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I woke up Maori today and it was amazing! :)

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One of my favorite photos: The day after it was taken, snow fell in The Valley. The image sort of sums up what media do worldwide: angels of news.

My Hollywood Photo Collection Horiwood Website Is Pretty Primo

Sometimes angels come to you: Unexpectedly. Do we have eyes to see them, when they do? Read the rest of this page »


Christchurch County Fair logo Google Hollywood 2013

This website is in two even parts. The Hollywood Years & The New Zealand years. To find out more about how and why the site started, read here.

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thanks for reading, contributing, journeying, being in the picture. two clips: fbdo + never again grace liz.

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In 2012, a list of people and topics that interested us the most as voted by audience were: 50 stars.

screenwriting thoughts: “i really wanted to capture as much of California & New Zealand as I could. not just in the architecture and landscape, but the spirit… the people.”

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Maori Humor Cliff Curtis

The Horiwood Top Ten are:

1. New: 100 leaders who impacted history

2. About Horiwood*

3. 50 Top Voted Stars 2011

4. Mike Tyson

5. Rihanna Stay

6. Movie trends 2013

7. Sir Tim Berners-Lees - on why an open internet is important

8. Jeremy Grantham -billionaire politics + democracy

9. Friday Night Lights: World News

10. New: Show biz town: Hollywood vignettes.

Cliff Curtis Maori Actor

Creative NZ Actors Part II

image: creative kiwi actors.

youth: tahi. young adults: rua. teens: toru. cuisine: nyc.

*about horiwood: on the ‘real’ me – tree crest. mom’s birthplace home town. family insights.

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australian stories kiwis can relate to in 2013. :)

enviro-conscious screenwriting: improving Hollywood’s scripted scenes, smart movie settings thinking: tahi + rua.

evolving nz cinema + young hollywood’s next gen filmmakers: new media, new cinema ideas + how we use it.

solar-powered, graphene-energy storage-fueled - water homes of lightfuture architectural thinking.

a favorite recent post - all i.t is written across light therefore we are light, in the world.   

Graham Clan Traditional Tartanhistory: Graham tartan, as published in the Vestiarium Scoticum. The Graham family of the Cruickshank-Montrose-Graham families were responsible for overturning the law that once prohibited Scottish people from wearing their traditional colors. Courage in freedom and liberty’s truth and a quest for the highest good has always been a marvellous family trait as a rule for most… though, we have all had our fair share of fumbles and trying moments too. :)

good momentum of the day: 11th feb 2013: a Kiwi songstress, kimbra, wins a grammy x 2. whoot! And: was able to help one nz business, (a pop & mom investor’s business), make inroads with their new product into the usa.

1st contact for them is: los feliz’ one and only katie walsh. with their specifically, unique product, kate will absolutely know what to do. go nz in usa. :)

Holly Hill and Budfamily fact: on the maori side of my family, i have fifty first cousins. the name of my youngest first cousin is holly hill. she’s kinda a global young adult. a jet setter from an arts-business, power infrastructure builds & movie loving family. having a young cousin named holly hill made me smile when i got to hollywood. :)

new content: 4-3-13.

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Ian and Jamie NZhitting up the fair today… a farming community having fun.

how it was: up at the fair, the young farmers club regional contest is on.

craig williamson from methven-ashburton way is the sponsoring bank’s m.c. as the farmer contestants compete in a constructed obstacle course.

it’s nothing flash: eggs, giant cream trifle squares in plastic containers, forestry, utes, pruning pine trees then felling pine trees to fall on a black balloon, loading quad bike trailers with green fence posts, looking for electronic tags in hay bales, solving concrete blocks puzzles, strainer posts fencing games are what the farmers do over an interesting rural soundtrack barrage of coded farming commentary: it’s all a bit potty, laden with otago gold dig & s-land slap stick comical references to help our farmers out. all done in heavy-undertoned rural humour (heavier than previous years of farming scene observes, i might add) with a serious business face to boot, for sure. the mc truly clever in their craft.

c-bury is in a land so far away to these farmer’s community’s realities, in local terms i question its strong presence at the event’s location. it does recognise diversity of region in nz perhaps, to entertain a group of particular farmers. in farming banter terms souther-exotic even. they’re good sports, they don’t react to the invasion of their consciousness at a cultural-community regionally-proud ag-level in their own right.

the amusing mood? farmers kindergarten-activities for grown ups – meets lots of enthusiastic support. a good crowd to be in. it is harmless fun in the sun.   Read the rest of this page »


On the wall of vertical water in his living room, David inserted the chip. Up came the scroll, of his peoples’ seasonal thanksgiving karakia. The words swam across the wall of incandescent water as he read their life-giving words:

“Eyes of God,

watching over the land and its people,

you reflect on our place in the world.


The season has changed, safe weather for long voyages begins,

the stormy seasons are now past.


Oh, sailing stars above us,

you are peace and plentitude on the land.”

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