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10JAN13 N.E.W.S

Nikolai Patrushev Dai Bingguo

China seeks to deepen ties with Russia. Photo caption: Nikolai Patrushev and Dai Bingguo say hi in Beijing, Wednesday. Photo: Feng Yongbin – China Daily.

The news via Audience’s Views Around The World is appearing like this:

USA: She be on it: Clinton turns tech speech into a gun rant, gun sales sky rocket, no wait… it’s really the ammoBiden: “My home boi’s gonna act.” A Treasurer promo. The electric highway USA & car-appathy driving. Psychiatry rants: that generation of denuded larcissists! & arma-pharma junkies too. What to expect: Lance & Ms.O. NYC Ferry. Best of Tech: CES 2013. the movie: ‘Guess whose: singing for dinner?.’ AIG update. Sports: corn bread & Southern talent. Discovering Nashville. Insightful headline: the market & mother nature. FashionNYC. Chicago: last weekend’s hot club photos. Oscars noms: who this year? Wall Street amnesia 2013: How do you spell greed again?

Canada: Advice for back 2 gym. Spence-Harper news. Canada-Germany is China friendly. Education equality. Biz: franchisees. Iron ore and China.

New Zealand: mixed weather. Kaikoura’s twisted this week. Rewind: Whena Owen‘s news showrheel12. When the lightning strikes video. NZ News: link2it.

United Kingdom:  Scotland & Scotch whisky. Journalist Andrew Marr. US warns Britain on leaving EU? Piers can stay. Getting to know Africa. Surviving rising heat. Going for USA’s 309m audience: Lincoln leads Bafta nominations. brain energy: brainwashing the kids via Mozart. quick soccer: Swansea v Chelsea sport. Alex Ferguson wants Ashley Cole at Man Utd. PSG swoop for Ronaldo. Bizarre ads: Man Utd & Liverpool. Emma Watson‘s skin, looks 12. thirty-somethings say huh?! Noah Shannon Green a JanUK13 favorite.

Australia: Volunteers join to support - ‘elvis’ & ‘gypsy’. Why one’s pub buds matter. Max hot tennis. jOBS. Canberra: Southern Cross rethinks the green. Racing humor: Black Caviar’s battle with the bulge. Drought and ACT farming. Cyclone WA watch. A message: every child is royalty. Cartoon humor: matt on bowie.

Germany: politics. And I thought Merkel was the laser. trains and vibrating historic, landmark buildings. The 2013 calendar is not on austerity. The super singer: Helene Fischer.  Science: leaves to coal. Local life: What’s new in 2013?

Saudi Arabia & Mideast News: A cold winter.

Israel: Netanyahu

Brazil: public spending up 10%. weather extremes – agriculture’s drought & Rio flooding.

France: You’re hacking our champagne swagga: France to USA.

Mexico: guns & Francesco Crespo.

Russia: Shopping in Germany Dec.

India: Cooling Kashmir. pride & prejudice v reality. India allegories. Claudia Ciesla‘s Bollywood splash.

South Africa: cricket & police brutality.

Argentina: 2013 Dakar Rally.

Japan: Drone manufacturers are having a ball. Japanese foreign minister to visit Singapore.

China: China to loosen control on Newspaper. Resistence to changing corruption. Vehicle sales overtake Europe in 2012. Beijing should now drink bottled h20 only.

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