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Linda Shrock & Sam Mullet are kinda bad!

In Harrison Ford-styled Witness Protection Program News (not even!):16 Amish Convicted of Hate Crimes for Inflicting Hair Cuts: CLEVELAND — Sixteen Amish men and women were convicted Thursday of hate crimes for a series of hair- and beard- cutting attacks on fellow Amish community members in a religious dispute that offered a rare glimpse into the closed and usually self-regulating community.

A federal jury found 66-year-old Samuel Mullet, the leader of the breakaway group, guilty of orchestrating the cuttings last fall in an attempt to shame mainstream members of his community who he believed were straying from their beliefs. His followers were found guilty of carrying out the attacks, which terrorized the normally peaceful religious settlement that aims to live simply and piously.”–Blimey!

Does Hollywood need to do Witness 2 just to give Amish peeps a fair rap again in mainstream media? Most probably. They’re not on Facebook, so that would be fair.

~Posted by Horiwoodblog, Aotearoa New Zealand, Polynesia Asia-Pacific. 23.9.12~

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