to release a cook book, Velvet Custards of the World, any day now.

Diner’s Journal: The Minimalist Chooses 25 of His Favorites

Camille Grammer wants a $10 million bond put up for ex-husband Kelsey Grammer‘s pension plan. Vampire, or not?

Dealing With Julian Assange and the Secrets He Spilled

The ‘security’ bizzo continues to grow. Scare mongering and control are its two selling points. Drive-Cam collaborates with American family insurance to offer in-car camera to offer new teen drivers to parents.

Political wrestling news: Senate Ends Practice Of Secret Holds

Lady Gaga plays devil’s advocate for the ‘security industry’s’ marketing drive worldwide, her new song lyrics are: “Give yourself prudence and love your friends, subway kid rejoice your truth. In the religion of the insecure I must: be myself, respect my youth.” I would have to say that ‘prudence’ and Stefani Germanotta‘s presentation have never met each other once in her role for the US as Lady Gaga, so who is girl trippin out on here, except the naive? Lol! Her schizophrenia as a rather creative artist, makes her loved worldwide as a distraction from what’s real. Who does Germanotta date, exactly? Case in point. One more time… who does Stefani Germanotta personally date exactly? One more time… Yep! We still love her crazy in the USA! To keep Germotta’s politics fair beyond a dollar sign… Here’s some some lyrics too: “Born This Way: Gaga is the sound a newborn makes in Uganda when…” Sometimes, you have to ask, why don’t gay girl artists make bank like Germanotta, and isn’t she ready to hand over the gay ticket to introduce other artists who need to be fed too? With $70 million in the bank, she should be about now.

Tori Amos & George McDonald have co-written The Light Princess, a musical set in the 19th Century for The British National Theater Co.

Corporate Lynching Humor: GM Withdraws Application For $14B Gov’t Loan

Like a Hollywood hair color change, Mandy Moore says music and not rom-com acting is her at the minute.

Movie close up: Strongman

Kate Walsh is in on Grey’s Anatomy‘s Glee-like musical episode. The Los Feliz resident is always a honey.

Charlie Sheen is someone linked to Cedar Sinai hospitalization after partying with too many women at once.

The Sincere Face of American Talk TV - Jon Stewart To Join 9/11 Memorial Foundation Board

Nonfiction: Nabokov Theory on Butterfly Evolution Is Vindicated

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1 bilion people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. Yet we are made up of 63% H2O as people. I think true celebrity is about whose moving water flows in the world. It’s as simple as something like that.

Nicole Richie is one of the brightest stars that does all year round. She’s our girl. Click on pic to learn more about what we can do through initiatives like Global Water.

To make clean water flow in dry places where it needs to be the most, let’s do it. Thanks. Love you all.

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Russell Simmons Wrote these Words for Alicia Keys Creative Projet Recently. Words worthy of Reflecting on again today:

Ladies and gentlemen, we gather here today, because we have “lost” an angel.  An angel who has blessed us with the gospels of truth ever since we first heard the ivory keys and the metal chords strike notes of compassion and empowerment.  An angel who carried her message to lands far and wide, but whose wings always touched the ground.  We are gathered to pay our last respects to this gentle angel who has inspired us with her unwavering generosity and her valiant sacrifice.  But, before I continue eulogizing this precious angel, I am here today to stop this funeral.  To stop this angel’s wings from being clipped. Because angels don’t die.

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Update: Egypt Daoud Dean is the name of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz  baby boy, reports E! Online via Keys’ rep.

Cute name. Daoud is arabic for David – as this couple send a message of peace to the world, about acceptance of difference between Jewish and Arab communities – with this baby’s unique name. Of course, Egypt is the largest Muslim populated nation in the world – so definitely a message being sent to the Muslim world, in this little messanger’s life.

And, for a good book that sums up, Keys’ and Beat’s son’s name. Click on this rose, to read a novel (“Courage to Love” by author Robert Ellis) that’s all about this exact same theme of Peace when a teenager and a soldier, one an American-Jew the other an Arab teenager, unexpectedly fall for eachother in love.

This novel is set in Israel and the Gaza Strip. There’s not one camel in it, but it’s definitely a profound Mid-East love story of tolerance being the starting point of genuine love.

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Alicia Keys has given birth. Now she has the perfect person in the world, to sing this song to each night. Exciting news for the talented Keys and her hubby.

NEW YORK — It’s a boy for Alicia Keys and her husband, music producer/rapper Swizz Beatz.

A representative for Keys said she gave birth Thursday night in New York. The couple have named their son Egypt Dean. It’s the first child for the 29-year-old superstar and the fourth child for Beatz, whose real name is Kaseem Dean. The couple was married July 31.

Swizz Beatz, 31, took time to tweet on Friday: “I’m so thankful for everything I been blessed with in my life wo http://wwwwww!

Singer Mary J. Blige also tweeted her congratulations on the birth.”

THE HORIWOOD TOP 10 – THU 2.18.2010

Alicia Keys turns up the heat for Gotham Magazine in NYC. The Jonas Brothers play football. And here in the beautiful City of Angels, here’s how you ranked and voted your top ten news posts today. Enjoy!

1. The Jolie-Pitt twinlets go out for lunch in Venice

2. Shaun White & Shani Davis win gold at the Winter Olympics. Woot!

3.  Jared Leto‘s mohawk

4. Snow and bikinis by Lindsey Vonn for Sports Illustrated 

5. Lady Gaga‘s Brit Awards 2010 performance

6. Jason Mraz music charting history is pretty impressive

7. From the vault: Bar Refaeli‘s Esquire Cover has heat

8. Sade enters the charts with the #1 album. Consistent elegance.

9. Beyonce is the biggest selling artist of the decade

10. Festive Color: Carnival in Brazil pics. Go Rio! 

Bonus Post: Michael K of Dlisted.Com on Tiger Woods press conference apology

[Images of the Jonas Brothers courtesy of Pacific Coast News, Splash, Wenn.com]

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Alecia Keys is stunning performing live at the Black Ball. Enjoy a true American songstress, singing her heart out and rattling those ebony and ivory keyboards like there’s no tomorrow. She is beautiful inside and out.

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UK Brits can do black too. Love it from Twilight Star, Robert Pattinson today, this week Pattinson has referred himself to a Beatle and now Jay-Z the king of hip hop. And Lady Gaga thinks that she’s a fame monster. He’s too much. Here’s what Pattinson says:

“When I was 14, I fronted a rap trio.”

On his trademark look: “I’ve never really had a specific look in mind. It is what it is. It’s so funny, a friend of mine from London came over and said, ‘Why is everyone going on about your hair all the time?’ Everyone has hair like that in London.”

[Image: Robert Pattinson Out take, courtesy of Vanity Fair Magazine]

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Alecia Keys are Jay-Z gave a stunning performance at The American Music Awards, but it was the late Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift who were the two big winners for 2009.

Here’s the full list of AMA winners tonight. (more…)


They’re hot in their new music video. Jay-Z and Alecia Key’s continue their presidential hip hop mission, to rebuild New York after the 9-11 tragedy.

Here’s the  official music video, for Empire State of Mind starring what makes  New York City so great. Her skyline, her people, her art and artists.

Love it!!!



Being a working mom who is one of  the  few A-List black, actresses in Hollywood, Halle Berry turned out her brand of charm and sexy perfection on the red carpet of the Keep A Child Alive 6th Annual Black Ball.

The organization helps 13 million orphans in Africa who have  lost their parents to the AIDS virus. You can make a difference by going here to donate. Along with the beautiful Halle Berry, singer, Alecia Keys is also a patron of the org.

Thanks Halle Berry. Hollywood’s sexiest black A-List star, just keeps getting better with age. Amazing!

[image courtesy of Getty Images via The Hollywood Gossip]


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